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Startup Hip-Hop

11.14 (Thu) @Pink Stage

"Entrepreneur vs. The other half of the Entrepreneur" raps!
On the road to entrepreneurship, it is often empty and lonely. If there is no support from the other half, it would be quite difficult to continue. To all those who support the other half to start a business, your commitment and toleration without complaint are the driving force for all entrepreneurs, who use entrepreneurship as an excuse to just stay at home and dream of changing the world, or not going home to take care of the children.


Time 09:30 @Pink Stage

TKBS Entrepreneurship Channel

Consists of a group of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, neuropathies, dreamers, anti-socialists and good-looking people. Hoping that using music and film in a fun way to let more people understand how painful and addictive it is to start a business.

Time 09:30 @Pink Stage

Nien-Hsien Ma

Nien-Hsien Ma, who once played a hot-blooded sales person in the film “Cape No. 7,” formed a band with his friends back in 1994 called “Sticky Rice” and served as the lead singer. Outstanding in both song writing and singing, he has several songs that hit the charts. After the split of the band, his personal career remains active. You can still see him acting in a few low-cost movies. As of now, people still remember the energetic personality of his. He continues writing new songs and collaborates with a number of female artists, including songs "Last Winter," which is beyond romantic and "You Are Coming in My Direction" with 9m88, which he reached the apex of his career.

Time 09:30 @Pink Stage

TK Chen

TKBS is a self-media focus on all things startups, VC, and tech. It uses witty and reader-friendly angel to introduce new tech and practical knowledge to average joe. TKBS focuses on four types of contents - Rap Battle, Unbox startup offices, podcast for deeper discussion, and Medium for knowledge sharing. Its main mission is to eliminate information asymmetry to construct a more healthy startup eco-system.

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