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CX-01 / SMEA Creat Future Pavillion

經濟部中小企業處 共創未來主題專區


Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs (SMEA) dedicated to foster the small and medium enterprise ecosystem by connecting enterprises, startups, and incubation systems to co-create a bright future. The exhibition focuses on the spirit of co-creating. With three major themes of creating business opportunities, creating the ecosystem, and creating the international connection, it demonstrates the endeavor of SMEA to generate business collaboration, build the ecosystem, and develop international market in order to accelerate growth. SMEA sincerely welcomes you to visit the exhibition to connect with all exhibitors who are devoted in related plans, resources, and businesses to collaborate future opportunities.





G Camp - Growing, Global, Go! The driving force behind startups' progression and advancement towards the international stage “G Camp” is a new ecosystem training brand in Taiwan, guided by the SMEA of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and executed by the Institute for Information Industry(III) and collaboration of well-known accelerators and corporates at home and abroad. The program aims to integrate the power from industry, government, and research to provide an environment for growth and international acceleration for Taiwan's startups. So far, G Camp has handled 72 domestic startups training in 4 years. It has also led entrepreneurs to Austin, the United States, Fukuoka, Japan, and Helsinki, Finland to participate in exhibitions and entrepreneurial activities, and facilitated overseas industrial exchanges to help startups successfully connect with local businesses and distributors, creating more than tens of millions of New Taiwan Dollars in business opportunities. We welcome exceptional entrepreneurs to join us in Growing, Global, Go!



Project of Taiwan startup collaboration and development

The Taiwan Entrepreneurship Collaboration and Development Program focuses on new ventures within five years of establishment through the provision of services ranging from guidance by experienced mentors, entrepreneurship awards, cross-regional exchange activities, as well as funding connection and networking to facilitate the development of such ventures and accelerate their expansion.



TAcc+ (Taiwan Accelerator Plus)

Taiwan Accelerator Plus (TAcc+), a full spectrum of customer driven acceleration programs focusing on IoT and healthcare. The uniquely designed program is sponsored by Taiwan government with the objective of elevating Taiwan startups’ competitiveness by providing end-to-end entrepreneurial infrastructure specially designed for Taiwan startups.



Project for Development of Incubator Institutions

1.Project for Development of Incubator Institution: Through subsidizing the incubation industry and creating a new incubation ecosystem, “Project for Development of Incubator Institution”, enabling the commercialization of R&D results to lead to the creation of new businesses, utilizing collective resources to prompt the upgrade and transformation of local industries, and linking to international market and investment, drives to create a robust environment and a new development for innovative Taiwan. 2.Local Youth Entrepreneurs Incubator Program: “Local Youth Entrepreneurs Incubator Program” is to establish an incubation and counseling mechanism that supports local young people. Through direct connections with the local young entrepreneur community, training courses, the service of mentorship and consultation, and lower barriers to entrepreneurship are provided to local young people. This enables to bridge young entrepreneurs and local industries, and to introduce local products into the market. It is hoped that cultivating local youth power creates a prospective future.



Health League

1. Waiting Room TV , 2. DigiMed

Health League is committed to becoming the leader of the global "digital health media", providing knowledge-as-a-service with our all-round solutions including the Waiting Room TV for medical facilities, chair side web-based medical AI consultant, and medical brand advertising. Health League is primed to transform doctor-patient communication process.



Reborn Academy

Design thinking workshop , UI/UX design online course

The first platform focusing on UI/UX design education, with international designer tutor teams and systematic courses. Through live broadcasts, workshops, campus lectures, one-on-one consultations, corporate internal training, lecture workshops, etc., to help students learn to zero dead ends and change jobs to ideal designers.



dp smart technology co., ltd.

Rogy 360° 6-lens Panoramic Live Streaming Camera

dp smart, founded by a team with 20 years of experience and passion in the camera industry, is a Taiwanese company that focuses on research and development design and manufacturing. Starting with Panoramic 360 products, dp smart launched the first product Rogy360 6-lens Panoramic Live Streaming Camera and is dedicated to becoming a global brand.




TransAct's CSR Practical Business Model Strategy.

Providing enterprise consulting services including CSR, Tax law, IT, global marketing, and employee training. Setting short-term, mid-term, and long-term strategies for enterprises to become sustainable. TransAct aim to create more collaboration opportunities for the country and small and medium enterprise.



BlueBeard Studio

iTemp, Ultimate Smart Mug&Bowl

The BlueBeard Studio focuses on the development of a variety of next-generation IoT products and solutions, and with our first product, iTemp, we give you smart phone connectivity to our multiple smart containers— iTemp, the ultimate all-in-one Smart Mug and Bowl. Having trouble finding a perfect boundary between life and work, especially in a WFH situation? No more worries, because with BlueBeard Studio, life’s just so much better with a little bit of warmth.



Imgoodie Co., Ltd

Goodie - Discover hand-picked recommendations from friends & folks like you.

At Imgoodie, our mission is to connect people with something that will make their day better and get the most out of their leisure time. we cherish leisure time as much as you do! We are revolutionizing how people get recommendations with innovative technology. Feel free to come talk to us.



Eve Ltd. Corp

LÉVIK Miracle SPA machine ,People Person Oil Roll-on, Good Luck Oil Roll-on , Good Romance Oil Roll-on

Our company was founded in 2020. We mainly focused on beauty -tech devices and enhance its performance with A.I. technologies. We provide a smart way to anti-aging and to keep youthful appearance for everyone.



Lynaza eDiscovery

Lynaza, an AI-driven data tagging and classification service based in Taiwan, focuses on corporate data solutions.

