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CX-10 / Kaohsiung Startup Pavilion



The Youth Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government is committed to implementing youth policies, providing startup subsidies, loans for young entrepreneurs, business development consultancy services, training courses, and marketing platforms. Our goal is to establish thorough innovation and entrepreneurship network in Kaohsiung and help startups in their global expansion. In 2021 Meet Taipei Startup Festival, 12 outstanding Kaohsiung startups, covering the fields of VR games, biotechnology and medical care, agricultural technology, digital platforms, and IoTs, will present their technological interactive products at Kaohsiung Startup Pavilion. Visitors can come and experience the creativity and vitality of Kaohsiung.




Asia One Medical Consulting Co. Ltd.

Assist medical technology manufacturers in product operation package and sales.

Asia One Medical Consulting Co. Ltd. is committed to providing top-level and advanced management services in the medical and healthcare industries. By adopting the medical center and medical holding structure management models, we assist medical startups and small and medium sized health businesses to make internal adjustments, establish external connections, and invest resources to improve operational management. Asia One Medical Consulting Co. Ltd. has a professional team that can provide clients with operational improvement suggestions through medium and long-term consultancy services, offer tailor-made solutions, and promote digital transformation in hospitals.



King Kit Technology Ltd.

smart agriculture system model

King Kit Technology integrated technology include hardware, software, firmware, and cloud, we've been working hard on the IoT education for a long time. In view of the hope that IoT education can be developed in actual field, we started long-term cooperation with Taoyuan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station to develop, produce and improve smart agricultural systems.



Eriel Food Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Eriel- Collagen Xiao Long Bao/Collagen Gelato

Eriel Food Biotechnology Company was founded in 2020 with the goal of making the foods we eat safer and friendlier to all social and ethnic groups. Since the launch of the company, Eriel has partnered with the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology to research fish collagen hydrolysate extraction to create delicious dumplings and our innovative “fish collagen”ice cream that is both healthy and good for skin rejuvenation.




X’LIFE Polyphenol 、X’LIFE ENZYME KING、X’LIFE Polyphenol & Glucosamine 、Polyphenol Essence Tablet

X'life technology is from Germany. This patented German probiotics fermenting technology is strictly studied for further development and enhancement under supervision of renowned Taiwan biotechnology researchers,in order to boost this technology to a worldwide platform.




Taiwan Monster Fruit

WOWWOW TECHNOLOGY CO. experts in original game content regarding IoT / XR / Nintendo Switch. Creating interdisciplinary game experience for clients as a solution for practical application. Making technology more interesting with a game theme package and bring enterprise brands in the spotlight and looking forward to continually making products that amazed people and let them make the sound of WOW. We create game about the Intellectual Property of Taiwan and accelerate the cultural industry trends to the knowledge economy and cultural and creative industries combination of culture, creativity, and industry to bring development to become Intellectual Property of Taiwan's future development and transformation of the opportunity.



PrecismAb Biotech, Co., Ltd

Universal antibody lock can enhance the disease selectivity and safety of antibody drugs

PrecisemAb Biotech Co., Ltd:PrecisemAb is established in October, 2021 and led by Chair professor of Kaohsiung Medical University, Tian-Lu Cheng. Our disease-specific technology, Universal Antibody Lock Platform, can enhance antibody’s selectivity toward disease and thus prevent antibody drugs from causing systemic neutralization and on-target side effects. PrecisemAb is now looking for co-developing and licensing opportunity with pharmaceutical companies and make patients have safer treatment options. In 2022, besides completing on-going projects, PrecisemAb will also start the funding plan for talents recruitment and in-house Lock-antibody drug development.



lighting speed co,. ltd.

7CPlay, Gamer-Matching

The Fun of Game Lies In Sharing. The Spirit of Game Lies In Cooperation! The Fun of Game Lies In Sharing. The Spirit of Game Lies In Cooperation! 7CPlay is a group of full-end professional teams full of enthusiasm of Generation. In 2019, through our creativity and practice, we keep providing players with multiple solutions for online co-playing by matchmaking, which will impress players with an unprecedented interactive entertainment experience. Feel the beautiful and unforgettable memories again and again.



Health Anywhere

iBalance System

We provide gamified and fun equipment and services to help customers create exclusive smart spaces!



Biological Sensing System Co., Ltd.

Smart Biological Sensing System --integrate physiological sensing systems to various application fields

BSS focuses on the research and development of non-contact sensor hardware and software. Our product "Biological Sensing System" combines radar and various sensors to integrate the advantages of various algorithms. We fully develop the algorithm foundation independently and achieve the application in different fields. According to customers' needs, we can integrate AI algorithms to process big data statistics and forecasts. For the design of system components, heartbeat, respiration, and small movements can be sensed in a non-contact manner. Our product can be applied to wireless remote home security care, physiological data monitoring, and various posture detection.



InSynerger Technology Co., Ltd.

Motor monitoring, Wireless temperature monitoring, In-Factory, In-Park

We provide one-stop-sevice with our InSynerger AIoT Platform by conducting over 500 network connection device and over 15 solutions combined with high performance on cloud application platform, and conduct data analysis to assist our customer to save energy and progress the efficiency and product in factory intellectualization.



AdvMeds Co. Ltd

mPHR Smart health care total solution

AdvMeds is the leading provider of Health IT solution. Through cloud, mobile , social network, and big data, we guide our partner to delivery better health care service. We’re working collaboratively across the health system to bring the gap between productivity, transparency and accountability, and assist our partners to improve care delivery, quality and cost-effectiveness not only by health IT hardware/software solutions but also with capacity build for long-term stand along ability. Funded by hospitals and International NGO partners, AdvMeds is headquartered in Taiwan and supports customers who spread across 14 countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and South East Asia (SEA), China, etc. Building on over 20 years of experiences in health IT field, we believe we can be your trustworthy partner.



Bridge HQ INC.

"1. MEP voiceprint recognition system 2. AI TUTOR"

We are user oriented and begin with the end in mind. Bridge provides a voiceprint recognition system that captures user profile in 90s. Organizations can gain insights and influence through the user profile. Customer journey will be developed more completely by a top-down approach which oriented by users “motivation”.