Taipei Exchange & Startup Pavilion


Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA) is a equity-based platform for small-sized non-public companies with innovative ideas. GISA offers counseling and capital raising functions, and helps small-sized innovative companies to grow. Taipei exchange invites GISA companies to 2019 Meet Taipei exhibition to display products and share experiences about how to start their businesses and how Taipei Exchange assist their businesses to grow.

Hi Academy Gruop

HiTutor, the Subsidiary of Dewey International Education Consultants Ltd., is Taiwan's first and largest online multi-language learning organization. HiTutor ESL teaching center launched in 2009 at Ortigas, Pasig city, Philippines. Foreseeing learning language online would be a trend in near future, Dewey makes a great use of its educational background and combines large-scale resources with technology to establish a reputable and professional online language academy. HiTutor provides the highest quality online language learning service for learners in Taiwan and opens a new era of online education.

Digisine Energytech Co., Ltd.

Mastering the trend of hearing aids to adapt to self-adaptation and service, 20 years of deep-earning hearing aid technology, boarded the GISA in 2014, launched Bluetooth cloud hearing aids, and built the world's first cloud listening center with the exclusive patented technology. Become a unicorn in the field of hearing aids.


ARPlanet provides a full range of virtual and real-world integration solutions to make enterprise brands easier to import and quickly keep up with the trend of real-world technology applications. We focus on augmenting real-world areas, launching an exclusive platform editor that quickly generates multi-AR interactions, simplifies the overall design process.

Freedom Systems Inc.

Our consultant team has years of experience in IT field and recognized by several industrial leader such as Microsoft, Dell and Veeam. We are certified partners of these international IT vendors for providing high-quality, reliable and stable IT service to our customers. Freedom Systems aims to solve IT problems and integrate business needs, legal issues and managerial considerations into deliverable IT planning from customers’ perspective. We guarantee the best service is always being delivered.


Most of the AIPT members are Patent、Trademark agent ,and good at the strategy of Trademark 、Patent、copyright application。

Bumper Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd

We open a i-store with high quality technology vending machine to safe the cost. This vending machine has registrated the patent with its salling way, also, it combined with all kinds of e-payments and system to control well.

Green-Shepherd Corporation

We engage green energy service for planning, design and installation as energy creation to solar power generation system, biogas production and electricity generation system and as energy saving to air source heat pump system.

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