Everyday Happy Hour!

@Center Stage

They create, they sing, they perform, and they dance like entrepreneurs.
With different type of art but the same spirit of startup, these artists are sharing their ideas about the world. Please come closer to the Center Stage and enjoy the Everyday Happy Hour with free beer and excellent performing!


Time 17:00

The entrepreneur's adventurous spirit - Taiwan Circus Gate

“Life is art and art is life.” Established in 2015, Taiwan Circus Gate, a Taiwanese contemporary circus, is committed to being on an international level. They performed mainly on International Circus Festival and Street Art Festival. In Taiwan, they also take up various performing opportunities. Each and every one of the performers has their own unique style and experiences in performing at an International Art Festival.

Time 17:00

The entrepreneur‘s road to success - Makoto

Makoto, in charge of Umon Music, has been passionate about music from a young age. After getting exposure to a piano, she started her journey of music. Since junior high school, she has participated in both small and large scales of singing competitions, learned a variety of instruments, joined several bands, and written a considerable amount of songs. In 2012, she took the role of the female lead singer and the keyboard player in "Huoyaodays". In 2015, the band wrote a theme song and two interludes for the film "My Mr. Right". The autograph session was held at ATT Show Box as the first album "火紋聲" and the second album "人生的第四分之一拍" were released.

Time 17:00

The entrepreneur's future blueprint - Tap Radio

Defined as the most “JAM” tap dance group in Taiwan, with the emphasis on promoting American tap dancing, emphasizing the crossover mix of tap dance elements and different types of music . Tapping deep breaths and groovy in the hearts ,and release The desire for Rhythm .

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