Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) Pavilion


The TTA Startups that focus on the tech fields of biotech, energy, machine, material, fintech, AI & IoT, etc., have been supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology(MOST), and with assistance of the Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI). With the participants aged twenty to forty across more than seventy startups, they are ready to demonstrate their deep tech power and look for potential investors and business partners. These startups are building solutions to tech issues, anticipating to make a social impact around the globel.

Adamas Scientific Co. Ltd.

Dr. Andrew Pet Protector “We guarantee well-being of fur babies with herbal plant extracts” Blessing of Mother Nature and wisdom of our ancestors We protect your fur babies by removing all chemical ingredients Specialize in herbal plant extracts The simpler the better when it comes to pet wellness


web engineer, senior e-sport gamer, visual designer, front-end developer


Being made of strong teamwork between clinical doctors and engineers, we strive through defining clinical unmet need, proof-of concept, patent deployment and regulation pathway planning, and will keep striding toward greater milestones.


Lalalocker was founded in 2018.04. Lalalocker is a luggage storage service, you can leave your luggages in the local shops and hotels with our website! Now we have more than 350 partner store  in Taiwan, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, London, New York, received more than 15000+ pieces luggages.

Tsing Hua smart agriculture

The team is led by National Tsing Hua University. Technical fields of the team: materials science, biological and mechanical technology.

Vision, Racing Team of Taiwan

We are social enterprise, the mission of the team is provide low cost solutions for safety cruising inshore, for small boats and rafts.

Targetrust Biotech. Ltd.

Our team includes Doctors of Changhua Christian Hospital, and Professors of Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. Our products are innovation-based high value biomedical technology/medical devices, including: “Diagnostic reagent for real-time monitoring drug resistance in cancer therapy”, and “Targeted contrast agent for imaging-guided surgery for extensive cancer surgery”. The patents are granted in many countries. Our products have the potential to be marketed to hospitals worldwide, and got the Innovation Awards of the 2019 TechConnect World Innovation Conference, USA.

Asia Pacific Machine Intelligence Company

Asia Pacific Machine Intelligence Company (APMIC) was built in 2017. We devote to making human life more convenient. We develop artificial intelligence technology and actively build machine intelligence solutions. We currently focus on the development of machine understanding technology of "Natural Language Understanding (NLU)" and "Computer Vision (CV)".


Driven by the mission to power the world with cleaner energy, Rovilus’ team dedicates themselves to develop safer and more reliable technology to power the world’s vehicles. Armed with a team of experts with global experience in mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering, Rovilus provides its clients with all-round solutions to address their specific needs in any vehicular application.

AlfaLoop Technology

"Alfa" means unlimited, super, and "碼" means QR Code and host which can become a gatway, that why we called "AlfaLoop Technology". We expected that we can create a O2O service which include dining, clothing, living, education, entertaiment.

Funleadchange Ltd. Co.

FunLeadChgane Co., Ltd. takes the leader of green economy as our goal. We focus on building an interesting, immediate feedback mechanism, making people have a long-term environmental conscious, and pushing resources recycled. This system is now operating in Tainan and Taipei.

Pojiali Health Technology Co., Ltd.

We are the "Molong Legend", a research and development and marketing team composed of professors and graduate students of the Membrane Laboratory of Chia Nan University . "Molong Legend" is the first in the world to apply membrane technology to household faucets to form an excellent marketing strategy.

Graphene Hope Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

From the beginning of the founder Kuen-liang Chang ─── Hope the customers not only can enjoy the performance improvement brought by the cheap and high-quality graphene powder, but also any partners on the road to entrepreneurship and The flora and fauna of the residents around the factory can enjoy a zero pollution environment.

IPPLUS Technology Co., Ltd.

The team behind IPPLUS Technology Co., Ltd. comprises talents from intellectual property right, information technology and design. We are devoted to re-presenting patented technology in a visualized way and reducing the high cost of having intellectual property protected. In addition, we are now establishing a global collaboration network that across Taiwan, China, Singapore, the US, France and Luxembourg, able to assist users worldwide in developing an international patent and trademark portfolio.


