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Startups Square

Startup Pipeline @ AX-5
Digital Kaohsiung Pavilion

Digital Technology and Future Kaohsiung

Presently, Kaohsiung has changed the impression of great industrial city. In the future, the cross-field application based on digital content will become the core that leads the industrial transformation in Kaohsiung.
Economic Development Bureau in Kaohsiung City Government enthusiastically promotes the emerging industries, operates “DAKUO, Digital Art Kaohsiung United Office,” in order to support the digital content industries and communities, and establishes one-stop and all-channel services to provide the sources of innovation and entrepreneurship. DAKUO demonstrates Kaohsiung’s innovative and digital ICT teams. No matter in visual images, somatosensory technology, or intelligent applications, all teams show the energy of developing technological industries in Digital Kaohsiung City.
Welcome more local and international technological teams to enjoy the LAHOS life in Kaohsiung.