HaoShi Accelerator Food & Agriculture Startups

HaoShi Accelerator Seed Program boldly launched in November 2018 as Taiwan’s first and only accelerator focusing on food and agriculture sectors to boost food and agriculture startups and encourage entrepreneurship. HaoShi Accelerator aims at being the home for food and agriculture entrepreneurs in Taiwan which increases transparency, sustainability, and health of the food ecosystem for the next generation of entrepreneurs, investors, and business by developing new trusting supply chains, impacting new products, services, processes and markets in an inclusive and diversified food and agriculture ecosystem.
The program empowers entrepreneurs to adopt creative business models and innovative technologies to develop new solutions that address current food and agriculture’s sector needs from local to global scales.


MeansGood is an agrotechnology company committed to developing controlled-environment cultivation under stress conditions. MeansGood’s core technology integrates environmental control technology and plant physiology. It uses AI and IoT technology in plant lighting, which can identify crop growth, monitor plant health, automatically control lighting, and provide stress conditions, reducing electricity cost and increasing crop quality and yield. MeansGood has successfully domesticated a new strain of Cordyceps using this technology, increasing the cordycepin by 100 times. MeansGood also sells the raw materials to biotechnology food companies.


This is a story about intergenerational co-farming; it is also about the ecology of happiness. Food Healthy is a social enterprise founded by young farmers in Tainan. The company runs 300 hectares of farmland by technology and aims to transform Taiwan’s agricultural challenges through social innovation. Elderly farmers in Taiwan are dwindling rapidly, and much land has been abandoned. Therefore, we run lease and contract farming based on the intergenerational co-farming model, allowing young returnees to inherit the skills and undergo on-the-job training to provide services such as contract farming, traceability certification, and supplying traceable ingredients to food providers through mutually beneficial selling platforms. This way, we can win on four fronts: eco-friendly and sustainable farming, elderly farmers enjoying retirement, facilitating young returnees’ entry into agriculture, and people eating out with confidence.


Princess Green Nursery Social Enterprise (PGNSE) is a professional seedling company that provides job opportunities for the disadvantaged. PGNSE is the only ISO-certified healthy seedling company. It is also the first in the world to produce high unit price vanilla beans (vanilla 600USD/kg) using the solar field. PGNSE helps photovoltaic companies utilize the field diversely and obtain a legal license. To solve the nation’s energy independence problem, the government must achieve 20% energy independence by 2025. Starting from August 1st, 2020, the government stipulated that photovoltaic companies running photovoltaic activities on farmlands must partake in agriculture. Also, the global vanilla supply only meets half of the demand, and the demand is increasing by 5% each year. In addition to providing healthy seedlings, PGNSE helps photovoltaic power plants obtain a legal license and sell high unit price spices. Besides increasing energy independence, rural areas can also be revitalized.


Origin Agriculture is situated in Chishang—Taiwan’s prime rice production area. The company promotes natural farming and guides disadvantaged small farmers and indigenous peoples to be conscious of environmental sustainability and restoration ecology. To take rural agriculture to the next level, Origin Agriculture invested in technology transfer, cultivated the exclusive black indica rice variety, and developed a black indica rice product line. The company has received multiple certifications and international awards. Origin Agriculture helps people build their physical health against the harsh modern-day environment and competition. By supporting Origin Agriculture, you can contribute to ecological conservation, promote the development of rural areas, and take up a healthy diet.


“Quanfood International” is committed to developing and producing Chinese and Western ready-to-eat meals. Quanfood uses local ingredients in Taiwan and has produced QUAN Meat, a 100% plant-based meat made from non-GMO peas. Using innovative food technology and a technique combining wet extrusion and plant protein fiber, Quanfood launches plant-based meat with an appearance, smell, juiciness, taste, and texture similar to real meat. Quanfood also takes advantage of its five-star level food preparation; its full range of ready-to-eat plant-based meat package fulfills consumer demand for healthy eating that is also earth-friendly.


Wormax breeds insects and produces animal proteins to provide new raw materials for animal proteins in animal feed. The company established three core technologies of insect farming, achieving product standardization and modular mass production. In addition, Wormax complies with the EU and American AAFCO procedures for breeding. Wormax uses agricultural by-products (distillers grains, bean dregs, and coffee grounds) that are plant raw materials as insect bait and never compost or manure, complying with foreign feed-grade insect farming regulations.