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Vision in Reality

In the near future, interaction between sellers and consumers will become different due to VR/AR and robots. The application of the new technology in various industries will be booming, leading an unprecedented wave of science and technology!


TAVAR is Taiwan’s first VR/AR association and trade group dedicated to promoting virtual and augmented reality technology and accelerating industry growth through government collaboration. TAVAR aims to bridge the Taiwan IT industry to international markets by building a network of talent in the software, hardware, and creative fields, and establish a leading position in the world.

Red Pill
Red Pill Live Website

Red Pill Lab leverages HTC Vive's technology to present the state of the art live mocap and voice-to-facial AI engine. Our Red Pill Live technology brings virtual and real world characters together in real-time interactive live streaming shows. Aligning with IPs from Manga, Red Pill Live is evolving the next generation of user experience in live streaming.

AR2VR Inc.
AR2VR Navimotion Glassess APP Website

AR2VR is dedicated on Mobile VR. Wireless, Intuitive, Fast and Light is our navigation glasses APP feature. We focus on education and assist enterprise to show their product by VR. People and children don’t want to learn the boring content. So we use tech like AR and VR to let everyone be happy and enhance the students' motivation to learn. And we even help industry and commerce production products or plant VR tour guide to enhance customer trust and purchasing power.

Vision Based Indoor Position Website

Our core technologies include: VBIP indoor positioning technique (International Patent pending), image recognition, AR/VR content production, and AR/VR application development. Our goal is to become “The Largest Indoor Map Database” company, and will continuously upgrade our image recognition techniques. Our vision is to provide customized services to satisfy our clients’ diversified needs.