The team members are all led by the Plasma Technology Research Center. They are led by laboratory professors. The lab mainly cooperates with the industry, cooperates with 26 global manufacturers, participates in the development and optimization of many products, accumulates experience, understands customer needs and achieves.

Rays Technology Corporation

Founded in 2017, Triple-I consists of two founders of the Department of Insurance, as well as actuaries and front-end engineers. The team currently has 6 partners and works with one of the top three security companies in Taiwan. Expect to be the leader of the insurance industry.

A.V. Mapping

Our A.I. can shorten the sound engineering time from 2 weeks into 30 minutes. We serve licensed music for the film automatically. And we just reduced the noise of 2,000 audio clips from a U.S.A company in 15 minutes instead of 4 days of human works. Our technic can also develop film editing tools individually such as storyboard analysis, auto transcription, manual sound effects for social media, auto photos or paintings music.


The inventor has many years of experience in the development of harmonic driver and has high technical energy. With the efforts of technical consultants and members, the technology has matured and is ready to take the stage of harvest.


We are a startup company composed of a group of lecturers who love technology .Everyone in the team is continuous entrepreneur, with resources for the marketing, technology, and education channels. We want to create a better learning environment for the world with technology. We will be the next education unicorn !

MangaX Technology

Our mission is to engage young people, inspire their creativity, and help build self-worth through art creation.

Good Lock

We are a doctoral team from Kaohsiung Medical University. We hope to solve all the side effects of antibodies through our research,and create an unlimited business opportunity through technology transferring to establish a new brand in Taiwan.

Health League International Innovation Ltd.

The Health League team is composed of medical background staff. Dr. Wang Wen-Li CEO and Hsuan Chao COO used to work in the medical center for eight years. During the work of the hospital, they shortened the medical content by a second text or animation, hoping to solve the animation through the cloud stream. The content can solve the problem of communication between patients and medical personnel.

BRAXX Biotech

BRAXX focuses on developing innovative medical device for radiation therapy . BRAXX aims to improve the therapeutic efficacy and avoids the side effects in traditional brachytherapy procedures. The esophageal brachytherapy applicator provides cancer patients a new treatment option.

Kaviiland L.T.D.

Kaviiland have been working closely with local farmers, and familiar with the characteristics of fruit crops. Since 2015, it has developed its own processing technology and machinery for second products, it is the first manufacturer to combine cold chain systems in the production area. In addition to mastering the production of fruit from the production area, we have processing technology too. Kaviiland has accumulated many news media reports and won many awards. Kaviiland also have good reputation to attracting government and many organizations to cooperation with us.


The demand of natural products for food and pharmaceuticals was increased but the supply was not stable and sufficient. TWBIO is a biotechnology company, who focuses on the development of a “Next Generation Bio-factory”. We build healthy probiotics cells as micro-factories for the production of high-valuable compounds for supplements, medicals, and animal health. It is a faster, more economical, and safe way for a sustainable industry. The first product is astaxanthin, which is a super antioxidant with high potential in supplement markets, and it is also essential for improving the appearance and thus the market value of the salmon fish. TWBIO have deep understanding of market needs for the animal healthy in North Europe and South Asia countries, where is our first target market, and we have solutions to meet the raised demand.


We are the eel lab led by Prof. Han Yu shan from the Institute of fisheries Science of National Taiwan University. The team members are cross-disciplinary talents, accumulated many years of eel culture technology, and systematic development experience of software and hardware integration. We focus on the establishment of production models in the new generation of eel farming factory.


We are all cat lovers from different industry; however, we all have the same dream - to let our pets become our family forever.

Bosomeer Biotech Ltd.

Bosomeer Biotech is made up of physicians, engineers, and medical physicists from NTUT and TMU, two major universities in Taipei dedicated to translational research and medical device development.

