Intelligence Business Startup Pavilion


The Asia Silicon Valley Intelligent Business Services Application Promotion Project provides services such as exhibitions, proof of concept, business matchmaking and global market expansion for startups to progress toward innovative services and bring new opportunities to business. We welcome intelligent business services related startups to join us.

Taiwan Data Science Corporation

Focusing on Smart Retail and FinTech, Taiwan Data Science Co., a startup company, is researching on big data and AI models dedicated in Taiwan via diversified payment system terminal as well as financial data, which provides simple and convenient payment experience and extensive data application.

Solmate Media

Solmate Media is dedicated to precision advertising technology of OOH. With our own table media devices, which are imported into business places, such as cinamas, hair salons, restaurants and cafes. With IoT technology, we have built up an offline display network to assist advertisers with precision advertising.


Giftpack is an innovative AI gifting platform for business that creates a hassle free and data-driven solution for ROI in ABM, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and HR Rewards. The award winner of 2019 Leaders of Innovation in Hong Kong.

Sien Tech Ltd.

We are members of the OH!Bot team from ASUS and Western Digital . We believe that the future trend is a new smart service that combines online services with the community. Embracing setbacks, bravely facing failure is our culture, and we firmly believe that teamwork can make us move towards success.

MurMur CO., LTD.

Company Vision: Satisfying the immediate desire for fresh produce. Increasing the variety of fresh ingredients for the market and avoiding the processing and the wasting of materials due to logistics.

Olis Innovation Co., Ltd.

Ocard is dedicated to help offline businesses to solve problem related to customer relationship management from new customers’ recruitment to customer retention. In 2019, we have more than 1000 paying clients across various industries including F&B, retail, beauty and hotels. For organization structure, we have four teams form engineering, business development, marketing and advertising to customer success management. Our office based in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and we also have clients in Shanghai, Vietnam and Singapore.

Qun Yue Technology Co., Ltd.

Feeling tipsy after a party or tired of long-distance driving? No worries. Just call “Taiwan Designated Driver”! Qun Yue Technology Co., Ltd. has established the first APP platform to provide designated driver service in Taiwan. We dedicate to provide safe, comfortable service for our customers and create a new industry of tens of billions of scale in Taiwan by providing more than 100,000 job opportunities.

GoWiFi Co. Ltd.

GoFoodie is online ordering service for takeout food that help you do not wait too long. You can find lots of famous restaurants, breakfast, fastfood, drinks, and even street vendors and simply ordering via webpage of LINE Apps. We believe ordering takeout food online should be fast and joyful. Enjoy different cuisines and flavors with GoFoodie now!


Rovii, Robotic Vending Inc., the self-service coffee shop, mainly focuses on the future of retail business with robot, IoT technology, and big data analyzing.


KooData is committed to making digital marketing simple through automated tools so that SMES make the most out of their time and money invested on their digital marketing efforts.

Point Innovative Co., Ltd.

Give me a flat, and I shall project you a digital world.

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