G Camp Pavilion

G Camp - Growing, Global, Go! The driving force behind startups' progression and advancement towards the international stage.

“G Camp” is a new ecosystem training brand in Taiwan, guided by the SMEA of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and executed by the Institute for Information Industry(III) and collaboration of well-known accelerators and corporates at home and abroad. The program aims to integrate the power from industry, government, and research to provide an environment for growth and international acceleration for Taiwan's startups. So far, G Camp has handled 55 domestic startups training in 3 years. It has also led entrepreneurs to Austin, the United States, Fukuoka, Japan, and Helsinki, Finland to participate in exhibitions and entrepreneurial activities, and facilitated overseas industrial exchanges to help startups successfully connect with local businesses and distributors, creating more than tens of millions of New Taiwan Dollars in business opportunities. We welcome exceptional entrepreneurs to join us in Growing, Global, Go!

Midas Touch, Inc.

Midas Touch is a multi-national startup company, our members come from USA, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. We provide the turnkey security solutions covering the thermal detection system, rugged tablet,&fingerprint sensor solutions. In 2018, Midas Touch was selected as a top-12 startup company by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 2019, selected as the top 5 unicorn startup companies in Taiwan. In order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, we launch “body temperature thermal screening system”. Wish our solution to contribute to this world.

Ideabus Technology Co., Ltd.

Ideabus Technology LLC. is the pioneer of AIoT solutions. We have masterly integrated digital contents, big data with AIOT technology, and even perfectly co-operated with Occupational Therapists since 2017. We created and built the LTPA solution. Mainly, it includes 2 product fields, "AI-Exercise Training Program" for home, "AI-Lohas Senior Health Center" for community. Both of them are the best solutions for Dementia Prevention and Muscle Strength Betterment. In short, it will be your best choice!

NUWA Robotics(HK) Limited, Taiwan Branch

NUWA Robotics, with professional capacity for artificial intelligence, research and development of software and hardware, mass production, interactive content, and design. Rarely seen in this industry, we are a technology company fully capable of research and development and design.

Smart Ageing Tech Co.,Ltd.

Smart Ageing Tech spins off from a research team at National Taiwan University led by Prof. Shih-Chung Kang in 2018. The company provides cloud healthcare platform and data science services to facilitate long-term care. The solution includes four parts: (1) IoT trolley; (2) Smart Nursing Information System; (3) Facility Management Chatbot; (4) Family Communication Chatbot. In 2020, Jubo facility solution has been deployed in 32 long-term care facilities, serving more than 3000 elderly.

Lockists Co., Ltd.

Lockists Balancer is the name of the operation team. The main members are experts from various fields in Taiwan. They are all pursuing the value of "Let every existing scooter can be shared automatically" !


The slogan of 3drens is "I have a dream. I design, and I do it." Our vision is "When you think of Internet of Vehicle, you think of 3drens."


Giftpack was founded in 2017 in San Francisco. We are compiling the vision to transform the gifting industry with AI.

Green Acres Co.,Ltd.

Green Acres are focused on antibiotics free solution in the chicken industry. We constructed a specific feed additive to replace antibiotics base on nature plant. It can achieve antibiotics free by mix feed. We also provide consulting for solving a feeding problem, establish a traceable agricultural production system... etc.. Moreover, we build a new brand named "chicken craftsoul" to provide antibiotics free, special flavor chicken products.

M1 Marketing Inc.

M1 Marketing Inc. was co-founded by CEO Michael and CBO Amy. Aiming at the huge business opportunities brought by the integration of e-commerce and social marketing and observing the critical challenges under current social commerce eco-system in Taiwan, M1 Marketing launched SOOCKER, the social commerce software as a service platform and application in 2019. SOOCKER will facilitate e-commerce partners and social selling affiliates to better profit from social selling campaigns.

Toii Games

Toii makes travel more fun and easy with AR and Geo-location Games.


Glints is one of the fastest growing singapore-based headhunter HRtech startups in Southeast Asia, which has expanded its presence to Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong since 2014, becoming an SEA tech talent expert. Glints has helped clients from MNC like AIA, Adidas, and startups like Grab, LINE, Tiktok to grow offshore/remote teams in Asia within 28 days, fulfill local hires in 14 days with 700k+ tech-enabled talents from Taiwan and SEA.


In September 2019, Spaceship, one of the INCU-APP companies powered by Hong Kong Science Park, started its journey as an online international courier service comparison and booking platform. The Spaceship crew is composed of specialists and experts from different fields, including in global logistic operations, supply chain management, e-commerce, software, digital marketing, UX/UI design, technology development and more.