Global Sparks
SAT. 19th, NOV.|XLab
Meet Taipei 2016 is truly honored to invite numerous and talented International teams to present their cutting-edge products and ideas in Meet Taipei. Our Global teams are from different cities, including Paris, Suzhou, Beijing, Helsinki, Luxembourg, Malaysia, and Hong Kong to and will participate in Global Sparks! This is absolutely a great chance to witness the global teams’ inspiration and to see the exciting products or services they are going to bring in to Meet Taipei 2016!
Time Topic
10:00-10:05 Introduction of Global Sparks Teams from China
10:05-10:15 [Beijing] Xhoogee
10:15-10:25 [Suzhou] Silicon Valley Air Expert
10:25-10:30 Introduction of Global Sparks Teams from Europe
10:30-10:40 [Paris] Famoco
10:40-10:50 [Helsinki] Dazzle Rocks
10:50-11:00 [Luxembourg] Gandi
11:00-11:05 Introduction of Global Sparks Team from Malaysia
11:05-11:15 [Malaysia] Flexiroam
11:15-11:25 [Malaysia] Petsodia
11:25-11:30 Introduction of Global Sparks Teams from Hong Kong
11:30-11:40 [Hong Kong] iKnewit
11:40-11:50 [Hong Kong] Advwhere
11:50-12:00 [Hong Kong] Alike Audience
12:00-12:10 [Hong Kong] Chears
12:10-12:20 [Hong Kong] Hotsolution
12:20-12:30 [Hong Kong] Boooring Planet
12:30-12:40 [Hong Kong] Control Free
12:40-12:50 [Hong Kong] Ultimate Toolkit
12:50-13:00 Closing Remarks

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