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Startup Island TAIWAN
Japan Startup Ecosystem and Market Entry Panel

11/20 (六) 13:00-15:00 @ Echo Stage

In this panel discussion we will touch on topics surrounding doing business development in Japan from different angles and perspectives, including the Japanese startup ecosystem and how to successfully do BD in Japan. We invited 4 startup supporters from different regions in Japan to share how they support overseas startups that want to enter the Japan market, how they support startups accessing key resources to successfully do BD, along with their take on the Japan startup ecosystem. We’ve also invited 3 successful startups that have already entered the Japanese market to share their know-hows and experiences when facing different challenges and opportunities when doing BD in Japan.


11/20 Sat.

13:00-13:03 opening


13:05-13:25 #AsiaRocks Country Month Japan Startup Ecosystem Introduction

13:25-14:00 Fireside Chat Seizing Market Opportunities in the Largest Economy in Asia

14:00-14:05 中場休息

14:05-14:50 NEXT BIG 台灣新創進軍日本市場開發論壇

14:50-15:00 Q&A Section