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Startup Style


5G.5G / Cloud Solution


Arctos System/ An interactive communication system builds for Business.

iHH Co., Ltd.

Integrating distributed network, P2P encrypted transmission technology and self-developed achievements, with communication functions including device and file management in the cloud system. Arctos provides corporates the video communication ability to deal with interactive commerce remotely. Now, Arctos solution is serving financial customers majorly. The core engine of Arctos solution is packed into the SDK for IoT suppliers to embed in to provide secure, low-cost video interaction functions.


Cloud HR Management System

NUEiP Technology Co., Ltd.

Based on the belief of “human-oriented”, NuEIP Technology not only continues to innovate but focus on user experience as well. NuEIP system integrates various third-party platforms included Line, Wechat and Google to provide a most complete and more efficient “Cloud HR Management System”. By reducing the time required for administrative work, companies can focus on their core value businesses. NuEIP Technology also aims to be the "Top one cloud-based HR system" in Taiwan to lead all enterprises to reach the goal of "Management based on Cloud & Cloud system based on Smart Tech."

AI.AI & Data Intelligence


PrimeHub MLOps Platform


PrimeHub is an open source MLOps platform to streamline the end-to-end ML workflow, including data gathering, data labeling, model training, model management, and model deployment.

Asiabots Limited

A.I. Agent

Asiabots Limited

Voicebot could handle phone enquiries and categorize the users. It could automatically handle the enquiries with pre-trained answers. Leverage the power of A.I., such as ASR, TTS and A.I. Call system, Voicebot could handle inbound and outbound calls. A.I. Ambassador is an onsite customer service agent, with Virtual Character and humanlike voice, create a brand-new Human-Computer Interaction that could help answering users’ questions, form filling and etc.


HOMEE Home Furnishings / Machi Matching SaaS App

RICH Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

HOMEE Home has more than 200 partner supply plants and builds DeLAB. Design Lab and WeCook Dining Experience. Years of investment in space awareness technology has become the first person in the field of home space configuration combined with AI, XR extension reality applications, to achieve the use of mobile phone rapid scanning can quickly arrange space and shopping SAAS system and global market layout.



BlockChain Sign

BlockChain Security Corp.

Blockchain Sign is a one-stop platform helping businesses with online document signing and auditing contracts. Users are allowed to sign on-screen using online web addition as well as mobile app, helping organizations save significant time handling complicate paper printing, signing and scanning process. The platform provides end-to-end document signing, biometric authentication, permanent preservation on blockchain. Together, these features make signing process more efficient by making use of cryptographic encryption, face recognition, two-factor authentication and blockchain technology.


Automated SaaS Crypto-Trading Platform


Crypto-Arsenal creates a cloud-based automated crypto-trading platform for developers to develop, backtest, simulate, execute and monetize quantitative trading strategies, and for traders to adopt verified strategies for live-trading with Split-As-You-Profit Model.


ITM BNS : Trusted data for everyone, everywhere and anytime

International Trust Machines Corporation

"Blockchain Notary Service The easiest way to connect your application or data to Ethererum at zero cost, for efficiency and trust"


Infrastructure of blockchain_Ethereum Miner

Block City Co., Ltd.

"2021 all new water cooling ethereum miner. Miners are important infrastructure of blockchain for maintain and verify. And add in AI training programming. Water cooling ethereum miner is also a silent heater at the same time. Miner Source ethereum miner is your first choice. - May the Hashrate be with you. -"

CI.Connecting Device & IoT


Vacancy Information technology


"To identify the availability of the room, VACAN uses the magnet sensor to detect if the door is open or not, and the infrared sensor to detect the movement. The vacancy information is uploaded to the cloud via our gateway, and displays to the user's phone, PC, and signage after data processing by VACAN. VACAN uses the sensor to detect if the toilet stall is in use or not, when a user is using the stall, our system calculates the user usage time and the vacancy information of all stalls. After digesting the data, it displays on the tablet which is installed on the wall inside the stall, let the user see the usage time and the congestion status of the stalls, to remind the user not to use for a long time."


My Mind


My Mind is a SaaS ERP platform that’s made for eCommerce business that has multi-channel operations. It offers a one-stop solution with functions like merchandise management, Inventory management, and order fulfillment operations. It also provides a dashboard that quickly turn your operation data into business insight. The platform has helped businesses improve operation efficiency by up to 50% and saving cost up to 6%. The platform is perfect for eCommerce sellers who is selling or will be entering multi-channel operations in channels like Shopee, Momo, Yahoo and PChome etc. My Mind also provides hassle free migration that allows you truly digitalize your eCommerce business with ease.


smart helmet/smart detector/smart current sensor

Beeinventor Limited

IoT for smart construction




"There are many accessories in cycling sports, such as headlights, rear warning lights, cadence devices... etc. The variety of accessories increases the burden of carrying. In addition, if you need to eat or go to the toilet when riding alone, most of the bicycles need to be parked outside the store, which increases the risk of theft or reversing. Through Jiale Design, you do not need to carry a variety of bike accessories, so that you can rest assured to go to the toilet and eat, and also to get riding efficiency information to improve driving safety by ""smart rear warning light""!"

