#AsiaRocks Pavilion

#AsiaRocks brings together prominent ecosystem builders across the APAC region to provide startups a whole new gateway to Asian markets.
Through Exhibition, Keynote, Panel and Networking, #AsiaRocks offers unique “cross-border, market-entry” content, access to key players and resources from Asian markets, and opportunities to deep dive into the startup ecosystem, investment trend, government subsidy programmes, and soft-landing services of these regions.

Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS)

Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS), a startup hub supporting early-stage startups to go global. We currently serve 200+ startup members, ranging from bootstrap to Series B, from AR/VR, SaaS, AI, to Fintech, IoT and so forth. Founded in 2015, TSS currently serves 200+ startups, with 100+ mentors, 500+ investors and 30+ corporations. In addition to a broad network of ecosystem players, we also provide solid coaching programs through extensive bootcamps, workshops & seminars to empower entrepreneurs to grow and succeed in their startup journey and build a startup ecosystem throughout Asia.


WHub, Hong Kong’s startup community platform and power connector, unleashes startups’ full potential and accelerates their businesses through meaningful connections to the resources they need to foster the growth of the entire ecosystem.

WHub is based on 3 pillars:
1. Showcase Startups & Startup News
2. Connect Startups with Key Players and the Community: For Recruitment, Startup and Corporate Co-Innovation Programs and Geographical Expansion to other ecosystems
3. Educate and Empower through insights, white-papers (HK Startup Ecosystem Toolbox and FinTech White Paper, GBA White Paper) and events.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP)

HKSTP operates a full startup support system to nurture technology startups in Hong Kong. The one-stop sequential programmes powered by HKSTP cover aspiring entrepreneurs at various stages of development, from crystallising their ideas at STEP, to commercialising them for market entry at Incubation, and expanding businesses regionally and globally at LEAP. HKSTP’s close relationship with the private and public sectors in Hong Kong and Mainland China, including a number of cross-border joint initiatives, also offers immense opportunities to applicants.

Fukuoka Growth Next (FGN)

FGN is one of the largest startup hubs in Japan, located in Fukuoka in the west of Japan. The facility was established through a public-private partnership with the goal of supporting early-stage startups and fostering innovation. At FGN, aspiring entrepreneurs from 110+ startups, 26 corporate sponsors from Japan's leading companies, and members of the public can exchange ideas, grow businesses, and find inspiration to create a better world. In FGN, consultation offices for foreign startups such as Startup Cafe and Global Startup Cafe are available. Also, we have an in-house venture capital firm that primarily invests in startups who are FGN tenants with outstanding ideas.

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

JETRO is a government-related organization promoting mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. As one of the activities, JETRO has launched a team which accelerates open innovation between Japanese corporates and foreign startups. In order to address social problems within Japan, JETRO will bridge Japanese corporates and foreign startups who have cutting-edge technologies and disruptive business strategies by offering opportunities for foreign startups to attend Japanese exhibitions or dispatching Japanese delegations to the countries where there are advanced innovation ecosystems. The team is also working on creating an online platform to share information regarding the Japanese Innovation ecosystem, including open innovation activities of Japanese corporates who are eager to collaborate with foreign startups.

Korea International Trade Association (KITA)

KITA is the largest business organization in Korea, supporting small and large businesses with their global expansion and growth by connecting them with the right partners. KITA launched the first platform in Korea for facilitating innovation between startups and large enterprises.


Techsauce is the leading source of all tech and business news and the organizer of flagship Techsauce Global Summit (https://summit.techsauce.co), Asia's leading technology conference. Our on-the-ground reporters and home field advantage make it the home of unique insights, analysis, opinion pieces and data on one of the most mature digital ecosystems in Thailand and Southeast Asia.


InnoLab Asia, incorporated in Vietnam. We have been appointed as the implementation partner for Open Innovation Vietnam. We are focused on establishing connections amongst stakeholders, engaging Startups, MNCs in spearheading the initiative and showcasing selected corporate innovation and corporate acceleration success.

Startupbootcamp Australia

Founded in 2017, Startupbootcamp Australia provides growth-stage startups with direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry, helping them rapidly scale and become industry-leading companies. Startupbootcamp Australia runs four programs in Melbourne annually, specifically in the Smart Energy, FinTech, Sports & EventTech and Food & AgriTech industries. SBC Australia selects 10 global startups to take part in a tailored and intense 3-month acceleration program, which is designed to deliver substantial value for startups in a compact timeframe. The program also provides strategic and cultural benefits for its many corporate partners.


BLOCK71 is an initiative by NUS Enterprise in collaborative and strategic partnerships with established corporates and government agencies. It is a technology ecosystem builder and global connector which catalyses and aggregates the startup community, as well as spearheads new initiatives and provides mentorship and growth opportunities in local and global markets.