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EP-03 / CHT 5G Startup Accelerator

中華電信5G加速器 專館


Support startups for business opportunities Chunghwa Telecom(CHT) founded an 5G industry alliance in Taiwan in January 2018. Along with over 50 local and international institutions and companies, it builds up 5G ecosystem and innovative applications. CHT offers technological expertise and consultation resources to incubators/accelerators/partners and startups for new opportunities and directions. Invest resources in 5G accelerator effectiveness/value To identify 5G application and innovation capabilities in Taiwan, CHT establishes a 5G international accelerator. It offers ICT expertise to incubators/accelerators/partners. Build Alliance – Accelerate Technical & Business Development In 2021, CHT invites global partners to contribute more resources to startups. We are honored to invite Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud computing service provider.Selected teams can leverage resources in CHT and AWS. More enterprises will join the effort to accentuate technology and business development.   CHT believes 5G technologies will continue to impact on enterprises. We hope to invite more startups to the 5G accelerator to facilitate overall development in Taiwan, and put innovative applications in verticals for higher service values.

Selected Teams


Taiwan Data Science Co., Ltd.

Wireless Signal Detection Edge Computing on 5G Networks

Taiwan Data Science Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 and dedicated in innovative retail product development, system construction of telecommunications and finance, information security in the Internet of Things, and big data. We help customers in the fields of data analysis, software and hardware integration, payment, information security, and 5G communication technologies. We are eager to promote innovative technology and enhance the country’s digital development. A self-developed pedestrian flow detection device, WISIDE, is developed by the Taiwan Data Science Co., Ltd. It can detect WiFi and Bluetooth signals of the equipment in the field and achieve the flow of people, the degree of congestion, and the security of the equipment in the field through signal analysis. Used in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Su’ao Service Area, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Markets and Night Markets of Yunlin county, etc.


5VOXEL Co., Ltd.

3D ToF sensor and AI solutions

5Voxel Co. Ltd. is a start-up company focus on 3D computer vision development that is designing 3D Camera, bridging 3D image stream, building recognition middleware on it. Bed monitoring and Fall detecting soluiton, privacy oriented sensing mathod to monitor people's behavier and falling alarm. Suitable for care and home safty. People counting, 99% of overall accuracy, help to collect accurate footfall data. Suitable for smart city and smart building.


GoodLinker Co., Ltd

GoodLinker Cloud of War Room

GoodLinker, the "good linker" of human and machine. Our version is make smart manufacturing happen everywhere by AIoT technologies. GoodLinker made a cost-effective way to help manufacturing SMEs digitize their production line then to reach smart manufacturing. No need build or maintain server room. Once finished the sensors installation, all the users have to do just sign up an account then scan the QR code by mobile APP for bundling to launch the service. 


Wondercise Technology Corp.

Wondercise Fitness App

Wondercise is an award-winning company that delivers its services through an interactive platform with professional training content to global users and trainers. The patented Live Motion Matching technology provides instant performance feedback and data tracking/analysis, allowing users to stay aware of their performance and push limits. Wondercise elevates the at-home fitness experience to bring at-gym classes into homes around the world and promotes awareness, motivation, and fitness continuity. Wondercise Studio is an at-home fitness solution with Live Motion Matching by taking away the restrictions of time, space, and sustainability; a fitness-themed social media. Live performance feedback via supported wearables, accompanied by exclusive on-demand/live-streaming content and the interactive community allow trainers & trainees around the world to stay engaged in real-time by way of video chat, live coaching, leaderboards, and popular social media functions to stay motivated, challenged, and connected.



3D OCMS (3D Operation Central Management System)

NADI provides “3D OCMS (3D Operation Central Management System)” with BIM and Digital Twin technology. 3D OCMS integrates IoT data and sub-systems such as monitoring system, location base system, plant simulation, environmental control system, AR remote maintenance……, etc. 3D OCMS can analyze and predict risks based on historical data. 3D OCMS integrates IoT data and sub-systems on the same platform. Users can manage real-time situation of buildings beyond space limitation, and make quick decision when emergency occurs. 3D OCMS can be applied to smart city, smart industry, smart infrastructure, and smart energy.


Smart Tag Inc.

"Smart Tag, Smart Manufacturing AIoT solution."

Smart Tag builds a plug-and-play Smart Manufacturing AIoT solution that provides cross-machine, cross-platform data collection, and analysis, helping customers to eliminate operational risk and prevent maintenance loss. Smart Tag is a sticker-liked, flexible wireless IoT sensor. By pasting Smart Tag onto the surface of current manufacturing device, it will collect manufacturing pattern and send it to cloud for analyzing automatically.


earthbook Inc.

DaaS (Drone as a Service), Smart City 4D Cloud Platform

earthbook Inc. develops earthbook 4D cloud platform based on 5G AIoT of concepts that provides standardized DaaS products. People can do one stop shopping on this platform including DaaS ordering, data analytics, API transporting, results demonstration. The goal of earthbook Inc. is to be the biggest DaaS cloud service provider in the world. earthbook 4D platform can satisfied various customers, own hardware for drone inspection or not, to provide quantitative results, AI analytics 4D demonstration and APIs applications. It is the most complete function and convenient DaaS cloud platform could be applied to smart city, infrastructure inspection, construction management, rescue, pollution monitoring, insurance or security and help people to maximum value from drone service.


MyProGuide Inc.

