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EP-06 / EY



EY Taiwan upholds the spirit of corporate social responsibility, supports the government to promote its innovation and entrepreneurship policies, and provides innovative counseling programs and professional services in a flexible and diversified model. In recent years, EY Taiwan has been actively assisting startups, small and medium-sized enterprises and companies with IPO plans to jointly establish a sound corporate management system and improve financial health.


11/18 Thu.


13:30-14:30 科技新創Pitch • 科技創投
14:30-15:30 1對1交流


Echo Stage
✅安永聯合會計師事務所 審計服務部 執業會計師 張正道


15:30-16:30 如何與投資人談投資協議
✅中華創業育成協會 秘書長 賴荃賢
16:30-17:30 新創募資準備 / 天使投資助力新創成長
✅安永聯合會計師事務所 財務會計諮詢服務負責人 陳智忠
✅AVA天使投資平台 執行長 方俊傑

11/19 Fri.


13:30-14:30 生技新創Pitch • 生技創投
14:30-15:30 1對1交流

11/20 Sat.


Tomorrow Stage
09:30-10:10 致歡迎詞&企業融資與籌資規劃
✅安永聯合會計師事務所 審計服務部 副營運長 林素雯
10:10-10:40 善用政府多元資金管道
✅中華創業育成協會 秘書長 賴荃賢
10:40-11:10 創新企業邁向資本市場策略
✅證券櫃檯買賣中心 新創發展部 經理 陳麗清
11:10-11:30 亮點企業分享
✅知識科技股份有限公司 董事長 任正偉



歡迎新創企業朋友在活動三天隨時到安永價值共創館交流, 關於公司財務、帳務、稅務、募資等議題歡迎至服務臺預約, 將安排專人與您一對一交流。



Business Incubation Center, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

The Business Incubator Center at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) was established in 1998. It is designed to help the economy revive through innovative business and technological developments. The purpose of the BIC at NTUST is to offer facilities and services to help entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses developing advanced technologies and new business bases. Hopefully, with all these efforts, economic development in Taiwan will move into a higher level.


Magenergy Corp.

Magnergy co. majors in producing and developing Lithium iron phosphate battery, and now its products include LFP cell, vehicle & motorcycle starting battery, energy storage model, energy storage equipment, uninterruptible power system and generator. With the help of core technology, Magnergy took the lead on developing LFP battery in 2020 which is proved to be safe and eco-friendly for vehicle starting. Its performance is as good as traditional Lead-acid battery, but its effectivity and service life its twice as much of the latter. Furthermore, Magnergy’s products is successively certified (CNS) and send for inspection. Magnergy targets on Electric car market and hopes to be a new power in the battery industry.


KiWi New Energy

KiWi New Energy is the global first green subscription service platform for the future global energy market. Our A+ team has an average 15 years of rich experiences in renewable energy, AI, Fintech backgrounds from Silicon Valley, Singapore, India, and HK etc. With our unparalleled and patent pending AI plus energy blockchain core technology, which is successfully accredited by the International REC Standard, KiWi is the only green energy ecosystem in Taiwan that can provide exclusive home and commercial use at the same time. With the green electricity subscription service, now, many people can directly buy certified and affordable 100% clean energy with just one click, and track their own real-time energy consumption via KiWi’s App that offers exclusive smart AI green energy management services for future KiWi signup VIP members.



mTERRACE was founded in 2017 by accountant, project manager, and database manager who have served in the industry for dozens of years. We find that the entrepreneurs and successors encounter difficulties in Industry 4.0, so we decide to provide some helpful tools. mTERRACE can provide effective AIOT solutions for customers on their ways to Industry 4.0, including the mobile Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and the integration of the ITRI Smart Machine Box(SMB) solution . Regardless of smart industry or smart farming, we are committed to providing equipments and on-site information to operators and decision-makers with a user friendly interface.

Light Work 瑞光創新育成中心

Light Work Innovation Incubation Center

Light Work is an office space established by Hua Nan Assets Management Company with the collaboration of Taipei Tech Innovation and Incubation Center to cultivate startups. We are situated in Neihu Science Park, adjacent to the nearby Gangqian Station. Light Work opened in 2020. We offer high-quality office environment and executive secretary service. We also hold diversity of activities, like startup workshop and startup demo day, to increase the exchange of different startups. You can enjoy all resources at Light Work.


