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【Blockchain x TABEI Pavilion】Currated by TABEI (Taiwan Association for Blockchain Ecosystem Innovation) and Meet Taipei

28+ Potential Blockchain Startups
20+ Innovative Blockchain Application Scenarios
Vision Technology X Future Imagination!
Cryptocurrency X Distributed Ledger Technology. Flip The Token Economy and Cross-industry Combination The New Digital Revolution will Lead You Into The World of Web 3.0!

Yifa Technology Co., Ltd.

The first co-working space featuring the blockchain theme, at the same time welcomes various startup industries to join the family, there are currently two co-working locations; Our goal is to operate outside the traditional box, create a warm and comfortable working environment, and gather talents and resources through providing a physical space. With that result, we may integrate and promote the development of blockchain and startup industries by networking and exchanging innovative ideas.


BaaSid is a start-up company. Based on decentralized data storage and blockchain technology, BaaSid focused on internet data storage, identity authentication and activity authorization technology to build a high security digital treasury.


BuckChaf provides the following services: -Blockchain solution: Provide professional blockchain consultants and technical services, including industrial application blockchain, blockchain product development, white paper writing, currency management. -Customized technical services: Provide various Internet technical services, including web development, App development, programming.


Crypto-Arsenal, SaaS Automated Crypto-Trading Platform, is exclusively tailored for quantitative strategy developers to program, backtest, simulate their algorithmic trading strategies and eventually launch trading bots for live-trading with our proprietary Containerized StrategyBot Engine. It is also designed for cryptocurrency traders and investors to quickly adopt proven strategies for live tradings with Smart Contract to achieve innovative business model of Split-As-You-Profit.

TomoTouch Ltd.

TomoTouch is an Online-to-Offline dating platform secured by AI & Blockchain technology. Aiming to provide authenticity without compromising user privacy, Tomotouch strives to better online dating experience with blockchain development.

Fusion$360 - Taiwan Fintech Corporation

Fusion$360 Marketplace is an omni-channel e-commerce platform based on public welfare and sustainable development. The new model integrates blockchain applications, local innovation, small and micro/social enterprises, corporate ESG/CSR and public welfare groups, through online marketing & offline precision guides to attract multiple sources of customers, and establish a digital, circular and sustainable ecosystem economy.


Blocto is a blockchain wallet that provides a hassle-free experience for both blockchain newbies & veterans. With access to dApps across three major blockchains: Ethereum, Flow, and Tron. Anyone can start playing hit games such as NBA Top Shot, purchase crypto with Apple pay, start investing in Compound. Every Chain hosts a vastly different world, Blocto provides you with the key!

Turing Chain Limited

TuringCerts redefines traditional educational certificates and enables unified and sustainable records tracking for the educational industry with W3C DID, the decentralized identity. It ensures full data ownership for users and promises a rigorous GDPR privacy policy to uphold the highest trust of the source as well as the dignity of authorized certificates.

BiiLabs Co., Ltd.

BiiLabs aims to provide an overall solution to digital transformation such as trust, security, and efficiency for our clients. Our vision is to empower everyone to access and thrive in the digital economy through bridging the gap between digital spaces and the human world. In particular, we focus on the payment, audit, and storage issues in mobility and retail fields.


"BlockTempo as a leading industrial media and blockchain market hub in Taiwan, owning the experience of organizing two iconic international blockchain and fintech summits in Taipei: Asia Blockchain Summit and BlockCity. We keep traveling around the world to collect exclusive and real-time news sources, meeting worldwide influencers. Apart from actively developing various transnational cooperations and bringing the first-hand information into Taiwan, BlockTempo is also dedicated to distributing Taiwanese blockchain and crypto relevant messages and innovations to the world."

Numbers Co.

If seeing is no longer believing, how can we believe the stories we see? That's the problem Capture app may solve. It is a reliable assistant who helps you create true stories. From news media to agricultural product history, from documentaries to your unique life stories, use Capture and make our digital world trustworthy again.


BitoPro is No.1 Exchange in Taiwan. We aim to provide seamless, lightning-fast trade execution, creating a bridge between fiat and cryptocurrency.

Red Building Capital Ltd.

RBL is a consultancy specialized in business digital transformation with leading technology and innovated business model. We focus on data fragmented hidden technology, big data protection, edging computing, supply-chain finance, smart-home integration, digital new retail, and goods authentication. Technology includes Blockchain, cryptography, AI, smart data processing, etc,.