D.Digital Content


First AI weather anchor


An AI Multilingual Online Video Maker


ballettocat free IP licensing activity


Crackers Cartoon Studio provides up to 100 cute patterns of Balletto Cats which including various actions and expressions with different backgrounds of six cute kittens. We are authorizing to the companies, which can be used by authorized parties during the period to enrich your brand images and products.


CrossOver -Creator Accelerator


CrossOver is an Creators Accelerator . We design a training system and using subscription model help creators to grow .We build creators communities , assist in knowledge output, link media resources, share profits .Creators can share their opinion and get the reward to pursue their ideal life.


Swipe - Online Dance Classes

Swipecool Inc.

Swipe - Online Dance Classes is the next generation of learning. We make everyone cool and more confident. “Breakthrough to Infinity, and Free beyond.” Swipe provides you with more dance classes and continuously add more functions in the app.



First in ClaaS: Claims as a Service Platform


As the first “Claims as a Service” company, Proxifile combines deep legal expertise with innovative technology to level the playing field for companies from around the world (including Taiwan) to get paid when one of their customers or suppliers encounters financial distress, such as bankruptcy. By automating compliance and transparency, Proxifile revolutionizes the way claims are handled. Proxifile was created to help people and businesses recover what they are owed, and to help the average person navigate these complicated processes with the push of a button. With deep experience in law, finance, and technology, the Proxifile team is committed to developing a suite of products and services that put compliance, accountability, and accessibility at the forefront of claims processes.


iEstate P2P Lending Platform


iEstate is a P2P lending platform that focuses on solving the needs of real estate, and cooperates with the blockchain Turing certificate, so that all legal documents can be deposited on the chain. iEstate Cooperate with banks and third-party payment companies in cash flow, and cooperate with a professional case review team to create P2P value!



Data Empowers Marketing - Understand Your Consumer Group Better Through Data

Master Concept (Master Concept Technology SDN. BHD. Taiwan Branch)

As the exclusive partner of Semrush and Mixpanel in Taiwan, Master Concept aims to use "Data" to empower companies, and create customized marketing experiences by cohorting audiences and customers into groups. Semrush is a leading online visibility management platform that analyzes competitors’ marketing activities to plan efficient SEO/paid advertising/community strategies to increase the traffic of its own website. Mixpanel is a world-class user behavior tracking tool, by understanding users' behaviors in the website/APP, companies can cohort them into groups to push customized notifications, and optimize the website experience based on key metrics to increase conversion rate.



Higher Cloud Technology Co., Ltd

Leverage cloud services for developing potential market.; Leverage CDN to distribute different types of multimedia content.; Leverage high-tech cleaning center's against diverse TBPS DDoS attacks.; Leverage leased lines and exclusive techniques to improve the availability.

IN.Innovation New Business


Surprise Craft / Musical series


letsgo_theatre / Art self-media


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

IsCoolLab Co., Ltd.

IsCoolLab develops a unique and patented computer vision-based RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software solution for industry. Our solution can relieve your valuable human resources from tedious, repetitive, and monotonous works on machine tool apps and office apps, collect machine tool data for industry 4.0, and link the data among legacy/heterogeneous/3rdparty/cross-platformed software apps in a blink. The exceptional solution provides codeless environment to significantly cut the cost and efforts from conventional software development and speed up the embracement of industry 4.0.



Alion IT CO., LTD

Pursue innovative R&D technology, provide comprehensive cloud system development services, and develop innovative cloud systems and service tools. At present, the most important business is the shopping experience of visiting Japan and the development of local creation in Japan.


Global Sport platform


MeetAgile is an established leader in sports platform and sports digital marketing, We aim to transform the way businesses, game organizers and sports marketing interact with fans and athletes around the world.


Let's discuss with your business needs!


11th Fleet is a consulting agency that helps entrepreneurs think and operate globally. We operate across the US, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan. Our global operations mean we're always up to date on developments in these fast changing markets - offering the best guidance for any unique situation. ​​11th Fleet’s mission is to help companies and entrepreneurs do business globally more seamlessly.


CXC - Content x Creator

Revecon Co., ltd.

