CX-02︱TCloud Pavilion

Directed by the office of Science and Technology Policy of the National Science and Technology Council, and co-promoted by Administration for Digital Industries, MODA.
Warmth : Encouraging and supporting SMEs with our wholehearted passion, to make the best use of digital technology tools. We hope to foster innovation business models and increase the revenue, create a wonderful business outlook for enterprises.
Service : Integrated a variety of cloud services in Taiwan, and planned a fully online, paperless, and e-commerce-like subsidy mechanism.
Quality : We've selected over 120 high-quality local Taiwan information service providers, and provided nearly 400 premium and diverse cloud programs.
Efficiency : Tcloud Marketplace is a fully online subsidy procedure. We provide SMEs a speedy, safety, and transparent matching platform with features like demand diagnosis, in-time purchasing, transparent pricing, standard form contracts, and reviews mechanisms. We provide convenient, trusted and cost-reducing matching services, and we sincerely look forward to your joining!

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