Lynaza, an AI-driven data tagging and classification service based in Taiwan. Lynaza eDiscovery focuses on marketing their solutions to corporations that focus on internal data classification, knowledge-based database management and ESG practices. They are of the belief that the integration of data digitisation in the workplace is the best way to ensure ESG responsibility.



Mckay Polymerics Co.Ltd

New type of multi-element recycled plastic pellets(such as PS/PP/PE, etc.)/Multifunction food container

Mckay Polymerics Co.Ltd has excellent continuous innovation and research and development capabilities, we have a doctoral leadership research and development team, Research and development of related products and domestic and foreign factories have been a long time of cooperation and use, with a high degree of competitiveness, uniqueness and diversity, the future will continue to strive to develop a wealth of innovative plastics and other diversified new materials.



Media.app Co., Ltd.

The one-stop service for entire NFT ecosystem

Media.app comes from the engineering and financial industries have more than 10 years experience in the block-chain industry, including quantitative trading, lending agreements and system development.




Portable water purifier, hollow fiber filter membrane, solar water desalination

Mbranfiltra is dedicated to the research and development of various membrane materials. The research team is composed of Ph.D., ensuring a solid foundation in scientific theories. Our exclusive NTV-IPS process to form asymmetrical porous structures to customize a reliable portfolio of microfiltration membranes ex, hydrophilic PES. Our PES hollow fiber membrane is an industry-leading product that is unique in its ability to block out bacteria, microplastics. Mbranfiltra lets you discover the unknown without fear.



UniGreenTek Co., LTD.

GREENu Wood- Polymer functional fiber wood

“Plasticity Reduction,Carbon Reduction" is the mission of Unigreen. We combine traditional industry and polymer technology to transform recycled plastics into polymer materials, offering companies and consumers a new and more environmentally friendly option for technological wood species.




POOPOU, Clean pet potty in 3 seconds

Shenli International is a product design and developmentcompany, using a whole new concept to clean up waste in just 3 seconds, nowater or power needed. Shenli is applying for invention, utility model, and 40more patents around the world. Our first product is the POOPOUT pet potty. Inthe future, we will enter the long-term care industry; also be used as medicalexamination carriers, to help forestation, and public health conditions. A fast andlow-cost way to improve areas that lack water supplies and sewer systems, enhancingthe quality of life.




Smart kitchen e+Purify

YZTEK CO.,LTD. was established in 2018. World’s first plug-in Auto-Off gas stove device was invented. It is a startup company with great development potential. YZTEK improves rapidly within two years has entered overseas market and has developed all-round kitchen safety system device. Now, YZTEK is moving towards to create a healthy and safe smart kitchen system.




Wattle-the world's first personalized water bottle

We committed to streamlining daily necessities, advocating environmental protection is based on sustainable use, keep texture and environmental protection to create an innovative brand of daily necessities.



Qbi Globe INC.

Qbi Magnetic Cubes

Qbi believes that toys can inspire imagination, creativity and varieties of interaction. Qbi has been committed to innovate and produce best-quality toys that help to build a cordial bond of love between parents and children.



JelloX Biotech Inc

3D Digital Pathology Imaging and AI Auxiliary Diagonosis Platform+D4:F4

JelloX focus on development and application of next generation pathology technology to fulfill need of precision diagnosis. Our novel data analysis system can facilitate doctors to understand all landscape of tumor tissue.



AllBio Life, Inc.

NGS-16s sequencing and analysis;microbiota detect

AllBio has long been committed to scientific research, with special expertise in gene synthesis, customized antibodies, and next-generation gene sequencing. Upholding this foundation, we provide precision medical services such as genetic testing, microbiota testing, etc., and establish a medical order code for testing in the medical institutions. In addition, we also provide corresponding solutions after testing.



DAXIN Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Smart healthcare system-Daxin automatic toileting device

Daxin biotechnology is a start-up company devoted to excrement treatment solution comprehensively. In the field of long-term care and medical, intending to solve the pain points of excrement treatment with innovative technology care method. And enhancing the quality of long-term care for caregiver and care recipient.



B.D. Mobile

BDMobile AI Platform

Established in 2014, B.D Mobile specializes in the commercialization of technologies related to smart healthcare, medical Al, and medical products.



Data Yoo Application Co.,Ltd.

SEEDSTEM Data Market

DATAYOO's goal is to use data science to bring real industrial transformation, and to make agriculture a competitive technology agriculture. We analyze and predict the future change of harvest time, price, and quantity. Then We present to customers with visual charts to stabilize farmers; income and reduce the risk of buyers. We are looking forward to the day when data science can truly change the agricultural industry and build a positive cycle of managing patterns.



iAuto Technology Co., Ltd.

Intelligent vehicle AI platform and back-end monitoring system

iAuto Technology Co., Ltd., the name of iAuto contains the dual meanings of intelligent Automobile and Automation, marking the company's core technology and product development direction. iAuto takes "safe and reliable mobile platform, easy-to-use operation interface, fast and comfortable motion control, and self-driving into life" as the company's development vision, and "provides self-driving vehicle management solutions" as the company's development mission.



lLong-Shun Green Energy Technology Ltd.

1.Solid Recovered Fuel, SRF , 2.Steam and electricity

Long-Shun Green Energy Technology Ltd aims to remove waste textiles and mixed waste plastics that are blocked by pipelines. Through the independent research and development of patented technology, they are transformed into energy-worthy and cleaner fuel rod products, which are used to replace traditional fossil fuels.




3D Printing Dental Materials

Enlighten Materials was founded in 2017. Our people, including chemical engineer, dental technicians, dentists and university professor, are experts in 3D printing. Our goal is to provide world-class 3D printing materials, and lower the barriers for dentists and other industry to enter the 3D printing world.