Newly built in 2021 (closed beta in October/launched in November), an e-commerce platform designed for digital content and image creators. It provides various charging mechanisms such as sales, lease, subscription, and jitter, so that image creators can monetize traffic, and then have more resources to take the road of creation.

MC.Martech & Commerce


RE-Red Envelope, the best cashback app ever!

RE Co., Ltd.

RE-Red Envelope, the best cashback app ever! Consumers do not need to set a credit card, and after paying in any way, log in the consumption amount in the RE-Red Envelope APP to enjoy up to 100% cash back. There is no time limit for the use of cash back, no upper limit for discounted consumption, and it can be used across industries, platforms, payments, and international markets. RE build the most united store alliance, integrate stores from all walks of life, and share customers and business with each other. The unique patented two-way feedback mechanism allows the store’s customers to go to other alliance stores to also bring advertising revenue, helping the store increase non-business income.


Dable Native Ad & Content Discovery Platform

Dable Inc.

Dable analyzes the interests of website visitors by utilizing world-class big data processing and personalization technologies and provides personalized content recommendation solutions, which recommends high-quality content the visitors may find interesting. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Seoul, Dable has partnered with over 3,000 premium media in Asia including Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia.


AD POST Advertial Communicate Platform

Mother Ad Technology, INC.

"AD POST is dedicated to redefine and re-establish the definition of the Key Opinion Leaders and Advertisers Marketing by our new form technology of communication which is making advertorial faster,easier and more efficient. AD POST got thousands of the latest KOL data. It’s exclusively developed a unique project tool for advertorial to analyze media comments and performance automatically including videos and posts. AD POST leads the industry which guarantees the views and the reach of the project."


Omnichannel MarTech Solutions

AccuHit AI Technology Taiwan Co., Ltd.

"AccuHit has launched AccuCDP (Customer Data Platform), Accu3DM (Data-driven Decision-making Engine), and AccuNix (Conversational Commerce) to bring omnichannel MarTech solutions to the world. Additionally, with adoptions of our customized modules, clients are able to build more customer touch points and acquire comprehensive data to maximize their marketing performance."

MH.Med & Health


Eco-friendly Flat Straw & Nosecomm multi-functional nose mask

Taiwan Nano Filter Tech Co,.Ltd

"Nosecomm like goalkeeper can filter out droplets completely and inhibit Virus by Mint,it can be used anytime and anywhere without interference with glasses、makeup、helmet and face mask!It can be used while eating and drinking and can work with face mask to enhance overall protection!3. Flat Straw is made by silicone and can be cleaned easily as it’s flat, the advantage of it is: (1) Safe> as it’s made in food grade silicone, very soft (2) Clean > flat design, easy to clean (3) Long life time > can be reused over years (4) Be adjustable > you can curl it into long or short or slim or flat shape (5) High thermal resistance > up to 230 degree C (6) Poison free > made from Silicone (7) Easy to carry > small tube and customized hanging bag"


We provide the most comprehensive total solution for all dental practice professionalist.

dentall Co., Ltd

We provide a total digitalized solutions which linked to our software" dentall HIS" a dental clinic management software which links to all the modules needed for operating a clinic. For instance, ERP, CRM, On-line shopping, AI diagnosis.

NS.Neo Star


Profet AI AutoML, Your Virtual Data Scientist.


Simple & Fast - One day to start, One week to results Profet AI provides an end-to-end AutoML platform that enables all domain users to rapidly generate world-class AI models and applications for any use case at any time.


Turing Chain was established in 2018. We are aiming to create a world without fake data. With the decentralized and incorruptible characteristics of blockchain technology, Turing Certs makes the verification process possible to operate under low fees and high efficiency. We’ve collaborated with various industries, looking forward to making it a globally available digital authentication system.


Turing Chain was established in 2018. We are aiming to create a world without fake data. With the decentralized and incorruptible characteristics of blockchain technology, Turing Certs makes the verification process possible to operate under low fees and high efficiency. We’ve collaborated with various industries, looking forward to making it a globally available digital authentication system.


Antibody-Cell Conjugation platform technology/ ACE1702 is an investigational next-generation cell therapy developed with Acepodia’s antibody-cell conjugation (ACC) platform, which conjugates the company’s proprietary off-the-shelf natural killer (oNK) cells with trastuzumab – a clinically-validated antibody that binds to HER2 – using complementary DNA linkers.

