Kaohsiung City Startup Pavilion

The Youth Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government not only strives to create an excellent entrepreneurial environment, but also positively connecting the international channels to boost up Kaohsiung's new ventures to conjunction with the global market. In 2020, the Kaohsiung Startup Pavilion will display 12 outstanding Kaohsiung startups, covering biotechnology, medical care, drones, VR games, agriculture technology, and digital platforms. The rich and diversified core technology and product design contain the unlimited inspiration and plentiful motivation of Kaohsiung youth in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Chromics Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Chromics Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established this summer (2019). Our company is located at Kaohsiung Medical University. The main objective of our company is to develop new materials to fight aging and aging associated diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neuron degeneration diseases. Recently, we isolated a DNA compound from fish and applied this material to cell and animal models, and found that it blocks the aging initiators against hair aging. Thus, we created a hair care product, which has been created to enhance hair health and protect the hair from damage resulting from harmful agents such as air pollution.

Co-Creative Bioresource Co., Ltd.

Our philosophy is to give back to the community through technological value-added and field link, so as to achieve the transmission of friendliness. Mainly for the integration of aquatic products processing resources, there will be many by-products in the process of aquatic products processing, the number is very large. The by-products of aquatic products processing in fish scales, for example, are often used in feed, fertilizer or biotechnology applications, generally low utilization, and easy to cause burden on the environment, so with the promotion of the trend of globalization, we need to use innovative and rapid treatment methods to increase the consumption of processed by-products.


We provide the most advanced agricultural drone technology, and provide the best agricultural spraying and detection solutions, and assist farmers in collecting farmland information and combining cloud analysis to provide users with the best agricultural technology solutions. Currently, we are cooperating with IEM systems to jointly develop high-altitude inspection services and modular drone systems, providing users in different industries with rapid configuration of customized drones for industrial inspections and industrial exploration and reconnaissance purposes, providing customers with the best and most efficient s solution.

PAY YOU Technology CO.,Ltd.

The products of home automation always like single product, not a full solutions for smart home. We always need to purchase more new product of home automation. Also need to refiguration. Even we need to learn more about network, it's too hard to people to do it. PAYYOU has advantage of every products, bring people easy to life.


An award-winning VR startup focuses on online VR multiplayer game development. Recognized as one of the VR leaders in the global gaming industry, Pumpkin has published its titles by cooperating with worldwide top-tier distributors. The company also provides custom services on demand.

Mycena Co., Ltd.

Skills:AI、Block-Chain、Big-Data、Cloud、Robot. Products: 1 Supply-Chain Management System(ERP、EIP、CRM、SRM) 2 Industry 4.0(MES、WMS、WCS、APS) 2.1 AI+AOI : Vision-Based Quality Control and Advanced Process System 2.2 AGV : Automated Guided Vehicle 3 Customized System Integration Innovation Model: 1. We built Platform with our client, so our clients become our partners.

Reichen biomedical Co., Ltd.

Our company focus on the development of technology and products of pet mesenchymal stem cells and stem cell secretome, and we have proficient technology to arrange more than 200 growth factors and 2-3 types of stem cells, combined with current Chinese and Western clinical model of veterinary hospital. We customize the best cell molecular therapy for pets to improve safety and effectiveness of treatments.


TWMEC is Taiwan’s first large-scale e-commerce agency operation service company, providing corporate one-stop services required for e-commerce business such as cash flow, logistics, warehousing management and brand management, and system implement. Master all e-commerce channel resources to help companies quickly enter the e-commerce market.


We are a VR/ AR total solution provider. Business items include Customized Innovation, Immersive experience, Cutting-edge technology, One-Stop Service.

Kingkit Technology Ltd.

In 2015, a group of enthusiastic developers in Kaohsiung, with their passion for web technology, realized the technology of connecting Arduino with Web, using a graphical program editing interface, and a self-developed development board, written by HTML and Javascript, user can play a variety of sensors, create an unprecedented development model for developers and web designers. We work for lower the threshold of the IoT world. To make IoT development education easy and simple.

Unique Biotechnology Co., Ltd

The core spirit of Unique Biotechnology is "Do the good things to your life. Do the right things to our Earth". To fulfill the goal, we have invented patented electrolysis method to generate pure gaseous chlorine dioxide, UC® . Moreover, we have patented preservation method to extend the storage life of gaseous chlorine dioxide, which makes our products into medical grade. For now, we provide the OEM/ODM service for other company by using UC® as the main ingredient in disinfectants. We believe that the use of UC® technology is the trend in cleaning and disinfection.

Trend Link Co., Ltd.

In the post Covid-19 era, enterprise implementing remote office and task-oriented performance management systems will become mainstream. Trendlink Co. Ltd. has developed a Payroll Software with facial recognition and body temperature measurement functions, and in compliance with the Labor Standard Law. In addition, Trendlink Co. Ltd. has cooperated with the Ministry of Economics' Kaohsiung Software Incubation Center', Yourator(You are the creator of your own future), and Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C(CISA) to expand its industrial application.