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Student Pitch: Business Plan with Dreams and Action.

11/20 Sat. 10:00-10:30 LIVE|Global Stage Online

Start your business idea from A to Z.


11/20 Sat.

10:00-10:05 Art Mystery
Art is simple

The current traditional arts are gradually declining .Therefore, create a place with traditional music and Chinese music as the main axis. There will be music courses, workshops and tea drinking spaces, so that everyone can understand better. Local culture and connotation, during holidays, there will be occasional gatherings in that space. With this place, it is hoped that the strong cultural power of the past can be reproduced in modern society.

Yu Hsuan Lin
Yu Hsuan Lin
10:05-10:10 Triangle video studio
Triangle video studio

Hello, we are "Triangle video Studio",We are professionally engaged in business photography, Documentary Production,outdoor VLOG Production ,post-production ,Promotional videos and outdoor supply stores(online shop). We're on a mission to make people's most important moments into brilliant photos. Your trip to the outdoor for camping/hiking can be recorded forever with professional photos. Capture the memories today. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients, providing professional solutions and top quality photography services.

10:10-10:15 《Sleep No More》Taiwan Exclusive License
A wonderful immersive experience that must be tried in a lifetime

The world-famous "Sleep No More" is only performed in New York and Shanghai. This plan solves the area limitation and will be ‘Sleep No More’Taiwan exclusive license.Tickets will also cooperate with the Asian travel experience itinerary platform. This will become a new creative thinking that will subvert the traditional theater experience and allow the audience to focus on the unforgettable experience they hav

10:15-10:20 Antique investment
antique goods cafe

10:20-10:25 Muse's Call
The Musical and Dessert You Need

A café collaborating with various dessert brands/ A show venue/ A musical fans’ club Take your pick on the dessert to go with a musical, and you’re all set for a journey of healing. Muse’s Call is a café/venue that brings together desserts and all-things-musical—musical performances, discussions and related side-events. In collaboration with top-picked dessert brands, we provide you with the most satisfying entertainments.

10:25-10:30 Arts and Creation Center
Wake up! Let's create beauty.

Arts and Creation Center, a space with classrooms, exhibitions, and stages for you to play. "Here you can be who you want to be and do everything." Let’s explore your artistic brain, stimulate your potential, and create unique works! Be the shining star in Arts and Creation Center.

Yu-Ju Summer, Li
Yu-Ju Summer, Li

This session is LIVE.