MyProGuide - Online tour expert - Travel around the world with online tour guide

MyProGuide professional tour guide platform provides a channel for professional tour guides exposure and for tourists who are looking for tour guides everywhere. It can be combined with the travel trends, so that independent visitors can search for suitable tour guides through tour guide review, past experience and performance. Until now, it has served about 500,000 tourists in 5 years, and currently has more than 15,000 registered tour guides distributed in European and Asian countries. MyProGuide developed "Real-time online tour" as a new product line and became the designated online tour service provider of Amazon in Taiwan, providing travelers with instant access to local tour guides when they are unable to go to travel destinations. In the future, 360-degree panoramic tourism will be developed, which will be combined with VR equipment to give consumers a more immersive travel experience.



AI model miniaturation technology and DeepLogMaker Edge AI total solution platform

DeepMentor Technology is a software company provide miniaturized AI algorithms and DeepLogMaker green Edge AI total solution platform. DeepLogMaker is the leading development platform for Edge AI, We provides miniaturized models, deployment, training, and analysis. Empower Edge AI developers to accelerate inference on edge, reach production faster, and maximize hardware potential. With DeepLogMaker, developers, engineers, and domain experts can focus on what they do best - solving our world’s complex problems.



TANGRAM Industrial IoT Solution

NETIGATE Co., Ltd combine IT,OT engineers and telecommunications talents in various fields to create the unique TANGRAM. We have launched a series of Internet of Things (IoT) framework, hoping to solve the integration problems at different levels among various fields in the machinery and equipment industry. It is also expected to quickly integrate solutions for end-users, OEMs, peripheral component manufacturers and digital sensors. TANGRAM industrial IoT solution provides a common framework with No-Code/Low-Code modularity to assist equipment manufacturers to bulit-in TANGRAM. By connecting equipment and processors via the IoT Cloud platform and TANGRAM APP, TANGRAM helps customers reduce unanticipated downtime costs and increase machine utilization efficiency to implement smart manufacturing equipment.



MAKAR XR Platform

MAKAR REALITY is committed to the development and the application of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). Through XR editing platform "MAKAR", MAKAR REALITY has accompanied over 500 schools, enterprises and government to create their exclusive XR contents and experience. With the Era of 5G, MAKAR will keep linking the World’s imagination about XR! MAKAR, an XR(AR/VR/MR) platform containing editor and browser. With an image-type drag and drop, users can quickly create XR content in 10 minutes and do not need to learn any program language. All type of XR creation can be experienced by mobile, or by other multiple devices such as HoloLens, Oculus and AR glasses. The purpose of MAKAR is to allow everyone to freely learn and have fun with XR technology.



Memorence Suite: digitize and automate manual operations with AI

Memorence AI is an artificial intelligence company. Our vision is to make our AI system a daily productivity tool for enterprises and industry professionals without AI backgrounds. Our product, the Memorence Suite, is an AI model learning system. It helps users to digitize and automate manual operations, improving efficiency and quality, and enhance end-customer satisfaction. Memorence Suite is an AI model learning platform for users without AI backgrounds. It has tools including optimal sensors, data management, labeling, learnable AI models, and dashboard. Users first capture the data and then label it. The labeled data can then be used to build the AI model for target applications automatically and continuously. It can be deployed on the on-premise cloud, local server, and edge devices for various applications.


Ubestream Inc.

NLU/Voice AI on Edge & Cloud

Ubestream develops semantics(NLU) and voice(STT/TTS) algorithms for the parsing/computing engine connecting with the AI agent bot for AICT and AIoT from cloud to edge even to the AI on chip in the trending of contactless digital transformation with speeding up by the pandemic. The hybrid human-machine AIaaS(AI SaaS) and the smart devices with smart applications based on the edge AI connected by the AIoT is powered by the Ubestream based on the clouds. Touch-free NLU Voice AI on Edge/Device/Chip - Ubestream develops semantic algorithms for the parsing/computing engine connecting with the AI agent bot for AICT and AIoT from cloud to edge(robot/smart speaker/kiosk) in the trending of digital transformation with speeding up by the pandemic. AI NLU Bot for Customer Service/Digital Marketing - Through the voice and semantic computing engine, it provide voice/text bot, inbound/outbound and other intelligent application services. OMO Digital Smart Shop and customer service shopping guide Bot provide store smart services to reduce costs and increase revenue.


Orion go Co., Ltd

Hybrid indoor and outdoor positioning solutions

Oriongo focuses on the development and integration of positioning algorithms suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The core advantage is that positioning solutions can be imported without additional installation or infrastructure changes. Enterprise customers can quickly and accurately obtain the management field The location data of people or equipment can derive a variety of smart applications through location data.



Edge computing is transforming the way data is being handled, processed, and delivered from millions of devices around the world. Based on the vigorous development of the edge computing market and applications, FiduciaEdge committed to providing a trusted edge computing platform designed for edge computing nodes. Our first product is developed based on the NVidia Jetson hardware platform, it provides edge computing nodes with the latest Trusted Rich Execution Environment (T-REE) function, allowing data, AI algorithms, and applications to be processed on edge computing nodes and protect the security of the entire process and the privacy of the original data. It not only protects the computing process from malicious hackers, but also establishes a trust relationship between data owners and data users, lead to the acceleration of the AIoT industry development.



podcast hosting

Launched in 2019, Firstory is a podcast hosting to empower podcasters in the world to distribute everywhere and start to connect with audiences!