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CX-13 / U-start Pavilion

教育部青年發展署 U-start 創新創業主題專區


“U-start Plan for Innovation and Entrepreneurship” is the first campus entrepreneurship angel funds plan in Taiwan. It combined with the incubation and innovation resources of colleges and universities. So far this plan has assisted more than 1,000 youth entrepreneurial teams to realize their own start-up dreams. U-start Plan presents the various and flourishing entrepreneurial motivation in campus.




A.V. Mapping Co., LTD

one-stop AI video & music mapping

A.V. Mapping empowered by cutting-edge AI technology is a one-stop video music mapping platform. With the innovation and concept to shorten the work time for video producers, and also to increase the cash flow of the creative industry and more income to musicians at the same time, A.V. Mapping's service is able to save 95% of work-hours and accelerates the production of the original and copyrighted music market.



Claireye Intelligence Co., Ltd

Claireye intelligence offers AI total solutions to intelligent manufacturing. We provide image recognition and data analysis for deep learning.

Claireye creates human posture recognition and predictive maintenances systems, utilizing deep learning and machine learning to find the best suitable algorithm for our customer. From Cloud to Edge, we provide better and smarter solutions for enterprises. We gather resources from international enterprises and group up a team that is full of experts in the industry.Our mission is help enterprises solving their problems. So that it can improving productivity, quality and equipment efficiency of the enterprises.

TryBuy 社群商務


TryBuy Social Commerce

Multifunctional social commerce system, information integration and data analysis

TryBuy got a lot of experience in business operation and market development past few years , we have skill to build systems, information integration, data analysis, TryBuy dedicates in improving strategy and program of cross-industry alliance.




Solve Pain is a platform that provides online personal injury consultation and rehabilitation with AI Skeletal Analysis technology.

Ludo is an AI based startup, which dedicate to improve E-learning sports field. We’ve launched an AI coach service which only needs your smartphone camera to do pose estimation, and system will reflect the accuracy and the suggestion of adjusting pose. Our solution is able to make up the sport hall industry of time and space restriction, and the habit of practice. Currently, our AI coach have combined with Yoga, Golf , Boxing and physiotherapy .



day & night with wood

Wood circular economy, indigenous craft culture, AR augmented reality.

The core products of wood together are wood waste as materials, combined with indigenous cultural technology, cultural symbols and other original content to create creative products, and construct AR to expand the reality, to provide wood reuse, indigenous glass technology, indigenous embroidery technology and other cultural products, to achieve local creation, circular economy and other multiple ideals.




Diversified events such as pattern design, cultural experience, courses for Atayal artistry that link local eatures and tourism industry allow the spirit of inheritance to exist in our daily life.

Situated in the Raisinay tribe, the local youth brand RIMUY that integrates the spirit of craftsmanship, cultural connotation, and ancient wisdom appreciates tradition from a contemporary perspective, which provides insight and inspiration into "beauty" and inherits Atayal beliefs in a new way.



FreEntity Co., Ltd.

High elastic 3D printing in batch production.

FreEntity provides the industry-leading "3D printing automated technology in batch production ", enabling enterprises and research institutions to combine automated software, hardware and information-monitoring technology with exclusive polymer material at any timing and needs of different batch sizes. Besides, we offer the most immediate productive solutions for the market.



Funceres Biotech Co., Ltd.

Agricultural probiotics: customized strain, self-fermentation and application.

Funceres Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (FUN Agricultural team) provides functional products, utility education courses, and sustainable management concepts for nature and increasing a friendly environment and reducing pollution risks.



Monster Environmental Co Ltd

BSF Bio-System

Monster Environmental Technology Company solves the problem of organic waste pollution by the Black Soldier Fly (BSF). This causes severe problems like the destruction of the ecosystem.Starting from 2018, while we were cultivating the BSF, we launched a research on combining the waste treatment and the breeding of BSF, transforming from agriculture into anindustrialized model to produce. We then successfully developed a moreenvironmentally-friendly way to solve the waste pollution by the mass production of BSF. 螢幕閱讀器支援功能已啟用。



BaTalk LTD.

Me Loop / Explore every steps on your life / Social App

Our company concept is that play a game and get a lots of fans.




Study Abroad Media

WillStudy provides the most complete information on studying abroad, including free in-depth interviews with alumni, overseas career development history, visa application teaching in various countries, and guide to livelihood services (banking, insurance, rental, transportation) to help students studying abroad. Quickly grasp the school and workplace dynamics.




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SLEK (Self-Learning, Enjoy Knowledge) is a group of about 40 undergraduates who hope to enlighten senior students to know more about medicine departments and think about whether their dreams are suitable.