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CX-08 / YiLan Startup Pavilion

宜蘭縣政府 宜蘭新創主題專區 宜蘭縣政府 宜蘭新創主題專區 宜蘭縣政府 宜蘭新創主題專區


Yilan County Government in cooperation with Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology Yilan Science Park of Yilan Entrepreneur’s Studio, Innovation Incubation Center, NIU and Innovation-Incubation Center, Fo Guang University, Yilan County Government set up “Major League of Entrepreneurs”, Yilan County Government actively promoting services of Entrepreneurial Counseling, and support of all the brilliant young people of all business domains in Yilan. Yilan County Government in cooperation with Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology Yilan Science Park of Yilan Entrepreneur’s Studio, Innovation Incubation Center, NIU and Innovation-Incubation Center, Fo Guang University, Yilan County Government set up “Major League of Entrepreneurs”, Yilan County Government actively promoting services of Entrepreneurial Counseling, and support of all the brilliant young people of all business domains in Yilan. “Major League of Entrepreneurs” connecting the central government and local resources, providing mainly marketing impressions, fundraising, Entrepreneurial Course Training, Industrial-Academic Cooperation, free space, technology research and development (R&D), mentor councillor, cross-functional integration of eight aspect. No matter which step of entrepreneurship, they all can use all of the resources through the Major League of entrepreneurs, to let the team of entrepreneurs to find the most suitable Counseling Section efficiently, to build up a very high quality environment of entrepreneurship of Yilan County, striking the best score! From placemaking to Industrial-Academic Cooperation, the Major League of entrepreneurs of Yilan County build up a complete supporting entrepreneurship system, and also provide the policy promoting Business Start-up Loans for Young Entrepreneurs and interest subsidy policy, along with entrepreneurial teams, we provide a free dedicated service, that includes; project management and specialist counseling, during this time we are expanding the visibility Innovative Applications related domains of Yilan, meanwhile we encourage startup teams of Yilan to have more cross-border communication with other brilliant startup teams of domestic and international entities at home and abroad.




Hsinchu Science Park Bureau Ministry of Science and Technology Yilan Science Park Yilan Entrepreneur's Studio

Assist in entrepreneurship team to enhance the Innovation and entrepreneurial atmosphere of Yilan Region

Yilan Entrepreneur’s Studio will provide entrepreneurial counseling, entrepreneurship practice and innovative technology courses, start-up companies’ exchange activities, local and central entrepreneurial resources, etc., to assist entrepreneurial teams in technology, capital, law, market-oriented counseling and matching, to create innovative entrepreneurship team communication, inspire creative energy to be converted into market value, to develop Yilan Science Park into the cradle of innovation and technology industry in eastern Taiwan.




Oryza sativa based skincare product, and lactic acid drink.

YU RUI Biotech aims to provide farm solutions in everyday life. Rice for all, from dietary supplements to skincare products. By transforming eco-friendly agriculture waste we maximize the value as well as minimize the environmental impact of food production. Our vision is to live a more sustainable lifestyle, for all.



Dong Feng Technology Co., Ltd.

Chat Temple

Dong Feng Technology is located at Yilan Science Park. Focus on providing system integration services to enterprise and government clients. Team member consisting of excellent engineers and managers are from MDS, Trend Micro. Because of this, Dong Feng Technology is able to provide timely professional services and experienced assistance to their clients.



Good Harvest Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

Our products are pesticide free Strawberry Fresh Fruits and processed products under the brand of "paradise tree".

"Paradise tree" adheres to the concept of "supporting farmers, respecting land and changing habits". Starting from these three purposes, it re establishes its own flavor. Without "agricultural safety", there will be no "food safety". This is also the eternal truth emphasized and observed by paradise tree.



Green Cynia

Our TCM skincare products include botanical extracts, which make them mild and non-irritating. Our products also solve your skin problems effectively and make your skin looks perfect.

Green Cynia International Co., Ltd. is founded in 2020. With the advantage of Taiwan’s Chinese herbal medicines, we start with TCM skincare products that are made from natural ingredients. In addition, by applying the technology of grinding, fermentation, and nanotechnology, we expect to improve the stability of our products and reduce component molecules, which makes our products can be quickly absorbed by the skin so as to solve specific problems. Overall, we have a prospect of being the leading brand of herbal skincare products in Taiwan.




