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CX-06 / Taipei Exchange & Startup Pavilion

櫃買中心創櫃新星主題專區 櫃買中心創櫃新星主題專區


Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA) is a equity-based platform for small-sized non-public companies with innovative ideas. GISA offers counseling and capital raising functions, and helps small-sized innovative companies to grow. Taipei exchange invites GISA companies to 2020 Meet Taipei exhibition to display products and share experiences about how to start their businesses and how Taipei Exchange assist their businesses to grow.




Dexatek Technology Ltd.

IoT Smart Home Solution

DK can build up your own IoT systems、More than 30 smart devices in MP、Dual Solution (Apple/Android)、Variety RF modules(Wi-Fi, BLE)、Alexa/Google Home integration



Arplanet Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.

Offer all-around XR virtual-real integration solutions, and real-world technology application.

ARPLANET offers a full range of XR virtual-real integration solutions to guide corporates introduce their brand to the market more efficient, and help clients keep up with evolving technology trends. Since we founded in 2010, ARPLANET garner enormous amount of awards nationally and internationally. We possess numerous technology patents, close thousands of AR use cases, which make us the most promising enterprise that recognized by the world.



M.C Archimosis Co., Ltd.

Creative Life -【Art X Space】【RISE concept Store】

In 2015, MCA suggest "life aesthetics" and brought culture, art, architecture, design, and creativity to life. Finally, in 2017, it established the Taipei MCA Huayuan Innovation and R&D Center, which officially became the first in the country. A creative board cultural and creative industry company with architectural design as its main business project has obtained the stock code of Huayuan Design 7532. Through the unique vision of the chairman in architectural design, it has integrated operations with Taiwanese artists and independent designers, and has gradually developed the art of living. Mainly, cultural creativity is supplemented by multiple channels, and is committed to promoting "artistic life, artistic life", so that people can easily experience the beauty of art being integrated into life.



BXB Electronics Co., Ltd.

Smart Meeting Room Solution

Founded in 1991, BXB Electronics applies AIoT integration as the core technology to offer smart office and smart classroom solutions. Since its establishment, BXB has been striving for optimizing innovation and service and being the most reliable partner of global enterprises. BXB has installation performances in more than 100 countries and is certified with international awards such as iF, G-mark, Taiwan Excellence, and D&B Top 1000 Elite SME Award, leading BXB to be the top brand in Taiwan.



Bumper Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd


We open a i-store with high quality technology vending machine to safe the cost. This vending machine has registrated the patent with its salling way, also, it combined with all kinds of e-payments and system to control well.



Liverage Biomedical Inc.

High-speed ion detection system which can enhance the stability of proton or heavy iron radiotherapy and ensure safety treatment of radiotherapy.

Liverage Biomedical Inc. was founded on March 26, 2013. The major shareholders consist of an allied professionals from medical, opticas, electronic and mechanical engineering. Further our manufacturing staff are equipped with more than 20 years of optoelectronic packaging production, laser welding , glue-solid packaging technology, optical-mechanical integration, and quality control of the raw material and production process. We are proud of our team , united we can develop, design, and manufacture industrial-grade quality medical application equipment.



Ubestream Inc.

Touch-free NLU Voice AI on Edge/Device/Chip, AI NLU Bot for Customer Service/Digital Marketing

Ubestream develops semantics(NLU) and voice(STT/TTS) algorithms for the parsing/computing engine connecting with the AI agent bot for AICT and AIoT from cloud to edge even to the AI on chip in the trending of contactless digital transformation with speeding up by the pandemic. The hybrid human-machine AIaaS(AI SaaS) and the smart devices with smart applications based on the edge AI connected by the AIoT is powered by the Ubestream based on the clouds.