WiFigarden Inc.

Global One-Stop Smart Business Platform ULTRON is the AIoT ecosystem created by WiFigarden Inc. It helps hardware manufacturers accelerate their development process of IoT devices by providing them Ultron IoT modules. While stacking up multiple hardware partners, they also invite various service providers, system integrators, and domain knowledge experts to develop a well-functioning AIoT environment. Furthermore, ULTRON provides a platform that is able to support real-time collection, process, analysis, and visualization of data from various IoT devices, which can build up plenty of IoT application scenes and diversified value-added operating model by further developing into the basic big data analysis and AI Machine Learning. Realize the traffic monetization and scale the business by providing the third-party system, such as Ultron ONE, to integrate with various API and enterprise IoT solutions.


M1 Marketing Inc.

SOOCKER, a social commerce make, aims at providing a turnkey solution for ecommerce or retail brands. SOOCKER worked together with LINE Shopping/Travel in July 2020 to launch LINE affiliates relationship management platform, followed by the partnership with Momentum to reveal O2Gether sports professional affiliates portal in July 2021. SOOCKER supports brands to deploy social commerce in a better and efficient manner to empower creators or retail sales representatives to increase online awareness and revenue for brands.



Altr@Net is a cooperation platform in the industry, integrating various suppliers’ resources with a data-driven marketing process. Through sufficient network resources and service from global partners, we provide more precise and short-chain solutions to customers. As an important bridge between demand and supply, Altr@Net makes strategic plans according to data insights, looking forward to creating more quality products for customers and doing its best for a sustainable society.


Legend Innovation Inc.

Legend Innovation Inc.(LII) was a professional early-stage investment and incubator firm that began business in Taiwan in December 2020. LII focused on pursuing NEW market demand and scouting the best solution to fit the enormous need. Hence we invest and assist the right start-up teams or SMBs in penetrating the new market and building up a robust revenue model as the value proposition of LII. So far, LII has invested in three Taiwan start-ups as occupied domain fields like AI NLP, Semiconductor inspection solution, and AIoT service. LII wishes to be a platform to assist tech start-ups and SMBs going to IPO.


We Heal Biotechnology Co.

WeHeal Biotechnology Co. focused on the development of AIOT medical devices. The first TFDA approved (class II) medical device, TS200, is the first 4 in 1 medical device, including transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, electrical muscle simulation, bioelectrical impedance analysis, galvanic skin response. Through the APP developed by experienced doctors, it can effectively reduce soreness, relax tight muscles, and promote blood circulation.


FullyInfo Online Co., Ltd.

“MediCALL” makes chronic patients live better! As our pharmacist will deliver the chronic medication to door in person, “MediCALL” continuously relieve inconvenience for people who has to routinely collect the medicine with long distance. To improve the medicine collecting procedure in Taiwan, “MediCALL” uses the friendliest way to solve the problem. Only 3 steps: 1st, join “MediCALL” official LINE@ community, 2nd, upload prescription photos, 3rd, fill in the delivery information. Then our platform will pair the appropriate community pharmacist to assist people with medicine dispense and drug delivery. In post-covid-19 era, “MediCALL” has strong mission to improve the drug collecting procedure with more convenient and secure way. Not only offer friendlier medicine collecting procedure, but also improve Taiwan elderly’s medication environment. As MediCALL’s main thought, Care with Sincerity and Innovation with Sanity.


Long-Yi Biomedical Technology Ltd. Co.

Atmosphere pressure low temperature plasma (ALTP) has been applied in bio-medical research for several years. Due to the technological limitation, it also restricts the application of plasma. There are three de-novel break-through technology created by our company. ALTP could be applied to clean and sterilization the wound surface by non-contact mode which will reduce pain from the patient. The advantage of ALTP is to reduce the usage of anti-biotic drugs on the wound also prevent and kill the super-bac. Chronic wound, such as pressure sore or DM wound, also is our application target.