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CX-02 / digiBlock C Pavilion

digiBlock C數位創新主題專區


digiBlock C which is an innovative site plays role on providing the technical and experimentational support from Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs; mainly focus on giving impetus to digital content, fun-tech and IoT- related industries.




x10 technologies Inc.

Retina CAVE

x10 technologies Inc. helps clients create impactful and successful XR applications such as virtual skill training and product/process digital twins. Our MR CAVE solution provides headset-free mixed reality experience that requires little to none human assistance during training and exhibition.



Uniigym Co.,Ltd.

Uniicell Online Interative Fitness Service

Uniigym provides an online and offline virtual Interactive Fitness service based on AI algorithm and cloud computing, which provides our users to experience entertaining, interactive, and gamify online fitness program at anywhere and anytime without paying additional hardware cost. Up to date, Uniigym generated more than 1700+ original fitness training courses with many professional trainers and athletes in different types of sports.





Gamtropy is a Taiwan-based indie game development team established in 2017. We focus on making games that reflect social cultures and trending topics, and we hope that our games will resonate with players in their daily lives.



Creative Games & Computer Graphics Corporation

The Legend of Tianding

C.G.C.G. focus on the research and production of games based on interactive media technologies. Our storytelling and groundbreaking technologies deliver ultra connected experiences and enjoyment for players. They are also valuable for preserving, promoting, educating, and sharing histories between past and future generations.