TAcc+ (Taiwan Accelerator Plus) Pavilion


TAcc+ incorporates with the advantages of the world's top elite accelerators with the “Open innovation” and the “Customer Development Edge” methods as the core concept, providing a series of assistance such as "One-on-one Coaching System", "Internal Reverse Pitch Team Building System", "Insight Technology Scouting System" that facilitates startup teams to diagnose their problems, test hypotheses, discover key values, build and validate scalable, profitable business models, and accelerate the development of potential teams into blooming business. "Life's too short to build something nobody wants." - Ash Maurya


ELECLEAN Disinfectant Device using nano-catalysis electrochemical technology manufactures disinfectant within 15 minutes. Water is the only reagent and directly transformed into ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) that effectively destroys viruses and bacteria by oxidizing method. It is featured with safety (no harmful preservatives), powerful effect against viruses and bacteria, saving energy and convenience (easy to use and carry). ELECLEAN Disinfectant Device is the winner of 2017 iF Design Award, 2017 Good Design Award, 2018 SNQ Silver Award in the Epidemic Prevention Category, 2019 Taiwan Excellent and 2019 CES Innovation Awards - Home Appliances.


To improve the issTo improve the issues of high labor demand and time consuming process, we form a team of veterans from cyber security and software development field. Our founders are white hat hackers that have help enterprises find loopholes in their system. AuthMe is in the quest of making online ID authentication faster and safer.ues of high labor demand and time consuming process, we form a team of veterans from cyber security and software development field. Our founders are white hat hackers that have help enterprises find loopholes in their system. AuthMe is in the quest of making online ID authentication faster and safer.


The value that our team mainly provides, is to find the right person for the customer to outsource the project wanted to carry out. Compared to the previous outsourcing from the first set of scope, if the customer needs to change the content, it will be subject to the contract. It is difficult to achieve a balance while to remote team’s service this way; however, we pay more attention to the time spent on freelancer, who provides time to the client and customer. It is equivalent to extending an individual department for our client, eliminating the issue of insufficient flexibility in the past outsourcing.

FlowVIEW Tek

FlowVIEW is a rapidly growing company based in Industry Technology Research Institute(ITRI), the largest R&D organization in Taiwan. We are expertise in microscopic fluid observation, committed to solving all problems in the industry relating to nano-scale materials. As a start-up company, FlowVIEW step out from comfort zone and embrace all the opportunities that may make us stronger. We remain grateful and down to earth while devoting ourselves to the society.


BuggiPro is a team with professional entomologists and biomechanical engineers. By developing novel automatic insect production system could break out the limit of mass labor and experience-dependent procedure. Affordable biocontrol agent could improve farmers’ willingness of application. Less pesticide, better environment.

Open AI Fab

There are UX designers and many AI scientists on the production side of our team. AI sales and PM are responsible for communicating with customers on the sales side. Founder Jon started his career in Silicon Valley after finishing his Ph.D. in the United States. After returning to Taiwan, he also worked as a CTO and Cheif Data Scientist in big data and AI-related startups. Strong and familiar with Open Source's AI resources, it is not only fast, stable and safe to develop.

Manifold Health Tech

Manifold Health Tech, Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in California in 2016 and the core engineering team is a spin-off from Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a Taiwanese government-sponsored institute. The mission of Manifold Health Tech, Inc. is to facilitate hospitals to deploy disease-specific applications to seamlessly integrate, utilize, and distribute all information during patient evaluation and management workflows. The goal is to enable evidence-based practice, increase process efficiency and minimize the malpractice risk. In order to meet the broad variety of requirements from various customers, We. can customize its products to meet any given specifications.


The art market seems to be mysterious and full of uncertainty. In addition to the special characteristics of the high entering barrier, low digital development, and the long-lasting value of art, it requires a lot of trust accumulation. Being familiar with the hidden rules of the art industry and be able to finding out the weaknesses and innovations, will bring unlimited possibilities to the new team! Based on Taiwan's highly technological development and creativity, SulioArt enters the international market and provides artists and collectors with an "art production and sales resume system", becoming the only anti-counterfeiting technology on the market to achieve virtual and real integration!


Specialized in artificial intelligence solutions, there are successful cases in education, health care and finance. At present, the customer service solution of the medical beauty clinic is proposed, including clinic digital marketing, wound Intelligent interpretation and postoperative rehabilitation and other functions to enhance the performance of the medical clinic and customer service quality.


AlleyPin was found in 2017, our mission is to better improve the medical relationship in Taiwan. To make a better way to communicate between patients and doctors.

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