Hakka Finance is a decentralized financial ecosystem with remarkable DeFi products administered by governance token: HAKKA. By distributing HAKKA directly into the hands of users and the community, an increasingly large ecosystem will be incentivized to upgrade the protocol and collectively lead the protocol into the future under excellent governance. First Product: BlackHoleSwap BlackHoleSwap is a decentralized AMM (Automatic Market Making) exchange designed for stablecoins. By integrating lending protocols to leverage the excess supply while borrowing on the inadequate side, It can therefore process transactions far exceeding its existing liquidity. Compared to other AMMs, BlackHoleSwap provides nearly infinite liquidity with the lowest price slippage, maximizing capital utilization. Second Product: 3F Mutual 3F Mutual is a decentralized insurance protocol on Ethereum, aiming to hedge against the MakerDAO emergency shutdown. This white paper introduces the decentralized mechanism and implementation of how 3F Mutual helps cover the potential risk of assets for DeFi investors in extensive collapse events via a design similar to rainy day fund and mutual insurance.

BlockChain Security

BlockChain Security combines combine information security together with the latest techniques in all areas of the blockchain to provide digital evidence preservation as well as various blockchain solutions targeted to different industries. We have incorporated Nordic Blockchain technology, allowing for balancing Blockchain’s processing efficiency and data privacy. Further using our in-house patents dealing with digital data security, blockchain contract signing, and email fraud prevention has allowed us to offer reliable professional services and product quality.

Blockcast Co. Ltd.

Blockcast has fostered partnership throughout years of solid efforts with global blockchain organizations from across Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, United States and the EU countries to expand media business groups collaboratively, forming a platform that exchanges real information, in the hope to shape right concept that ultimately aiding readers to differentiate the truth and make independent judgements in blockchain and cryptocurrency market.


FAMEEX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange, providing crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-crypto and grid trading strategy to traders globally by adopting blockchain technology. FAMEEX aims to build a secure, stable and reliable environment for trading digital assets through web and mobile interface with only 1‰ trading fees.


BlockSeal is a set of optimized blockchain software. Its technology can compress millions of data into 32bytes of evidence, and the original data is only kept on the client. The product effectively solves the problems of data expansion, high cost and data leakage in the blockchain.


OURSONG is a social networking/ chat app that allows hosts to create private supporter communities for engagement and monetization. For supporters, OURSONG is the place to collect different themed Keycards issued by creators and discover a new wave of online communities, where we can chat and share with their kind. We come together because others are different. Start finding your own kind.


Powering Earth's Future


TokenMinds is voted the No. 1 Blockchain IEO agency worldwide by Hackernoon. Our mission is to connect investors with entrepreneurs, helping them to build the future and increasing the speed of blockchain adoption by offering token integration solutions for companies. Established in 2016, we are one of the first blockchain providers with a truely international reach. Our portfolio projects include renown blochchains such as Remme, Celsius, Essentia and many more. Contact us for our for our solutions, pricing and brochure.

Miner Source

Miner Source provides New BlockChain Business model for who needs to Start a Business. New BlockChain Business model include counseling solutions, planning, basic education and training. Mining surveillance system operation. Profit method description.

CoolBitX Ltd. Taiwan Branch

CoolBitX Technology Ltd. (CBX) is an international blockchain security company that is building the infrastructure necessary to close the gap between the mainstream market and crypto industry. Founded in 2014 by Michael Ou and backed by SBI Holdings, CoolBitX provides solutions for a rapidly-changing blockchain industry in order to foster the mass adoption of virtual assets. CoolWallet S is a credit card-sized hardware wallet that allows for Bluetooth-enabled pairing with users’ mobile phones.


“Lootex Marketplace” is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer trading platform. You can find rare digital items from worldwide without worrying about transaction fraud or cross-border payments. Come find the hidden gems in the whole new world.

KryptoGO Co., Ltd.

KryptoGO is the most advanced due diligence engine that helps financial institutions quickly identify high money laundering risks. Our vision is to help people build trust efficiently in the future financial ecosystem. We use AI technology to assist in the automation of regulatory processes, DLT technology to exchange and share industrial data and combined NLP to analyzed both human-readable and unreadable data that are important to the due diligence. Search for sanctions lists covering 200+ countries, and analyze digital footprints on the Internet in real-time to quickly understand all the background information of the entity. Our product will be able to accurately analyze the most relevant information and save 80% of the operating time.


AMIS is a financial technology company creating bonds between traditional and decentralized worlds. We provide security and accessibility for blockchains as well as crypto currencies. With us, our customers are able to adopt blockchain technology with ease and confidence.

Since 2016 The Taiwan Blockchain Summit has offered unparalleled access to over 100 disruptors, visionaries and inspirational Speakers from the world of enterprise and tech. With more than 2000 attendees this unique event will showcase the most innovative developments in Blockchain. Ideally suited to people who want to learn more about the technology and its applications, this event offers unparalleled access to everything Blockchain!

ARK・TPE N24 as part of Taipei East Gateway Explanatory Plan, located nearby Songshan Station. With innovation as its core focus and a vision for future experimentation our venue offers a cradle for international value exchange creating the perfect space for corporate meetings, workshops and for your group to be inspired by each other, fostering collaborations both inter-team and inter-company! Strike fresh energy into any event at ARK・TPE N24 including promotional access to the Blockchain network and direct links to Digital Tech Communities.