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2021 Next Generation Technology Application Demo & Pitch

11/19 Fri. @ Echo Stage

2021 Next Generation Technology Application Demo & Pitch

Workforce Ecosystems : Refining New Talents
To promote better skills in digital professionals, respond to corporate transformation and international trends, and better face industry competition and manpower requirements in 2030, the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA is focusing on Digital Innovation, Digital Twins, and Cross-Industry Applications. The 2021 Digital Technology Solution Competition was especially organized for the 2021 Next Generation Technology Application Talent Refinement Project to cultivate prospective technology and cross-industry application talents through industry problem-solving / talent solutions and hands-on training. The goal is to promote industry upgrading and transformation and improve the international competitiveness of digital technology professionals.


11/19 Fri.

14:00-14:30 Registration

14:30-14:40 Opening Remarks

14:40-15:30 [Hands-on training] Professional cultivation results of cultivation's Pitch Demo

◆ VR show and virtual performance|ETAT ART & CULTURE CORPORATION
◆ 《九九八十一》animated series|THE WHITE RABBIT ENTERTAINMENT,INC.
◆ Taipei 101 5G + 4K performance space - Immersive IP Production|CT AMBI INVESTMENT AND CONSULTING INC.
◆ METAVERSE made real! Digital twins combined with streaming technology - innovative application of VT cosmos channel|YAMEME INTEGRATED MARKETING CO.,LTD.
◆ Immersive interactive audio / video value-added|SANLIH E-TELEVISION CO., LTD.

15:30-16:30 [Digital Technology Solution Competition] Demo & Pitch

◆ Using Live AR to produce 3D holographic projections
◆ Smart tour guide ◎ Smart aquarium
◆ Smart amusement park AI music creation
◆ AI smart epidemic prevention and care cloud service
◆ Smart mattress
◆ Drone application and humanoid detection system
◆ Using unmanned balloons to carry outdoor equipment / system for improving transmissions
◆ Smart patrol route planning
◆ Fire hazard-oriented inspection system

16:30-17:00 Networking