U-start Pavilion


“U-start Plan for Innovation and Entrepreneurship” is the first Campus Entrepreneurship angel funds plan in Taiwan. It combined with the incubation and innovation resources of colleges and universities. So far this plan has assisted 961 youth entrepreneurial teams to realize their own start-up dreams. U-start Plan presents the various and flourishing entrepreneurial motivation in campus.

Ridge Studio Production and Design Co., Ltd.

Ridge Studio Is formed by a group of theater set designers, technical directors and performing artists. It is set to provide an efficient way for young artists and designers in Taiwan to create and build their art work and introduce their work to more clients.

Xinyisheng Co., Ltd.

Utilizing special acoustic structures and materials to remove the unfavorable ear's pneumatic pressure for safe and loud sound, and to make the phase more accurate and reduce distortion, this device can be fitted to any in-ear earphones.

Half Goatee Pop-up Book Lab

『羊』(Goat) within Chinese characters create positive radical, thus we believe that – In order to make perfact product, must possess connotation, beauty and goodness team work.


AdvMeds focuses on integrating medical and healthcare services through ICT. We gather outstanding talents and obtained investment from hospitals in Taiwan and partners from Silicon Valley. Provide smart healthIT solutions and to help our partners improve their quality, effectiveness of care services. We have a wide range of clients, and mainly focus on SEA countries(Southeastern Asia). Our solutions include cloud HIS, smart personalized care platform, self-service measurement station, Personalized care APP, Queuing and Calling platform(mScheduler)


ADVANCED DELIVERY BIOTECH CO., LTD. started with a small group of engineers and technologists with Ph.D. degrees from National Chiao Tung University, looking to enable scientific discovery through innovative technology. We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of basic science exploration and enabling bench to bedside translation. We hope to provide you with innovative solution of “Micro-Nano Encapsulatied Technology“”to serve your research and business needs.

inBlooom Co.,Ltd.

After graduating from Art School, our three co-founders created inBlooom in 2008. Our first pattern, Crested Myna, has become an iconic symbol of our brand. Our expanded products have been developed to showcase original Taiwanese print fabrics. Through our designs we promote conscientious consumerism and environmental sustainability.

Co-Creative Bioresource Co., Ltd

Co–Creative Bioresource introduces the concept of friendliness into the application of multi-industry. 1.「Green energy production」 2.「Environmental care」 3.「Professional safety」 As the core value of the company, take the innovation bonus as the enterprise management idea.


At HOMIYA, we believe that living good starts with good food. People enjoy it physically, mentally and emotionally. We are not only meticulous about the ingredient we choose but also make an excellent dietary culture through the Farm-to-Table food, off-line campaign, the illustration package, etc. Guaranteeing the quality of food, keeping stay lock-in for our loyal customer


Dogcatstar is a leading brand of high-end pets food in Taiwan. We self-developing, producing and selling premier products that made with local high quality food materials. With these effort and the strict supervision under professional vet and nutritionist group, our products and brand gradually won good reputation and confidence between customers and pet owners.

GOGO Furniture

GOGOFurniture is an 9-piece home collection designed to embrace the concept of change while nourishing the need to feel home. It emphasizes simplicity, adaptability and portability, keeps functionality and comfort constant and through all this, it aims to connect.

xbeacon co., ltd.

The xBeacon team is focused on the development of innovative technology. The team is comprised of members from different field of expertise, including a product developer, hardware engineer, IOS and Android mobile application engineer, product designer, UI designer, a database engineer and more. Whether your issue involve the development of hardware, firmware, or software, we have a solution to any and every case.

Wade Leisure Business. Inc.

We launch Slide Away hand made bicycles from 2008, we knows the fine workmanship in Taiwan, after long process of design, brand promotion, exhibition, we've export Slide Away bikes for more than 10 countries.

PicSee Inc.

PicSee Inc. aims to improve the quality of social marketing operations. The main markets include Taiwan and Southeast Asia, which reach 500 million people each month. PicSee is one of the most well-known social marketing companies in Asia. Customers include major media, e-commerce, creators, etc. We help them get better viewing and income on social media. We also help companies collect audience and performance information through data analytics.

JC Cultural and Creative Service CO., LTD

JC Cultural and Creative Service CO., LTD. takes the mission of cultural relics protection as its entrepreneurial belief and core competence. In addition to providing various collection and management, preservation and maintenance services for public and private museums in Taiwan, it also develops and sells professional archival materials and equipment for the preservation of cultural relics at home and abroad.

DPI Design Studio

DPI design Studio, an industrial design team that doing multi project, including products, visual design and exhibition. We're also a team that improves our community where in New Taipei City, Sanchi.

TOKU&GAWA Audio Co., Ltd.

TOKU&GAWA Audio was selected by the U-start Business Service Plan in 2010. Committed to creating good sound with emotion, and specializing in the sale of speakers and drivers.

Wondershow CO.,Ltb.

A group of students with dreams and enthusiasm, the entrepreneurial team, because of the love of the show activities, research and development online exhibition platform. At present, the business also implements the event planning and on-site execution of the commissioning activities.

Earthgen Technology Co.,Ltd.

Earthgen Technology company was spin off from an experienced UAV Lab from NCKU IAA. We design and manufacture Taiwan-made agricultural spraying drones. High efficiency (30 times faster than manpower) solves the problem of lack of work and attract young people to return to the countryside to engage in smart agriculture. In the point of health, the benefit of using spraying drone is reducing the problem of pesticide poisoning and excessive use of pesticides.

artgital interactive solutions

Artgital is committed to the integration of advergaming (advertising + game ) and prosumer (producer + consumer) to create the most topical marketing model.


VesCir is an AI-driven biotech company focused on skin dermis research. We use skin data to develop smarter, ultra-customized beauty solutions that help people look after their skin properly by knowing the actual needs of their skin.

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