Flight free, flight autonomously

Flight free, flight autonomously is a system based company, focusing on soft/hardware integration and development. Members are original developer for open source UAV. Product exhibits are the integration of IoT sensors to the UAVs to perform high level automation such as autonomous patrolling, aerial target searching and unmanned vehicle traffic management (UTM)

MedFluid Co.,Ltd

"執行長 李文斌 微流體技術研發、生醫檢測 營運長 賴韋中 營運策略與執行、市場分析、通路開發 技術長 呂子杰 軟硬體整合、醫院系統整合開發 行銷長 蔡少軒 生物藥學研究、計畫行銷企劃"


BeDIS has the following distinguishing features: 1. Is easy to configure, deploy and maintain 2. Location accuracy and response time not affected by crowds 3. Can function without the Internet 4. Support waypoint-based indoor navigation 5. Support diverse indoor location-based APPs and services


AI-Med focuses on reproductive medicine, with AI big data as the core and micro-service system development as a method to provide IVF smart personal data management platform. It assists reproductive medical center to solve problem of data fragmentation within (HIS, LIS, laboratory management, etc.) systems which cannot be integrated. Besides that, it provides AI hyperspectral imaging assistance system on embryos to analyze their activity and chemical composition using the corresponding dynamics and spectral structure of the embryo, and to assist in the evaluation of embryo quality.


AHEAD medicine is an interdisciplinary startup team composed by hematologists from NTUH, NTU College of Medicine and National Tsing Hua University, Department of Electrical Engineering and currently enrolled as part of the UC Berkeley SkyDeck 2019 HotDesk teams from Jul to Oct. Our work focusing on developing AI-enabled diagnostic and disease assessment tools for blood cancers including leukemia, lymphoma, and other hematologic malignancies.

Unilite Co., Ltd.

Unilite is a startup company not only with numerous industry-academy cooperation research results, which has been finished by How-ji Chen, the principal investigator of “National Chung Hsing University Lightweight Aggregate Research Team”; but also with perfect human resources for doctors and masters trained by the research team . Unilite produces high value and energy saving construction material (lightweight aggregate) by using Taiwan environ-mental and industrial waste. The technology reduces the manufacturing cost and creating competitiveness. Based on fully recyclable concept to create real benefits for domestic ecological environment.

Chang Gung University

「Taken from the society; contribute to the society.」is the core value of Chang Gung University team. The goal of the the microRNA team at Chang Gung University is to bridge their passion for research with the unmet need for addressing childhood diseases, in particular the early detection of Kawasaki disease and Hand, Mouth and Foot disease. We are proud to bring our innovative detection process to the people of Taiwan and the rest of the world.

National Taiwan Ocean University

Our team isolated a native algae species of Taiwan, which is suitable for the extraction of Phycoerythrin (PE). Moreover, the intellectual property protection and plan of gene identification, PE purification, seed conservation, industrial culture technique have been completed. We use the combination techniques of intelligent monitoring, extraction and purification to produce high-quality PE.


GreenMile is the professional thermal management technology team, developing the world-leading 0.2mm ultra-thin vapor chamber. GreenMile owns a number of thermal management patents, including the exclusive vapor chamber structure patent, which uses a different design than a conventional one to increase the efficiency of cyclic heat transfer. The team members include authoritative technical experts/engineers in the field of thermal management, senior managers from U.S.-based and public-listed cabinet companies.


DeepWave is a new startup spin-off from the National Taiwan University Department of Computer Science and information engineering Multimedia Information Retrieval LAB. We are building a comprehensive AI-based platform for digital music companies to fully analyze, process and monetize their content with our powerful and flexible API.


Led by a team of professors from NTU (Professor Chun-Ting Chou, Professor Ai-Chun Pang, Professor Shou-De Lin and Professor Hung-Yi Lee), through various AI and IOT technologies, OmniEyes is able to connect city wide dash cameras and collect and analyse real time street views to provide innovative solutions and services. These services and solutions will be able to form a brand new smart city solution.

