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To encourage innovation in the services industry, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic affairs offers grants and subsidies for businesses to invest in research and development. In addition, the Ministry also provides resources for expertise, inter-business relationships and promotion for marketing. This helps expedite the process of making new concepts into realities, and establishes the Ministry as the best supporting partner in helping innovative businesses build a better network.

Chester Creative Co.,Ltd

The company core members have extensive experience in the field of restaurant management, E-commerce, and marketing. We know about the whole SOP of restaurant and are good at making applicable marketing plan. Familiar with the changes in the catering industry, and skilled in marketing planning.


iDrip Ltd. is established by a group of entrepreneurs pursuing innovation and excellence. Combining “Life style” and “IoT”, our vision is to “ Makes life better”, by utilizing trending technologies to create a better quality of life. Our team is experienced, since we had built a start-up company with revenue of billions, and merged listed companies successfully. To restart, we choose the second largest market, also a worldwide drinking culture — coffee industry. Our product and service are faced to the whole world, and we hope to setup a world-class new brand — iDrip with best team internationally. We’re hoping to subvert the conventional industry with technology, especially IoT to realize that the best flavor can be accessible in every household.

FitGlasses Tech Ltd

We are a group of IT guys who believed that we can provide consumers with a seamless and better shopping experience . Therefore, we established “FitGlasses”.


basepara re-define the training process , our team combine with "baseball coach" , "VR technology" , "data analysis" and "AI learning" , to get the better way to improve yourself.

Hairing Healthy is Fashion co., LTD

HAIRING team has been working hard to reach the purpose of scalp health improvement is visible through HAIRINGAI intelligent detectionsystem. The team consists of scalp health consultants/managers and Health care professionals/ Training team member and product Developer. In the past over ten years, we have adhered to the natural herbals and verified by scientific tests to improve scalp dysfunction and white hair problems. After years of market validation, we continue to research and develop different attribute products to meet market demand for various scalp symptoms and white hair problems.


We are the largest Merida's sales spot center in southern Taiwan, selling nearly 2,000 bicycles and accessories. Besides, we also provide bicycle customization, maintenance, rental, education and cycling activities including Kaohsiung Classic 100K Bike Festival, which attracted more than 5,000 riders every year.

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