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2021 The 6th Taiwan Blockchain Summit

11/20 Sat. 10:00-17:40 @Super Stage

Taiwan Blockchain Summit started back in 2016 with the aim to make the technology more accessible to a broader audience. In this Summit’s 6th edition「To be Fungible or Not? 」, we are combining the World’s foremost experts, innovators, and thought leaders in the blockchain ecosystem in order to address the principal talking points and overcome the major hurdles facing Blockchain technology. In this edition the following topics will be covered: KYC/CFT, BaaS, Supply Chain Finance, Public Blockchain, Crypto Fundraising, Art Curation via NFTs, and the Certificate System. Together these topics will cover the truly transformative power of Blockchain technology!


11/20 Sat.

10:00-10:07 Guest Remarks

Chung-chieh Lin|Commissioner, DOED of Taipei City Government

10:07-10:14 Guest Remarks

Brian Shen|Information Services Industry Association of R.O.C. / Chairman

10:14-10:21 Guest Remarks

Nicole T.I Chan|Vice Chairperson, Digital Transformation Association

10:21-10:30 Short Talk

Jones Lo|Deputy Division Director, Industrial Technology Research Institute

10:30-10:45 Short Talks

Mei-Ling Chen|Taiwan Blockchain Alliance / General Convener

10:45-12:00 How to Face the AML/CFT Regulatory Policy in Taiwan?

MC_Liying Wang|Legal Master, AppWorks
Henry Lin|Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Development Association / Chairman
Ken Chien|TVAA-Taiwan Virtual Asset Anti money laundry Association / Chairman
Kordan Ou|KryptoGo / Founder and CEO
Ming Chen|MaiCoin Group / COO

13:00-13:50 The Dapp Ecosystem via Blockchain as a Service

Reki Wu|Section Manager, FinTech Center, III
Steve Chuang|CTO, IBM Taiwan
Jen-Wei Hu|Associate Engineer, Narlabs, NCHC
Nicholas Yang|Head of Blockchain, Digital Data & Technology Center, Cathay Financial Holdings Co. Ltd.

13:50-14:40 How Asset Digitization Nurtures Supply Chain?

James Huang|Editor in Chief, BNext
David Chen|Vice Director BD, Greater China, Nasdaq
I-Cheng Liu|Foxconn MIH Consortium / Advisory Board
Daniel Huang|Co-founder & CEO, BSOS

14:40-15:30 The Decentralized Apps based on Public Blockchains

Ceci Ho|BD Manager, Evernew Capital
Xixi Huang|Founder, Rydeit
Alvin Hung|Co-Founder, CryptoWesearch
Charles Jhong|imToken (labs) / Blockchain Engineer
Ivan Chen|Solana Taiwan Community / Founder

15:40-16:40 The Fundraising Strategy for Crypto Startups

MC_Tom Soong|Founder & CEO, JOYSO
Edwin Yen|Blocto, Co-founder
Shaokang Lee|Perpetual Protocol, Co-founder
Ping Chen|Hakka Finance, Founder
Fenix Hsu|Teahouse Finance, Founder

16:40-17:10 Contemporary Curating with NFTs

Taka Kao|Lead, ARK·TPE Blockchain Innovation Center
David Lo|CEO, Good Point Exchange
Jonathan Chang|Co-founder, NFTBoard
Neil Lee|EchoX / Executive Director

17:10-17:40 Win-win Partnership for Taiwan Blockchain Startups

MC_Henry Lin|Chairman, Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Development Association
Julian Chen|Co-founder & CEO, ITM
Jeff Hu|Co-founder & CEO, Turing Chain