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Expo Highlights

In the near future, interaction between sellers and consumers will become different due to VR/AR and robots. The application of the new technology in various industries will be booming, leading an unprecedented wave of science and technology!


TAVAR is Taiwan’s first VR/AR association and trade group dedicated to promoting virtual and augmented reality technology and accelerating industry growth through government collaboration. TAVAR aims to bridge the Taiwan IT industry to international markets by building a network of talent in the software, hardware, and creative fields, and establish a leading position in the world.


Vision in Reality

VR is one of the key technology chased by most tech giants to lead the market. 2017 is the year for VR. Meet Taipei 2017 proffers new experience and content for the public to truly experience what is VR’s fascination.

Global Sparks

Focusing on the latest trend is Meet Taipei’s main goal. Inviting 50 global startup companies from more than 10 cities overseas to exchange experience with Taiwanese entrepreneurs then to spark the new energy altogether.


The evolution of Robots guides the new business revolution between the companies and buyers in this Robotic Era.