Event End

The Show : Opening / Closing Performance

11/18 Thu. Super Stage / 11/20 Sat. Ahead Stage

With the performances brought by outstanding performers, we hope to draw the public's attention to startups, and also hope to show the energy of innovation.


Taipei Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

11.18 Thu / Super Stage

The Taipei Philharmonic Youth Orchestra was founded in the year of 1989, serving the purpose of accompanying the Taipei Philharmonic Chorus during performances. In the fall of 2004, the Artistic Director of Taipei Philharmonic, Dirk Du, expanded the orchestra to become an orchestra that meets on regular basis.
The Taipei Philharmonic Youth Orchestra had gathered the most talented young musicians from all over the country. The artistic committee, including Artistic Director Dirk DuHei, music director Yao-Yu Wu, assistant conductor Chia-Fu Yu, Szu-Wei Huang, and resident musicians Shih-Chieh Chen, Yi-Ling Chen, Tsung-Hsien Chiang, Tsai-Chi Wang, Chien-An Chen , Feng-Yu Shih, helps training the members of the orchestra. Under the strict training, the orchestra has reached the level of a professional orchestra. And, with the vitality and passion of the young musicians, they really gain respect from the audience.


11.20 Sat / Ahead Stage

OakMeta, a metaverse band, connecting worlds through music.