Backed by a world-leading semiconductor industry, we have seen integrated tech and innovations weaving a future with unlimited possibility.

With Web3, Metaverse, Blockchain, Green Tech, etc, game-changing innovations are pushing our imaginations even further. With the redistribution of capital and resources, along with the accelerated turnover of trends and issues, strategic planning on supply chains, technologies, talents, and market, has become an issue at the national level.

the future isn’t just here, or in this moment, or in a virtual universe or another greater universe. To enter and move forward into the future, we have to pave new paths!

Asia's Largest Startup Festival

Gather The Most Complete Entrepreneurial Resources And Networks.

Powered by Business Next Media, Taiwan’s most influential technology and business media, combined with the largest startup community Meet. Meet Taipei engaing startups, venture capitalists, enterprises, incubators, accelerators, and service providers, media, government initiatives and other key players in Taiwan's entrepreneurial ecosystem. We work together to create and demonstrate the most complete startup ecosystem, bringing the most abundant resources, and become a platform for entrepreneurs.


From 2014-2021 Meet Taipei

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  • Location

    EXPO Dome

    No.1, Yumen St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

    2022.11.17(THU.) - 11.19(SAT.)


    MRT|Yuanshan Station EXIT 1

    High Speed Rail Transit|Taipei Station and transfer to the MRT



      Kulun St. intersection Station :

    • 26, 41, 266, 266 shuttle, 280, 288, 288 shuttle, 290, 303, 303 shuttle, 304, Chengde, Songshan main line, 616, 618, 811 bus.
    • MRT Yuanshan Station :

    • 21, 21 direct, 208, 208 Jihe Public Housing, 247 shuttle, 287 shuttle, 542, 677, Red 2, Red 33, Red 34 bus.
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