Application innovation with new technologies on cloud

11.15 @Startup Stage
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This event aims to share the experience and achievements of the Corporate Transformation Accelerator, showcasing the transformation and development of enterprise cloud applications, AIoT, and digital productive tools adopted by SMEA, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Smart Industry Development Project, and Startup Terrace. We expect to bring together more relevant startups, ventures, and investors to participate in the development of digital upgrade and smart industry in the future.


Time Event Guests
09:30-09:35 Opening Remarks

09:35-09:50 Digital Transformation Accelerator Startup Terrace–AWS Joint Innovation Center

XIE XIAO-JIE, Deputy Director, NiEA
09:50-10:20 AI Electronic Home Appliances Energy Saving in Cloud

10:20-10:50 Customer Experience in Cloud New Solution in Digital Transformation The Innovation of SMEs Collaboration Platform

ZHANG RONG-GUI, Chairman, AIII Co., Ltd.
10:50-11:20 Food Processing in Cloud Ultra-processed Meat of Taiwan

LI,XIANG-RONG, General Manager, Chef Quan
HONG ZHI-QIANG, General Manager, Eyetech
11:20-11:50 Office Experience in Cloud AI in the Future Workplace

HONG ZHI-LIN, General Manager, BXB Electronics
11:50-12:20 Facilitate & Accelerate Smart Tools Platform: Market Report, Training & Network with Industry Professionals

KE,JIN-HONG, Engineer, Institute for Information Industry

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