AI Explore

AI Explore's main product is the AI HPC platform, the world's fastest deep learning AI system, which provides three main features: it can provide real-time gigapixel Super Fast AI for image analysis, Terapixel Image Platform with ultra-fast terapixel server, and 3D Image Platform & AI with super fast 3D reconstruction and analysis server for 3D AI.

Giant Bio Technology Inc.

The philosophy of the Giant Bio Technology is "Guard with Balance to maintain health and balance." Our vision is to maintain the health of our plants and animals with the power of natural balance, and providing a better human food and daily necessities, but also to protect our environment ecologically sustainable balance.

Singular Wings Medical Co., Ltd.

Established in 2015, Singular Wings Medical is a professional cardiovascular wellness solution manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of wearable service. We are located in Taiwan. We have 12 excellent employee. Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of design and production enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. Besides, we have received NCC, FCC certifications. If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a customized product please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world。

RedEye Biomedical Inc

Hemoglobin Sensor system for Home Health Care Monitoring RedEye, an innovative research team from Taiwan, has launched a hemoglobin sensing system to enable blood sensing for home health care monitoring which can help people to “see” invisible blood in excreta, to identify of early signs of disease, such as colorectal cancer, kidney disease and bladder cancer for early warning. For people to decide whether to the hospital for re-examination. Transform passivity into initiative, to achieve the effect of home health monitoring.

Dr.Plant Co.,Ltd

The company is a startup company derived from the MOST startup promotion program, and the company members are members of the original project team. Our team won the Bronze Prize in 2017 Ministry of Education Biotech Innovation Entrepreneurship Award and the Best Popularity Award of all participating teams.


The group was led by the person who creates a research field called “MICAtronics”. The group is pushing the development of soft transparent technology. The key features of their products are flexible, transparent, and stable.


A team from the BNE lab in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), with the support from MOST and NTHU-GLORIA, to develop and provide environmental-friendly, safe, and high-performance Li-ion battery electrode materials to global battery manufacturing partners through close collaboration.

Ocean Aurora

Our team has a strong research and business background. We have products that are ready to sell in the international research market. In addition, we will develop new biotech products every year to meet the latest research demands.

First Agrobiotechnology

This team is led by Professor Lin Yunsheng, who has experience of developing biological pesticide. Our team includes NCHU graduate school students in biotechnology, a industry professional with experience in managing factories, and a Top’s 100 outstanding young farmers. It is a team with rich practical experience in the commercialization, mass production and field operations of biologics.

MUYI Technology

We are a group of bone tumor cryotherapy technology team that want to change non-progressive and high complications of OGS treatment in recent 60 years of global. Our R&D department is in a world-renowned bone tumor treatment center.

Sentry Energy Technology Co.

Our team is composed of experienced industry manager, Leather professional, Chemical Engineers and Marketing experts. We have technology innovation in mind, and has the ability to bring it to fruition with speed and precision execution.

Aurora Biotech

Aurora Biotech. is interested to dissect the details related to cell-cell communication among cancers and inflammation-related diseases. Following our previous studies on a “key protein” in the inflammatory microenvironment, we have successfully developed peptide drugs owning a therapeutic potential in various inflammatory diseases including cancers. We first focused and assessed its effect in triple-negative breast cancer.


Whezyme, a new research team arising from the Graduated Institute of Biotechnology, National Chung Hsing University, focuses on the development of acidic peptidases. Our primary goal is to develop oral therapeutic peptidases that can remove the hazardous gluten-derived peptides in stomach, by which the health condition of patients with celiac disease or gluten intolerance can be improved.


Our unique conversion platform can efficiently convert agroindustrial byproducts into high quality insect meal which contains stable nutrient level that is comparable to first-grade fish meal. Our business philosophy is to solve ecological and environmental problems based on the concept of circular economy, Wormax creates intrinsic value from resourcezation of agroindustrial byproducts recycling for stock farming, aquaculture, and global sustainable development!

