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CX-09 / TYC Startup Pavilion



In 2021, at the Meet Taipei, Taoyuan City Government uses “Startup@Taoyuan” as a symbol to show various entrepreneurial resources. Taoyuan City Government are working with each startup hub and 18 new startups to show the development and result of Taoyuan’s innovation and entrepreneurship.




EC Plus

E-commerce platform, QR Code application

Do e-commerce, find e+ shop Efficient and professional Yijia Mall system e-commerce service platform breaks through the bottleneck of traditional e-commerce and customizes exclusive solutions for different industries. Starting from software technical services, the e+ store gradually improves to the current full range of operations, consulting, training, and compliance services, and then supplements and strengthens cross-border supply. Corresponding to the chain service capabilities, finally completed the layout of a one-stop social e-commerce service centered on "software, operation, compliance, and supply chain".



Moldintel Co., Ltd.

Smart Injection Molding Solution

Moldintel is a smart manufacturing solution provider for the injection molding industry which serves a solution platform with multiple easy-subscription modules for different processing demands. Smart injection molding solutions play like a virtual master operator for factory processing, and systematically digitizing factory molding experience as a future know-how. The solution features the cost saving from mold trial to the stability of mass production, and further connecting with injection molding machines by AIoT technology to achieve the fully smart automatic injection molding process.



The bridge capital LLC

Ret[AI]ling Data® Smart Movement Flow (SMF)

Explore the development of AI big data, machine vision product solutions, improve on-site management and control quality, marketing decision-making transformation strategies, upgrade customer consumption experience, accelerate the digital transformation of retail marketing 5.0, brand value, actively design customer routes, and cultivate new ideas for digital marketing Business.



Rice Ear Ltd

LUFT Duo - Portable Air Purifier ( Enhanced Edition )

LUFT, the German word for "air". Qi, the same pronunciation with “air” in Mandarin. “LUFTQI” brings “Good Life in Simplicity.” The Co-Founders were inspired by experiences gained from working in the largest LED company in Taiwan. The portable air purifiers, ”LUFT Cube” and “LUFT Duo” were created for allergy sufferers’ well-being. LUFTQI combined the concepts of personalization and photocatalyst technology to create a consumable-free and personal air shield.



iArrow Tech. Inc.

The intelligent manufacturing cloud platform for plastics and rubber

Established in March 2021, iArrow Tech. Inc. consists of experts in the plastic and rubber manufacturing industry. We expect to develop an intelligent manufacturing cloud platform, which will help solve the future problem of labor shortage for plastic and rubber manufacturers.



J&D Co., LTD

Launched a travel platform-RE GO through smart retail and smart tourism. In response to the epidemic, a smart logistics system was launched to help fruit and vegetable merchants.

J&D has devoted itself to developing LINE Bot functions. Focused on the golf market, J&D embarked on its project in 2018.In 2021, in addition to launching platform modular functions, J&D will organize online ERP systems and connect third-party payment systems with shopping and logistical platforms for those businesses which are using LINE@. J&D will improve their NB-IOT integrated sensing equipment, such as its GPS module, Beacon, infrared sensing and CLOVA AI, to have offline intelligent detection and online instant feedback functions. At present, J&D’s app has been used by businesses for reservation services, tourism, online shopping, pet services, bakeries, real estate agencies, online learning courses, golfers, and fruit vendors.



Linsation Intelligent Technology Limited

TWS true wireless noise-canceling headphone 、High-fidelity recording microphone、True wireless hearing ald earphones and listening devices

Linsation is from the combination of "Listen Sensation". Linsation focus on providing the perfect "Sound User Interface" experience between human to human and human to machine. We focus on the long-term study and application of hearable related area. By the combination of our core capability on audio technology, we create the new hearable product to help the end customer to enjoy the life with health and happiness.




RE Green|Zero Waste Composter Kit for Urban Gardeners

ENVIRO IDEA Co., Ltd. is an environmental creative product design and development company. designing products with high quality to improve the life, and to promote an environmentally friendly life attitude.



Universal Factory

PolaKids APP 、PolaKidsPLAY

We team up with technology and education professionals that strive to make parenting better for you and your kids. We gamify and simplify the once boring and mundane parenting stuff into fun and enjoyable small daily challenges. With every challenge completed, the child wins a star; and with stars the child can get virtual rewards on the app as their incentive to keep earning more stars and guide you along every step of the way on this parenting journey.



Scarlett Organic Co.,Ltd

Essentials Lotion、Essentials Cream、Jojoba Oil、Sweet Almond Oil

Nature-plant products with non-preservative, chemicals, and mineral materials, etc. Moderation and low irritation are the primary consideration. This is a moisturizing product for eczema. At the same time, the Allergic group of FB is sharing the care experience about eczema for babies, we can make more people pay attention to and understand the correct knowledge of sensitive/eczema skin care.



Keedle Edu

Keedle AI Personalized Adaptive Education Plan

Keedle Education was found in 2021 by Yuchen and Brownie who are experienced teachers and researchers working for Inclusive Education Lab in Taiwan. As researchers, we understand how difficult to make adaptive education working in daily settings, and hope to help more K-12 educators and families to understand their children's abilities and needs. So as to create a positive environment that supports learning and development.



MimiR Technology Co., LTD

Cloud Data Analytics Course Platform / AI Virtual Teacher / Robotics Teacher Training

In order to increase students' interest and motivation in learning, MimiR created its own AI digital 3D education platform. Uses big data analysis to give the most accurate analysis report after each lesson. Using the most advanced AI technology to achieve the best learning quality!



Taiwan Extended Reality Company

AI software for smart international real estate investment

Taiwan Extended Reality is committed to developing the information digitization technology required for Industry 4.0. Starting from the real estate information digitization "Proptech 4.0", it introduces artificial intelligence algorithms, constructs information processing software services, and exports products and services to the U.S. market. We want to develop a new export channel for Taoyuan's digital industry.




bi-directional communicational SAR VTOL UAV system

The team has varies commercial experience related to unmanned system development, and now not just focus on development of UAV but also with its application. The main product is bi-directional communicational SAR VTOL UAV system, which is closely developed together with All Aspect System, and has obtained a good result from Jetro Bosai 2020 competition.



Our Shiny Tour Associate Co., Ltd

Reusable Global Sim Card、eSIM

Our Shiny Tour Associate Co., Ltd is committed to becoming the first choice for Taiwan's SIM card. Advocating eco services, Turns one-time use products into "circular design, resource sustainability, recyclable and innovative services".



LEDA Technology

SeaDeep AI Training Platform

LEDA offers AI and digital transformation services including cloud service, automated optical inspection, and other integrated solutions for industries, logistics, and companies, helping companies smoothly transform into smart manufacturing, achieving high-efficiency automated production.



All Aspect System

RoV with integration of 360 degree sonar with USV

All Aspect System is a system based company, focusing on soft/hardware integration and development. Members are original developer for open source UAV, which has more than 20 years’ experience. Team had experiences in Europe, include many “proof of service” product test. Current target market for AAS are infrastructure inspection, environmental inspection and automation.





DakoData is a Business Intelligence startup with data analytics software, which empowers every person and organization to Make Better Decisions with Data.