Acepodia Biotechnologies, Ltd

Acepodia is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing first-in-class cell therapies with its unique Antibody-Cell Conjugation (ACC) platform technology to address gaps in cancer care. Leveraging its ACC technology, the company links tumor-targeting antibodies to its proprietary immune effector cells, such gamma delta T cells and natural killer (NK) cells to create novel antibody cell effector (ACE) therapies, which have increased binding strength against tumors that express low levels of tumor antigens. Acepodia is made up of seasoned leadership and scientific experts dedicated to advancing its robust pipeline of off-the-shelf ACE therapies with the potential to bring innovative, effective and affordable cell therapies to a broad population of patients across a variety of solid tumors and hematologic cancers. The antibody cell effector (ACE) therapy, ACE1702, expresses high levels of multiple natural killer (NK) cell activation and signaling receptors, including CD16, with limited expression of inhibitory receptors. These features enhance the innate ability of NK cells to target and destroy tumors.


AI Deep Learning Computer Vision Platform

PowerArena Corporation

Founded by Ex-Googlers, PowerArena applies machine learning and computer vision to digitize the physical world. Committed to taking human understanding of real-world engineering to new levels of efficiency, PowerArena collects shop floor data with cameras and applies AI deep learning video analysis to deliver real-time insights into the manufacturing operations of every workstation.


Distributed 5G Edge Computing Network

Mesh Technology Taiwan Limited

"Distributed P2P edge computing network provides ultra-low latency and low-cost hybrid cloud and 5G edge cloud for 5G application services. Meshub also provides ultra-low latency interactive streaming technology and platform, latency can be as low as 0.5s. Applications such as video conferencing, interactive live streaming, remote support, etc."


ChargeSmith Charging Map App & EV PLUS Platform


ChargeSmith is the most popular charging map and social community for EV owners in Taiwan. The app has covered over 70% of registered members of the Taiwan EV market. In 2021, ChargeSmith announced the EV PLUS platform, which serves from planning public charging stations to the strategic cooperation of integrated operator’s charging stations. ChargeSmith is committed to becoming a service portal for EV owners into a more seamless and friendly EV life.


Kaik Teachify

Wuwei Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Teachify offers an all-in-one platform for creators to quickly set up and run their own education business. Create your own website with our easy-to-use customization tools and instantly make knowledge accessible online. Our goal is to leave the contents to you and handle every else from cash flow and memberships to selling digital works. We are the ultimate solution to all of your tech problems.



KryptoGO Co., Ltd.



Frontier is the gateway into digital textile universe. Inc. is a new kind of digital textile collaboration solution that leverages machine learning to build the world’s most powerful textile data hub for the apparel and fashion industries.


Cooby Workspace


Cooby Workspace helps you to track your sales teams and key customers on WhatsApp/Line. Gain insights into what's happening in WhatsApp/Line with Conversational Intelligence from Cooby. Stop nagging your sales and customer success teams.


CHATISFY chatbot


"CHATISFY focuses on the development of chatbot applications. Through integration with Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and LINE, business owners can quickly create their conversational application services on different social platforms. CHATISFY is one of the few partners in Taiwan that has obtained both Facebook and LINE certifications. Also, it is the only Taiwanese company that has continuously appeared at the Facebook annual F8 developer conference. In Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, CHATISFY serves more than 100,000 customers. From large brands to small and medium enterprises can easily build their own chatbots through CHATISFY, enhancing their competitiveness in digital marketing and customer service. "



DotDot Inc.

"QuickClick is the leading food ordering SaaS in Taiwan. QuickClick provides food ordering system, channel management, cloud management for restaurant, AI based 3PL service, marketing automation, and CDP. We help F&B to be more smart, efficient, and data-driven! If you want to run your restaurant in a graceful way, Join us!"




3 SQUARE provides tech-enabled, turnkey solutions that are both sustainable and profitable by maximizing utilization and revenue per square foot of kitchen spaces to create great tasting food.


Cardiovascular Health Promotion Service System


"We provide a complete solution to improve your cardiovascular health by integrating Medical-Grade AI Health Device and Cloud AI Health Platform, which are suitable for health self-management at home. Our products and services combine medical principles and preventive medicine concepts, and has a wide range of use cases from telemedicine assistance to family and enterprise health management."


OakMega Social CRM


"OakMega provides omnichannel Social CRM solutions for businesses, empowering them to build trustful relationships with their customers. Social platforms are where we get in touch in modern days. With Social CRM, businesses can have a true understanding of their customers, and establish personalized conversations like never before while digital privacy rights are firmly protected."


Decentralized & Multi-chain NFT marketplace

Lootex Technology Co., Ltd.

Lootex's mission is to make people’s virtual assets real by providing a trading platform built on the blockchain. Lootex creates a fraud-free, cross-nation, transparent, and safe NFT marketplace. Using Lootex, anyone can buy or sell his NFT through smart contracts in a simple process without the risk of being scammed. Lootex frees virtual items, turning them into real world assets.