Graphilm Technology

A leader in the development of high-quality graphene applications. We have developed high-quality graphene integration technology, and solveing the current problem of epitaxial lattice matching and expensive substrates, in response to the material requirements of the next generation for high-power components. At the same time, We develop of graphene-related applications to reveal its unique characteristics.

KYM bio.

Kai-Yang Bio. collaborated with professional bioinformatics team and used structure-based computational approach to design and engineer multi-functional fusion cytokine IL-15-ABD. We also engineered and improved IL-15-ABD for tumor-targeting immunotherapy.

Bell Medical Device

Bell Medical Device team consists of Urologist, Ph.D. in Materials Science and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. We develop total solutions for Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infections. We have also won the FITI Innovation Award and the 15th Innovators Award.


“Bcount” is a Taiwanese startup team specialized in


Spherical Motion

We have researched on spherical motor technology for more than 3 years. We won the second award on Intel International Science and engineering fair in 2018. Our vision is to enable advanced motion driving technology. Thus, we startup this company for providing spherical motor as a key component for CubeSat minimization.


Applato’s algorithm/platform is developed by an integrated team of AI engineers, UI/UX designer, marketing advisor, and more than 10 specialist dietitians. The advantage of Applato is to translate comprehensive biological, medical, and nutritional information to the focus on personalized dietary behavior modification.

TransferHelper Co.,Ltd

As a FinTech start-up, we provide international remittance with P2P (peer to peer) match-up system and a wide range of Asia currencies to exchange instantly.

Neurobit Technologies Co., Ltd.

Neurobit was founded in 2016 by Travis Yang, Jim Huang, Ching-Fu Wang and Roger Chen while they were students at National Taiwan University. With the aim of providing revolutionary technology to the medical community, we have been developing our own hardware and software solution, offering comprehensive neuro-functional digital diagnostic system that ease the lives of healthcare professionals around the globe. Our mission is to solve unmet neuro-clinical needs and offer a triple-win solution to professionals, patients and insurance companies.

MDS Health

MDS Health is a group of international experts from Switzerland, Taiwan, and the US in the areas of oral healthcare and health informatics who are concerned about the well-being of patients with diabetes, helping them to prevent oral diseases and improve their quality of life.

Expensive Illumination Co., Ltd.

A new team who hope to improve driving safety.

ucfunnel Co., Ltd.

We are a team of professional engineers, AI experts, and successful marketers who put creativity and strategy together to think ahead. Our tech team is capable of handling 100 billion tractions of bid requests per month, and our marketers have been partnering with global partners across APAC and NAMER regions.

Space apes

Space Apes was founded in September of 2017. It consist of 5members with diverse backgrounds such as designing,engineering ,Environment medical and chemical industry. We carry identical thoughts toward the water crisis and hoping to resolve it with our specialities,creating a better tomorrow for all human beings.

Dapp Pocket

Anderson Chen is the founder of Dapp Pocket. He has a master’s degree in computer science at NTU (台大) and a bachelor’s degree in computer science at NCTU (交大). He started researching Blockchain technology when He was in NTU and published related thesis. He was a software engineer and project manager in blockchain startups Gcoin, DiQi, and Cepave. He also published articles about crypto wallets and smart contract on the Taipei Ethereum Meetup column. There are also experts of blockchain, computer science, online marketing and community management in the team.

Sounds Great

We are a group of Taiwanese young entrepreneurs who can not sleep for success.

Fullrepair Biomed Co. Ltd.

A professional team that proposes the best solution for skin repair after cancer treatment

Nexera NexRetail

At NexRetail, every day is a new challenge. We pursue innovation, redefining artificial visual identification technology, big data, and the combination of storefronts and online e-commerce. Our team members are from Qualcomm, Cisco, Facebook, Oracle and Taiwan Industrial Technology Institute.

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