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CX-05 / NYCU Pavilion



The Center of Adcademia-Industry Collaboration of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University has been actively promoting the collaboration between Academia and Industry for many years. The strengths lies within the R&D ability, technology licensing and startup incubation specialists to fit the academia with industry. The main missions of CAIC are: to commercialize intellectual property developed by universities, to incubate startups, to make startup companies greater, and to create the greatest economic values and competitiveness of these startups.




Millilab Co., Ltd.

Product: mmWave Radar Module、Service: mmWave Radar Solution(Include hardware and software)

Millilab Co., Ltd. found from 21th Jan. 2019. We focus on mmWave radar total solution developement. Our team is composed of RF, IC and algorithm experts. So far the application of mmWave radar concentrated on vehicle industry. We believe mmWave radar which is one of the most reliable sensor technology could make people’s life smarter, better and more fearless.”



FaceHeart Inc.

AI Handset Healthcare Monitoring Application

FaceHeart Inc. was born out of NCTU’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department in 2018 under Dr. Bing-fei Wu. FaceHeart is on a mission to improve the health of humanity by transforming the healthcare, home automation, and insurance industries through its proprietary video-based rPPG technology. The solution is packed into FH Vitals™ SDK, allowing for seamless integrations into a variety of settings to remotely measure key vital signs.



Tarkustech Innovations Co., Ltd

TarkusVP: integrated lesson plan for programming

Tarkustech innovations creates a specific software, TarkusVP, which provides a intuition user interface to make coding logic easier, and the position will be a role of connection with the progress of teaching models in ES and MS stage between blockly VP and real programming.




Novel Semiconductor laser - Photonic-Crystal Surface-Emitting Laser (PCSEL)

PHOSERTEK CORPORATION was established in September 2020, an innovative start-up company in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with technique transfer from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU). PHOSERTEK takes the lead in Taiwan, possessing domestic and foreign patents of Photonic-Crystal Surface-Emitting Lasers (PCSEL), and focusing on design, development, and manufacture of the PCSEL in accordance of customer demand.




Shoku-AI:AI Smart Parameter Tunning Master, lead company to smart manufacturing.

“GoEdge, solving engineering problem with art” Goedge Taiwan, Inc. (GoEdge) was established in Mar 2021 to help manufacturing company to shorten the design time of their complex processes. With unique Dr. Opt technology, we conquer complicated problems to obtain optimized results in shorter time-period. Overall, GoEdge can be characterized as an AI-software provider, specializing design optimization in a smart and efficient way.




VTuber Virtual Entertainment Platform

RECTALE was founded in 2021. Located at the incubation office of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. Our mission is to initiate the next generation of virtual entertainment and develop the global VTuber industry.