CX-06︱New Taipei City Pavilion

To actively promote the development of startup industries, New Taipei City is the first city to establish a youth entrepreneurship incubator. "Innosquare" was established in 2014 on the 3rd floor of Taipei Bridge MRT Station. It provides a dedicated space for startups and offers guidance through accelerators. By integrating New Taipei City's diverse industrial resources, Innosquare systematically assists entrepreneurs in rapidly securing efficient business connections, entrepreneurial guidance, and investment opportunities, fostering the validation and growth of their ventures.
As of October this year, Innosquare has hosted 267 different startup teams in various fields, including cloud services, cultural and creative industries, information technology, e-commerce, biotechnology, social enterprises, and management consulting. In terms of achievements, Innosquare has completed 1,609 sessions of technical guidance for teams, and will continue to support more startup teams, contributing further value to entrepreneurial ecosystem in Taiwan.

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