Chunghwa Telecom 5G Accelerator


GenkiTek designs and developes AI cameras and AI netoworking video recorders. GenkiTek now focuses on AI NVR software and its AI applications can be used in the elder centers, baby monitoring and driver monitoring.

Taiwan Swarm Innovation Inc.

Taiwan Swarm Innovation Inc. is dedicated to offering comprehensive drone service and solutions. We deliver world-leading ability to control swarm of drones and enable our clients to light up the sky with their idea featuring hundreds of our drones. We also offer customized UAV systems integration services as follows: ◆Drone Research and Development(R&D): ◇Cloud-connected (over 4G LTE/LoRa/Wi-Fi) drone ◇Automated MAVLink compatible Pixhawk / APM drone ◇Custom drone design for user needs ◆Drone Light Show System (Up To 400 Drones): ◇Lightweight drones with RTK GPS and redundant communication ◇Flight path planning and check algorithm ◇SkySentry Swarm GCS ◇Cloud-based UAV monitoring dashboard ◆Drone Education Services: ◇Drone operator training ◇UAS application training program cooperating with universities and training providers (Falcon Sight Tech Co., Ltd) ◆Innovative Drone Application Service: including 360° VR camera drone, tethered drone, air pollution monitoring, delivery drone, agriculture, 3D reconstruction, unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM) system, and more.

A Farm

A Farm is a farming company and aimed to smart agriculture technologies in Taiwan. We roll out a most efficient vertical farming technology, inclouding Aeroponic system, Atmospheric plasma, Air light column and IOT. Farming under solar pannels with the pesticide-free system, Land, electricity and water will be saved. It is easy to operate;harvest in the city is not a dream. Products: Smart Aeroponic system with IOT and Air light column and young plants. Services: Building up Smart Aeroponic system for family, Community, school and Science Industrial Park.

Hang Jian Technology Ltd.

HJUAV - Born To Empower UAV System HJUAV established in October, 2015. HJUAV is a professional UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) system solution company. The company manufactures and provides the top industrial drone and UAV service around the world. HJUAV insists Reliable, Functional and Safe service. HJUVA always offers customers” THE BEST TAIWAN Quality” products for your service. HJUAV is a very outstanding company of UAV integrated technology. The company creates services and revolutionary drones with the superior technology and unrivaled technical expertise in commercial industry. HJUAV does not only have rival tech but also unique international team which is consist of different countries members and have solid foreign language ability in English, Malay, Japanese, and Spanish. Six advantages of HJUAV 1: Task management 2: Instant data 3: Device management 4: Remote control 5: Fully universal 6: Instant diagnosis

AgriTalk Technology Inc.

AgriTalk Tech is a green and smart agricultural solution provider that provides total solution from farm monitoring, AI prediction and bio-reagent prescription to transform the traditional farming style. We solve serious agri-problems including large gap of farming experience inheritance, abuse of chemical substances and food safety. The advance and core technology of AgriTalk is we can customize prediction for soil microbiome distribution, pests and diseases eruption timing for specific crops and lands. Moreover, AgriTalk also provides the bio-reagents that is high specific to pests and diseases, harmless to human and pollinators and environmental friendly. With AgriTalk solution, farming will be more systematic, precise and environment sustainable.

dp smart technology co., ltd.

dp smart provides panoramic solutions to create a local panoramic brand- 【dp】 with the spirit of 100% of Taiwan's research and development, design and manufacturing, launching the first product - Rogy 360 6-Lens Panoramic Live Streaming Camera. This core key technology provides real-time in-camera stitching processing, enabling efficient results without the need for a post-processing, and one-click broadcast,4K live streaming to FB and YouTube without connecting to mobile or computers for simple use. 【dp - dedication and passion】


Bovia offers integrated high-end solutions with full technology stack for clients in public safety, retail and the industrial areas. From field devices, back-end and network solutions, client applications to video management system integrations for command and control rooms, we provide service in high quality, easy deployment and high operational reliability.