WinWin Innovation & Incubation Base Pavilion


Cultural legacies and traditional industries in Tainan have enriched the local society. Since 2016, Tainan City Government initiates an innovation and creativity program with a contest. It mentors all kinds of startup ideas to build in Tainan and support diverse innovative practices.

Kabua Farm

Kabua Farm is to the sixth generation of agriculture products Tainan local industry.Their fruits and vegetables are planted in accordance with the laws of natural ecology.Not only to maintain soil and ecosystems,but also take into account human health and food safety.They hope to make the brand such as the spirit of enthusiasm continue to bloom like flowers blooming like a piece of brocade.

Upcycled Fashion

Upcycled Fashion runs a unique B&B. Combining with local resources, they cooperate with San-Mu Garden in Jiali District to grow figs and fresh fruits. Moreover, they developed fig products such as ice cream, jam, wine, enzymes, with the local farmers in Tainan. Their project make life more innovative with the help of independent farmers, shopkeepers and local government resources.

Chun Liang Bio-Tech. Co

“Skblaqnahiy” commits to promote Taiwan tea tree cosmetics. They are planning to hit the store shelves at famous franchises and department stores in a short time. At the same time, they are also launching projects collaborating with manufacturers of daily necessities. Aiming to introduce the tea tree ingredient from Liuying, Tainan, to the whole world about their natural and pure cleansing products.

Trillion-Sr International Corporation

Founded in 2017, Trillion-Sr is committed to system integration and automated industrial monitoring. Main services include vibration analysis, mechanical bearing diagnosis, and embedded cloud system design. It will continue to focus on industrial automation and automated diagnosis to ensure a smart and safe workplace.


Yajantech is an AR & VR Kernel SDK solution provider. Our team office is located at Taiwan, members work remotely in Singapore, India, and Hong Kong. Our service includes from building APP, browsers, hardware and software integration based on AR/VR cross-platform engine.

Wisdesign Tech Inc. UNIVUS

Wisdesign Tech focuses on interactive experience design, content translation application and offline integrated marketing. By combining with AR, LBS positioning system, gamification design and Vtuber virtual celebrity application, they managed to develop Univus smart travel platform. Our lives are getting more convenient with the integration of culture, technology, and interactive experience made by Wisdesign!

Ocean Strategy BusinessTech. Co.

Ocean Strategy BusinessTech provides software and hardware integration cloud services. By reducing unnecessary internal R&D costs and leverage the advantages of various partners, it is expected to bring win-win collaborations to both hardware and software corporates.

Artificial Intelligence

Tax Accounting 2.0 Service: Automatically analyzes the invoice content based on the image and identifies entries. Also provides financial and procurement advice to the user.

Sensen Gongxin

Sensen Gongxin Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 with the business philosophy of environmental protection, planting trees and loving the earth.Stout camphor essential oil is produced in a circular economy and applied to different creative products. Use multi-species characteristics and small animals to create product characters, and promote through interaction: the idea of planting trees and loving the earth.


Online retail and wholesale of Taiwan-made black sesame related products.

Nuturn Farm

Technology:1. Fish and Vegetable Symbiosis 2. Earthworm and Vegetable Symbiosis. Product:1. Modular Ecology Planting Device 2. Ecology Planting Pipe.

Gcxherbs Co.LTD

Coached by the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Advocates "Skin Prevention Medicine" and uses the "Chinese Medicine Functional Analysis" to find the biological material "BX-10" that replaces chemical raw materials. "BX-10" is a whole plant complex biofunctional extraction. Avoid "unpredictable health risks" of chemical raw materials. Avoid environmental pollution and accumulation of environmental hormones.

Ba-Wang-Chun Ltd.

The team extracts functional microorganisms from oolong tea leaves, and adds into various teas in Taiwan. This process increases nutritional values and health effects in tea to maximize economic benefits.

Hunqun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Patented edible water packaging material / Patented environmental friendly cup cover.


WinWin welcomes startups with smart agriculture, digital industry and community development ideas. It offers mentorships and incubation services with free seminars, workshops, hackathons, pitchings and events. It introduces venture capitals, counsels, financial services, marketing teams, and technical development resources.


WILLPOWER Co., Ltd. The team members is made up of a group of members from Taiwan EMS company. The team began to operate in Kunshan, Jiangsu at the beginning of 2016, and formally established the company in Tainan, Taiwan at the end of the same year. The team focuses on integrated solutions in connected areas such as EV Charging and AIoT.

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