NCTU Pavilion

The Center of Academia-Industry Collaboration of National Chiao-Tung University has been actively promoting the collaboration between Academia and Industry for many years. The strengths lies within the R&D ability, technology licensing and startup incubation specialists to fit the academia with industry. The main missions of CAIC are: to commercialize intellectual property developed by universities, to incubate startups, to make startup companies greater, and to create the greatest economic values and competitiveness of these startups.

AI-enabled Service Platform for 5G Vertical Applications

We propose a service assurance platform for 5G private network vertical applications, which comprise UE (user equipment) emulation system, data analytics system, and service optimization system. They collectively provide a total solution for customers to import 5G vertical applications, with equipment assessment, network deployment, and operation optimization, bridging the gap between the telecom and vertical sectors. Our target customers include private network manufacturers, system integrators, telecom operators, and corporate users. We will team up with system integrators for product marketing.

Healthy Heart Technology Co.

●A team of Chaio Tung University and cardiologists from Hsinchu Mackay is committed to innovative research on the analysis of physiological signals such as heart rate.
●We provide a series of ischemic heart disease monitoring products and inspection services.
●Rest assured, we protect your heart.

Ficus Data Inc.

Ficus Data Inc. is aiming at developing core technologies for FinTech. The company is committed to providing expertise, skills, and practical experience in financial innovation services, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics. Our products are customized IC design services and system optimization through cross-domain talents and technology integration.

Tarkustech Innovations Co., Ltd.

Tarkustech innovations creates a specific software, TarkusVP, which provides a intuition user interface to make coding logic easier, and the position will be a role of connection with the progress of teaching models in ES and MS stage between blockly VP and real programming.

Millilab Co., Ltd.

Millilab Co., Ltd. found from 21th Jan. 2019. We focus on industry mmWave radar total solution developement. Our team is composed of RF, IC and algorithm experts. So far the application of mmWave radar concentrated on vehicle industry. We believe mmWave radar which is one of the most reliable sensor technology could make people’s life smarter, better and more fearless.”


FiSense smart Wi-Fi Perceptual Monitoring (WPM) systems consist of three core technologies targeting at different levels, ranging from wide-area environmental detection to centimeter-level human abnormal detection, e.g., fall detection and respiration rate detection. In addition to being integrated into a smart healthcare system, our technologies can also be developed for different applications in various fields, such as home security, high precision indoor positioning, and pedestrian flow analysis.

Howsense Intelligent Co., Ltd.

HowSense (Nidin) provides a professional catering O2O cloud solution. Helping the enterprise to provide advanced cloud services, and efficiently use the "cloud order-ing service" to integrate online and offline ordering data. We also provide a complete industrial cloud services, including: Members cloud, Marketing cloud, Payment cloud, Analysis cloud. HowSense have all you need on food ordering!

Doctor How Inc.

Doctor How Inc. is an innovative spin-off business of National Chiao Tung University founded by Professor Shinn-Ying Ho. It is a research service company engaged in AI modeling of biomedical data and predictive analysis. The core technology is an innovative evolutionary learning platform for smart health care, providing fast and accurate services for establishing biomedical diagnosis and treatment models as well as co-creative AI prediction system.