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8+ International Entrepreneurs x 7+ Digital Transformation Model The Entrepreneur Acceleration Area showcases the brand new landscape of Taiwan Entrepreneur Ecosystem.

G Camp

Under the direction of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, G Camp is organized by the Institute for Information Industry along with international incubators to provide a favorable environment for Taiwan startups.

Knowledge And Ability Industry Development Plan

The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs promotes the “knowledge and ability industry development” plan, which mainly gathers knowledge resources and assists startups/incubation/SMEs to enhance their knowledge and drive industrial upgrade. The project collects innovative application tools in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and Cloud computing for startups to utilize, and provides numerous experienced mentors in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, Patent Mining and Deployment, overseas market Intelligence, business matchmaking services to assist large and medium-sized enterprises cooperation in innovation and accelerate the vigorous development of Taiwan's innovation ecosystem.


We are an online delivery booking service which helps you quickly and easily get your things delivered and also provides several choices of logistics for you to choose.


Golfdigg was launched in 2014 by a team with a strong IT background, capable of creating a scalable online booking & payment platform as well as strong connections with the Thai golf course owners association.

Bountie Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Our team comprises of local Singaporeans who are passionate about gaming, and bring a wealth of experience from esports, design, tech, and business development. We are well positioned to infiltrate the SEA e-sports market with our business contacts and advisors.


ancient Indian medical essential oil


ARN.gency specializes in digital content creation and social media consulting.ARN's team suports companies in managing their digital presence and storytelling. The goal is for ARN's clients to reach more potential consumers with their digital marketing.

Yallvend Co,. Ltd

The founders have over 10-year experience in the Vending Payment Industry. They have the key technique and also a deep link to the market. The only age-identification system for cigarette vending machines in German was designed by the team. Since e-payment and inventory systems are big topics in the retailer business, they extended the experiences to develop our product VUK. And now our quick and economic solution for traditional vending machines is ready to beat those expensive brand new ones.

Allton Communication Co.

Allton is committed to the development of photobiotechnology, which can control the illumination of spectral components and intensity according to time, and achieve the purpose of improving the indoor environment in a natural way.

Quan Food International Co., Ltd.


3drens Inc. is a B2B software solution provider. Our founding team is composed of engineers with expertise in ICT, IoT and marketing management. We focus on Internet of Vehicle and Intelligent Logistics providing one-stop software services and strive to become a world-class solution provider.

xMight Corp.

Founded in 2015, xMight has a group of veterans in the IT industry who dedicated to energy management. xMight develops an energy management system for helping the users to monitor and control the electric consumption dynamically, automatically and economically, especially in solving EV charging issues. Our IoT technology and SaaS platform can even help the aged buildings to handle their energy problems. xMight has been working with Tesla Taiwan and Taiwanese Government to deliver our services for over a hundred customers and fields.

intersection energy technology ltd

Founded in November 2014, Team is mainly from the cell company and the Top500 company. The members have more than 20 years of battery protection board and battery module manufacturing expertise, focusing on the development and design of various battery packs. With high-quality products to meet the needs of customers, the products are exported to many countries and regions. After that we developed our own branded product solutions, AI smart utility controller, the core technology comes from the large-scale battery management system of high-end multi-string and high current for many years to build the future Utility3.0.


Your Fingerprint is your key!  Midas Touch developed a smart lock to solve the problem that the key is easy to lose or forget the account password. Midas Touch is a startup that focuses on fingerprint key technology. The product is a capacitive fingerprint sensing smart lock can be unlocked directly through the fingerprint reader on the device. In addition to reducing the risk of theft, the unlocking time can be greatly reduced. Overcomes the problems of forgetting passwords and losing keys.

Ai3 Co.

AI3 Co. is a start-up company based on IT industry. We established January in 2018 and focus mainly on Omnichannel Contact Center and Chatbot application with AI、CTI and CRM technology. We are looking forward to provide customers an AI conversational business solution and cloud-based digital transformation center aims to help Taiwanese SMEs.

BXB Electronics Co., Ltd.

Established in 1991, BXB is specialized in the invention of IoT and Networked AV over IP system and public address system. Our core technique is the multimedia streaming over network, which can be extensively applied to smart conferencing, smart campus, smart office, and smart city. Promoting the brand name BXB to all over the world, we are proud that our installation performances have reached to more than 100 countries.


WOWWOW Innovative Lab is a software developer expertise in AI, IoT, AR and VR. Creating content for ecology, fitness, entertainment and more. The naming comes from the wish that everyone will be amazed at our works and make the sound “WOW”. Build applications that will be helpful for socially vulnerable groups. Making games that everyone will enjoy. Everyone in WOWWOW lab dedicating ourself to the society. Trying to make the world a better place.

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