Intelligence Business Startup Pavilion

The Asia Silicon Valley Intelligent Business Services Application Promotion Project provides services such as exhibitions, proof of concept, business matchmaking and global market expansion for startups to progress toward innovative services and bring new opportunities to business.

D8AI Inc.

At D8AI, our skills cover three major branches of AI technology: Natural Language Processing, or NLP, that deals with text and speech, Computer Vision, that deals with images, and Predicative Analytics, that deals with data. We provide custom AI solutions for businesses, including chatbots and AI assistants, and other solutions that use NLP, computer vision, or predictive analytics.

awoo Inc.

awoo is an AI-driven leading digital marketing company in Taiwan. In the past 13 years, we have consulted 600+ companies to solve SEO problems and better customer experience(CX). awoo is specializing in Martech AI tools and nununi-Product Data Platform, keeping helping our clients from traffic acquisition, conversion rate and remarketing optimization.

Lychee Intelligence Co., Ltd.

Lychee Intelligence has dedicated to bringing AI into people's lives. Our team has developed an extraordinary semantic analysis engine, Lychee Core, to help corporations and organizations to build their intelligent social circle. We have also provided a precision marketing tool on LINE to assist corporations to lower their costs and provide more value to their customers with the power of data since 2019.


Integrating smart vending machine with online platforms including shopee, facebook, line and wechat, take! provides smart experience marketing service to retail brands with digital marketing power.

Yallvend Co., Ltd.

The founders have over 10-year experience in the Vending Payment Industry. They have the key technique and also a deep link to the market. The only age-identification system for cigarette vending machines in German was designed by the team. Since e-payment and inventory systems are big topics in the retailer business, they extended the experiences to develop our product VUK. And now our quick and economic solution for traditional vending machines is ready to beat those expensive brand new ones.

iMarts AI Technology Co.,Ltd.

iMarts vision is to become a good partner of physical stores. Through the OMO (Online Merge Offline) intelligent assistant, it helps local stores connect the international markets with international travelers, and provides instant translations, intelligent assistants, and personalized recommendations for travelers. Travelers can simply scan the QRCode to automatically recognize the language of the mobile phone to solve the multilingual information problem, international travel becomes more convenient, breaking the inconvenient and embarrassment of language barriers, and effectively improving the travel experience of international travelers.


Rovii Coffee has been working on the futuristic coffee bar for 3 years, by using 6-axle robot arm, Rovii develops its humanized brewing process to have consistent quality of coffee, long operation hour, compact and flexible size and the coolist user experience.

Caerulus Vision Co,. Ltd.

Caerulus Vision is a content studio that creates compelling and immersive VR experiences.

Lilian U Creative Co.Ltd.

PINSCENT enters the field of smell with the mission of proving that the sense of smell is useful. In the business field, PINSCENT provides the service of fragrances subscription, brand aroma design, and scent marketing, to achieve the transmission of the five senses of customers' brand awareness. In the private space, PINSCENT explores the future, there are multiple possibilities of fragrance in the social state and the contours of life.

Pointdidi Innovative Co., Ltd.

Pointdidi Innovative technology is an consumer electronics company, that focuses on smart projection and combines projection with smart homes to make life smarter and more convenient. The company's business philosophy is "green energy, intelligence, performance", focusing on DLPTM projector development and design, including business, education, home, mobile projection and other fields, committed to "business excellence, education quality, home smarter, Life is more technological!" We are committed to continuously develop high-quality smart products so that consumers can enjoy the interaction and fun of the products!