Customized cloud intelligent software design and operation service

A cloud software development company that aims to advance the demand site and help small and medium-sized enterprises transform. We have a professional and cross-field R&D team and business team. With technology and experience, we can discover customer pain points and needs, develop high-quality software solutions, and face the international market with customers.



XIGAN International Co.,Ltd

dried fruits 、concentrated juice 、jam、essential oil

Xiganlife means happy guys happy days. We have factory in Yilan over 50 years old. Innovation and land care are what we do. We are not just professional dried fruits makers but fruit products. We have not just dried fruits but essential oil , especially kumquat!




Mobile phone micro-movie experience class, kol marketing experience class, mv video actual combat workshop

DDS FILM LABS / The team is composed of designers, who are good at brand building, including data analysis and image content marketing, design and production, and the style is mainly film style. The original intention of the team was to become a solid partner of the brand, and use our expertise to grow and expand the performance of the cooperating brands.



Tarkustech Innovations Co., Ltd.

Tarkustech Farmie Smart IOT Education Farm

We design a specific user interface, TarkusVP, with the flow-chart methodology. The purpose of the software, named Tarkus VP, is to make the students easy to learn programming logic and basic concept of AI algorithms. The software includes Chinese and English version, and it plays a role in connecting the learning stage between block-based visual programming and advanced coding course.



Seeing Display Technology Co., Ltd.

1.extremely energy saving smart windows 2.Dynamic privavy screen

Seeing Display Technology is a start-up company focusing on the development of flexible display manufacturing. Our main products are dynamic privacy film, energy-saving smart windows and energy-saving display windows. The energy-saving film is manufactured through our core technology of multi-stable liquid crystal formula and the production process, which can be operated for 60 days with a button battery, which has a high power saving advantage.




EXTRACTLAB series of skincare products, and special crop seedlings

Located in Yilan Science Park, with complete plant tissue cultivation equipment and space, the R&D team is focused on professional seedling application and product development services through molecular biotechnology.




moisturizing mask & amino acid gentle facial cleaner

Our story SIMPLEBEAUTY : Extract the natural essence and give the simplest and purest beauty to the best of your skin condition.Brand story: In the process of learning, we focuse on the cosmetics application and the applied chemical material, inspiring the enthusiasm for maintenance research and development,and continuing to learn. We are more specialized in researching green concepts, combined with the exclusive technology of our own, in the science of human evidence and material evidence. The testimony of "Simple Beauty", which achieves the advantage of natural beauty, officially launched its own brand "Simple Beauty"-SIMPLEBEAUTY.Beauty, not just for women’s rights, nor just skin-deep beauty ,I want to express the unique beauty among men, women, third sex, and gender equality.The products launched by Simple Beauty is aimed to be passed on from generation to generation and go into all directions.What is created is not only the beauty of appearance, but also all the beauty of happiness.The founder personally checked the R&D side, from biotechnology companies and factories to their own production lines. The factory is located in the Hsinchu Science Park, upholding science and technology manufacturing based on product exclusive proportion, level by level check, level by level inspection, in line with health regulations, and certified and tripartite certification.



Originlimit Co., Ltd.

Full-cycle solution from agriculture and forestry to industrial materials.

Thes main development direction of Originlimit and is based on cyclical economic mode.And business modle include cleaning,reusing and licensing. Use agriculture and forestry turn to industrial materials. Cost down and protect by patent.



National Ilan University

VR technology for marine education

Associate Professor Jieh-Ren Chang of Department of Electronic Engineering from National Ilan University has long-term researches on virtual reality(VR) and plans to make local revitalization by combining more technologies and local knowledge system with students.



Wellhead Biological Technology Corp.

1. Refined Ginseng Extracts-Plus 2. Antrodia Cinnamomea Complex Extracts

Established in 2001, the Wellhead Biotechnology Corp. upholds a business philosophy of "Innovative R&D, trustworthiness, in it for the long run," takes research innovation as its core competence, and has a goal of producing and marketing internationally-oriented, beneficial human health products. Wellhead possesses an international R&D team with members including scientists and expertsin the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. Our R&D team is engaging in R&D and applications, and research focal points include selection of fermenting fungal strains, use of bioconversion methods, synthesis of ginsenoside derivatives, cell-based bioassays, animal studies, and toxicity testing. We are currently used our patented "functional group fungal bioconversion method" developed in-house for the industrial-scale mass production of ginsenosides.



