PwC’s Scale-up

With strong professional talents and business resources, PwC’s Scale-up supports innovation driven startups to get through the challenges of scaling up business via identifying the key issues of management and providing strategic advice.
Using PwC Taiwan’s business to scale yours, learning more about our services:

Crowdinsight Inc. (CI.)

Industry Type:Smart manufacturing, Digital Economy
Product/Service:AI Enabler, Data Analytics as a Service
Crowdinsight was established in 2015, specializing in data analytics, deep learning, natural language processing, and high-performance parallel computing systems. We commit to enriching artificial intelligence with relentless effort to integrate domain expertise into our product development of smart retail and Industry 4.0.


Industry Type:Information Service
Product/Service:Smart Exhibition Solution
For continuous business development in post-covid19, Osense provides Online Smart Exhibition Solution. It focuses on the exhibition's core value, improves the experience by easy-use Web 3D platform, and decreases the sense of alienation by interactive features. Moreover, O’Expo Smart Exhibition Solution integrates online and offline exhibition technologies to provide a new style of OMO exhibition and create infinite opportunities for marketing and business matching.

ioNetworks Inc.

Industry Type:Software Industry
Product/Service: Large-Scale AI-Based Video Analytics & Control Management Platform
Founded on 2014, ioNetworks is an AI-Powered Video Analytics & Management Solution Developer. We provide enterprise-level management open platform & AI Applications for the demand of smart traffic, factory, airport, casino and large scale spaces.

Xuan Fan Electro-optical Technology Co., Ltd

Industry Type:Automotive Parts
Product/Service:Automotive LED Lighting Products, ODM OEM Services
Advantages of XFE LED headlight product for aftermarket: Best Light Distribution
• Lower Power Consumption
• Smaller Volume of Headlight Bulb without Fan
• Higher Reliability
• Highly structure compatible to traditional Headlights, no extra modification and new mold costs
• Good made-in-Taiwan aftermarket products XFE appreciates to cooperate with our customers to develop new ODM/OEM LED lighting products to fulfill customer’s requirements.

WinCERT Cloud Technology

Industry Type:Digital Economy
Product/Service:WinCERT Testing Services, WinDOCK Container Security
WinCERT 's vision is to help customers build high-performance and trustworthy cloud systems. With Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) model, the team offers test solutions in a flexible way involving on-demand test execution of well-defined suites of test material. WinCERT Testing Services along with WinDOCK Container Security products accelerate the delivery for SaaS/Cloud-based applications and make customers success on Cloud!

Uniigym Co. Ltd

Industry Type:Internet Industry, Sports Technology
Product/Service:AI Sports Technologies
There are also countless of free fitness content online, but all lack of interaction between the content providers and users. Uniigym will break the online and offline gap with AI and cloud computing applications to increase users experience by providing real-time performance stats and posture corrections. The home version of Uniihome through cable/broadband operator services and upgrades the living room to a gym; the venue version of Uniicube can be used in various spaces to provide a new technological experience different from traditional group fitness courses.

AccuHit AI Technology Co., Ltd

Industry Type:AI
We provide one-stop system services that integrate cross-channel data. From data tracking, artificial intelligence technology to user data analysis, we realize different marketing ideas by technology and support our customers to build not only their own brand and high-efficiency intelligent business model, but also their own First-Party Data.

ThinkCloud Technology Co.,Ltd.

Industry Type:Fintech, Regtech, Smart Healthcare
ThinkCloud developed an innovative e-signature solution named SelfieSign that simultaneously record e-signature and the signature process in video format which adds visibility, transparency and traceability to e-signature allowing direct verification and identification of signer and signature. SelfieSign has been implemented for healthcare and insurance also could be implemented for bank, fintech, e-commerce and judicial applications to enhance security for user authentication and create an “Automated” and “Paperless” signature workflow.