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EP-01 / KPMG Startups & Innovation Pavilion

KPMG 創新與新創專館


KPMG is committed to create the most complete startup ecosystem.
We participate in all-aspect startup ecological community.
KPMG observes the current entrepreneurship trend and discovers the resources needed by startups. In addition to professional counseling in accounting, taxation, and law, startup teams need resources from overseas markets, management, and corporate connections. Therefore, we integrate the following service teams of KPMG to participate this event:
1️⃣ Startups & Innovation
2️⃣ Digital Village
3️⃣ Healthcare
4️⃣ Technology, Media & Telecommunications
6️⃣ Climate Change and Sustainability,Social Enterprise Service
We are willing to provide comprehensive assistance to Taiwanese enterprises and startups through various channels and combining diverse industrial resources of KPMG.

【Professional Consultation Appointment】
🔥11.20 (Sat.) 13:30-14:30、15:00-16:00🔥
✅【For】Startups or Enterprise Managers
✅【Event Description】KPMG Startups & Innovation service team provides professional consulting experience, assisting startups to connect all resources, and supports entrepreneurs grasp the market pulse in advance. This time in Meet Taipei, we offer one to one consultation appointment for startups and enterprises, looking forward to assisting corporate managers, heads of new business development departments, and startups to resolve your business issues.
✅【How to apply】Register first within limited offers. We will contact you after successfully registered. If there are multiple appointments at the same time slot, it will be arranged in the order of registration.
✅【Registration Link】 https://forms.office.com/r/jxMVhU23pZ


11/18 Thu.

11:00-11:01 Opening

11:03-11:15 【Startups Introduction】
Infuse AI COO Liang-Bing Hsueh

11:15-11:27 【Startups Introduction】
TMYTEK Founder Su-Wei Chang

11:27-11:39 【Startups Introduction】
Cancerfree Biotech Founder Pohan Chen

11:40-12:00 【Panel Discussion】
Host: KPMG Co-head of Startups & Innovation Heidi Huang
Guest: Infuse AI COO Liang-Bing Hsueh、TMYTEK Founder Su-Wei Chang、Cancerfree Biotech Founder Pohan Chen

13:30-13:31 Opening

13:31-14:01 【CoLAB Customer-Centered Experience Innovation】
Taiwan Cooperative Bank

14:01-14:31 【Customer-Centered Digital Transformation】

15:00-16:00 【Meet and Match】
Corperate and Startup connect

11/19 Fri.

10:30-10:31 Opening

10:31-10:51 【Biomedical Innovation and Acceleration Strategies in the Post-Epidemic Era】
TMU Biomed Accelerator DCEO Sharon Yi

10:51-11:11 【Perspectives on Medical Technology Investment in the Post-Epidemic Era】
ForMED Venture Managing Director Simon Su

11:11-11:31 【Insights of Medical Technology Investment】
Taiwania Capital Biotechnology Corporation Principal Evan Lin

11:31-12:00 【Panel Discussion】
Host: KPMG Partner Sinney Kuo
Guest: TMU Biomed Accelerator DCEO Sharon Yi、ForMED Venture Managing Director Simon Su、Taiwania Capital Biotechnology Corporation Principal Evan Lin

13:30-13:31 Opening

13:31-14:01 【The Mentality of Transnational Business Negotiation】
KPMG Law Firm Executive Consultant Lawrence Ong

14:01-14:06 QA

14:06-14:36 【SPAC Trend and Observation】
KPMG Deal Advisory Associate Director Susan Chang

14: 36-14: 41 QA

14:41-15:11 【How Startups Cooperate with CVC: Starting from the International Trend】
KPMG Director Sonia Sun

15:11-15: 16 QA

11/20 Sat.

10:00-11:00 【Panel Discussion:How do social Entrepreneurs Develop New Business Model】
Host:Managing Director of KPMG Sustainability Consulting Co., Ltd Niven Huang
Guest:Circular Economy, Health Care & Real Estate Representative Social Enterprises

13:30-14:30 Enterprise Consultation Section 1
Register first: 30mins each

15:00-16:00 Enterprise Consultation Section 2
Register first: 30mins each