TYC Startup Pavilion


Taoyuan City Government uses “Startup@Taoyuan” as a symbol to show various entrepreneurial resources. Taoyuan City Government are working with each startup hub to show the development and result of Taoyuan’s innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, it promotes various types of startup business to create a more friendly startup ecosystem.


In 2017 DFT company was established. This company is a family heirloom from a father who has great reputation in technology industrial and he want to leave something to his daughter and future generation. Also want to give back the good deed to his alma mater. That’s why he use Da Fan Tian to name this company. In Buddhism Da Fan Tian is a god of protection.


With the substantial growth of live videos output value, more and more people are using this to sell products. Of all the live streaming plateforms, Facebook is the most popular one. Seeing the growing potential demand, Live Go builds a system helping sellers optimize their business procedure, and improve customer shopping experience.

Empire of ants Studio

Empire of Ants is focused on ant breeding skills. Through these breeding techniques, we can cooperate with different fields in both industry and academics. This allows us to research and learn from ants, which provides new possibilities that could be applied to use in the human world.

Honest Herbal

We believe that we shall let people feel peace in their mind and safe to get non-toxic either on Chinese herbal or food ingredients which can be used in their daily lives. After all, people deserve the right of safe food. We produce convenient instant drinks, fast, healthy and safe food for busy modern people.

J&D Co., LTD

Golfourit is a LINE BOT for golfers, we provide weather forecast, course fairway condition, special offer and golf coaches, also, Golfourit connect like-minded golfers to share experience and book tee time on LINE. We provide online team manager, put Golfourit into your LINE group can make life easier. Also, we have online golf battle. Find golfers to combat with will be easy.

CreativeEquation Ltd.

Creative Equation Ltd. dedicate time to create a user friendly environment for student project, and support them on technical level.Our company promote Maker education, let every student create product independently, and be able to make ideas into commercialization product.


CYWT is the innovation leader of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) in civil engineering and construction management field which mission is providing these industries to meet the challenges and opportunities for construction/automation technology of the new era of BIM. Our team offers professional skills through R&D, business, training and certification departments.

Bridge Capital Ltd.

We focus on the integration of consumer experience and artificial intelligence. Positioning the expansion ability to urban entity storefronts; moreover, providing the most suitable interaction experience space for online stores. Furthermore, we are committed to becoming the outstanding consulting company for smart retailing in Asia.

Rice Ear Ltd.

Rice Ear Ltd. cultivates faithful doer spirit and co-creation culture. Key activities are “Design- Brand-Marketing W.W.” and 100% Made-In-Taiwan. Branding “LUFQI” brings “Wellness on the go”. Features of team members are cross-domain, high-mix experiences, and highly emphasis on individual value and long-term enterprise value.


B Corp orientation, hoping to promote an environmentally friendly attitude towards lifea and design quality of life.

Blue Beard Studio

We are iTemp, powered by BlueBeard Studio, the leading IoT product designing team from Taiwan. iTemp is user friendly designed, and aim to provide people the best food experiences from top to the bottom with the right temperature in one desires. Redefining your best eating and drinking temperature, iTemp.

All Aspect System

All Aspect System is a system based company, focusing on soft/hardware integration and development. Members are original developer for open source UAV, which has more than 20 years’ experience. Team had experiences in Europe, include many “proof of service” product test. Current target market for AAS are infrastructure inspection, environmental inspection and automations.

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