Starry Sky Board Game

Age of Discovery

Starry Sky Board Game is a premium brand of education in Yilan, it is committed to developing educational games, to let children grown up and learn within a good atmosphere from games. With every educational product in our company, our first goal is to create interesting games that wont make you feel bored easily, and it pursues the context of games that are instructive. We wish to bring good memories between you and your kids from our products. Over the past 5 years of our company's business, we have invented over ten models of games that have a focus on learning, and we have sold more than thirty thousand pieces.



Fu Chun Seafood Ltd.

Professional Ayu Vendor

Fu Chun Seafood Ltd. from Yilan, has carefully selected 100% fresh Sweetfish locally from Yilan, and we raise all these fish in a very safe, unpolluted environment, we also use quick freezing technology of -40˚C to freeze the Sweetfish to preserve it in its most fresh state, we also promote fresh ingredients from Yilan on our own E-commerce platform.



Taiwan Gold ice lolly

Taiwan tea ice lolly

Taiwan Gold ice lolly Our main product is making tea flavored ice bars with local Yilan suxin Honey flavor black tea, Jhinhsuan green tea and Oolong tea. We use the purest water of Yilan and Yilan tea to make the authentic tea flavored ice bars, we also expand our product line by promoting it in tourist areas around Taiwan and overseas.



TRUEiin International Sports Ltd

Automatic badminton pitching machine/ Badminton racket/ Badminton/ Bag/ Clothing

TRUEiin International Sports Ltd. We are from Yilan, and we are a startup badminton brand which appeals to environmental protections and social awareness. Our team is built of artists and scientists from Taiwan and Germany. Our brand core includes transcendence, contemporary issues, public benefits, arts and cultures, interdisciplinary, interest, six characteristics. Within the arts and crafts aesthetics of the Bauhaus style of Germany and Taiwan, we have developed professional badminton rackets, shuttlecocks and other assorted equipment for training.



Fethiann Molecule Applied Co.,Ltd

1.FMO®️ 2.TAIWAN Litsea cubeba 3.QUENN ROSE-Fethainn Essence de Rose 4.Fethainn Savon Otto Rosa with Orange Nectar for Texture Moisturizing

The headquarters of Fethiann Molecule Applied Co., Ltd is located in Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology Yilan Science Park, we are committed to doing research on molecular biotechnology. We apply accurate natural polymers in human being’s lives and also cooperate with international Industrial-Academic cooperation. We are based on the extraction of phytochemistry from nature by biomolecules and develop it and apply it in three business models which are the patents of life care technology, reepithelialization and essential oil raw materials, which become a very important role as a vendor in the application of biomedical technology.



Always Support Technology Co., Ltd


Always Support Technology Co., Ltd was set up by a group of Youth in Yilan, through the integration of Information and Communications Technology by Smartwatch, Internet of Things, AI, the platform of Telecare, interpretation of skeletal action etc. We provide 24 hour Health management and personalization health monitoring for the elderly. We assure the privacy of elders and automatically detect abnormal occurrences and create alerts through smart living services.

翔俊商行( 正福茶園 )



Tea and tea processing applications

Go green, safe and healthy, carefully selected, perfect presention is Fu Tea’s business concept. We aim to provide the most safe tea and use the best professional skills of tea making to produce the best tea. Using the newest business model, enhancing the quality of service, improving the research and the development of our products. We use the ecological conservation, no harmful ingredients, organic is a principle of our business model and we take our clients’s good health to be the main goal.



Miracle by Love

Miracle By Love

Miracle by Love, is a shop in Yilan owned by a young guy who came back to his hometown. This shop uses 100% rice flour, and apply's Yilan’s agricultural products to make special pastries, allowing tourists to bring this Yilan specialty back home, to share with friends.




Pc TOUR traveling marketplace

Pc TOUR mainly provides a one-stop service travelling platform for family self-guided tours. Our team promotes in-depth travel by using our own experiences and filming deptly, and also makes a big difference by running the self-guided tours of our families.




the services of product value-added platforms and knowledge-based economy platforms .

We mainly provide the services of product value-added platforms and knowledge-based economy platforms to help agricultural and forest owners solving the natural waste problems. After our professional evaluation, natural raw materials wastes will be developed into market potential products, achieving waste reduction, product value-added pruposes and creating new types of agricultural and forest circular economy with added value.