TAcc+ x Startup Terrace Pavilion

Full Spectrum Customer Driven Acceleration Programs (Customer Development Edge-CDE)

Taiwan Accelerator Plus (TAcc+), a full spectrum customer driven acceleration programs focusing on IoT and healthcare. The uniquely designed program is sponsored by Taiwan government with the objective of elevating Taiwan startups’ competitiveness by providing end-to-end entrepreneurial infrastructure specially designed for Taiwan environment. With open innovation and strategic entrepreneurship as our foundation, we aim to initiate startups’success.


We have developed our own clinical techniques driven by digital dentistry. These protocols are taught to clinicians through our professional training platform and new proprietary dental equipment.


ACCUSENSING Technology was established on November 21, 2017. Our product provides rapid screening solutions for heavy metals in factory water quality and environmental water monitoring with laboratory-grade (μg / L). To solve this problem, ACCUSENSING combined electrochemical sensing technology with IoT technology to create a short-waiting and easy-to-use solution, which dramatically shortened the waiting time from weeks to minutes and minimized the technical user barrier. Furthermore, the value we get within minutes has a high correlation with the laboratory analysis result. We believe the way we build can make the water quality information more transparent to ensure worldwide water safety.


The company's expertise is the development of orthopedic cryotherapy surgical systems. We work with well-known KOLs in Taiwan to develop various cryo-medical tools for bone tumors to solve the current unmet clinical needs of orthopedic surgeons.


3Egreen offers a lightweight and easy-to-install electricity management system to customers who have needs to save their power consumptions.

Micronbrane Medical

Micronbrane Medical is a joint venture company established in Feb 2020 by Health GeneTech (HGT) and Puriblood Biotech. The Company is the first in Taiwan focusing on clinical pathogen sequencing and diagnostic test using own proprietary technologies (patent pending). Current gold standard blood culture test for clinical microbiology not only need 3-5 days but also yield ~70% negative results. Although microbiology detection by sequencing can generate report in 24-48 hours, it faces significant bottleneck of vast host DNA interference in the clinical samples, resulting in 40-60% of negative report. Micronbrane Medical innovates Devin™ fractionation filter depleting host DNA with a simple filtering step. Our PaRTI-Seq™ (Pathogen Real-Time Identification by Sequencing) system also uses the first ever “real time” Nanopore sequencing technology, which can truly meet the turn-around-time requirement of the clinical pathogen test. Micronbrane will offer total a package of consumables, reagents, instruments and software in our PaRTI-Seq™ system.

Kiwi New Energy

Our green energy Internet platform helps our global 500 corporate customers to easily obtain sufficient green electricity and achieve the goal of corporate social responsibility by solving the problems that green electricity and certificates cannot be directly obtained and creating one-stop services.


NetFay Technology provides mobile phone backup and home monitoring and security IoT device services. Compared with the products currently on the market, NetFay provides consumers with mobile phone backup and home monitoring solutions that are more convenient, more privacy-focused, and save setting management time and cost. Based on the team's years of deep cultivation of consumer network storage and monitoring products, it is confident to establish the market positioning of the brand.

Big Data Mobile

The top 20 causes of death are coronary heart disease accounted for about 15%; Stroke accounted for about 15%. It adds up to 26% of the global death rate. Big Data Mobile’s AI technology can accurately know the area of vascular occlusion, and provide more accurate index by cardiologists. Company was ranked first about 2018 CES show from Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Association. Our company has technical cooperation with Taiwan and the United States famous universities.


iknowwater Tech. Ltd, Co.(ikw,愛諾華特科技股份有限公司) is found in 2017/May, composed of the ICT people、the following aquaculture experts and farmers,but the founders star the case-study up in the earlier ,2015。 Every member of ikw have extreme passion to make the agriculture and aquaculture efficient by the reasonable utilization of environmental source。We design and manufacture many kinds of aqua(agri)culture AIOT devices and Cloud service with the farmers` much experience and qualified by the worst environment。It is the moment for us to dedicate to combining the farming experience of real site and AIOT big data, such as creature physiology、feeding nutrition、imate、water quality、and automation equipment 。 The aim to be the best helper for customers extending their business rapidly is from our discipline。


Agromeans focuses on the development of intelligent plant lighting systems for indoor environmental control cultivation. We can enhance plant activity and reduce harmful components, also can reduce lighting energy consumption and optimize quality and yield. We are currently cooperating with indoor cannabis farms in the United States and Canada and plant factories in various countries to test.

CellGF Biomed

CellGF BioMed is a nucleotide technology development company, specializing in the research on DNA and RNA. Because there are only several manufacturers of nucleotides and the high cost of nucleotide materials, we have developed the leading nucleotide process technology. CellGF BioMed hope to be the leading team to develop new nucleotide application products.


The TendMIN team is committed to the development of novel tendon surgical instrument groups with orthopedic physicians, medical engineers, marketing, and industry analysts in the team.

LANX Technologies Corporation

LANX Technologies Corporation is founded in 2020, specializing in using QR code technology on providing related services. we cooperate with online and off-line store, our users could take a reservation or order a meal online while taking public transportation. In addition, we also built a platform for our manufacturers, the off-line manufacturers could start an online store on the platform easily and the online manufacturers could sell their products on our smart vending machine and lower the cost.


Natural enemies are applied to pest control for years. It can help us to reduce or substitute pesticide. Our team produce natural enemies with automatic production system, which reduce cost of production substantially. Our mission is to provide more acceptable price for people who pay attention on environment and food safety issue.

FlowVIEW Tek

FlowVIEW is a rapidly growing company based in Industry Technology Research Institute(ITRI), the largest R&D organization in Taiwan. We are expertise in microscopic fluid observation, committed to solving all problems in the industry relating to nano-scale materials. As a start-up company, FlowVIEW steps out from comfort zone and embrace all the opportunities that may make us stronger. We remain grateful and down to earth while devoting ourselves to the society.


ITM leverage blockchain as the engine for data integrity in post-digital era during a crisis in trust. ITM solution can reduce collaboration costs due to lack of consensus, improve the efficiency of information sharing to accelerate digital transformation of enterprises and government.

Biztelli Co., Ltd.

Biztelli is an audio individual design house (IDH) where engineers, designers and strategists working together to provide innovative products & services such as Psychoacoustics Surround Sound Technology. We take a proactive, hands-on approach that leverages our entrepreneurial and acoustic expertise. At Biztelli, we partner with global tech giants and strategic supply chains to increase our chance of success by applying our extensive product marketing knowledge. We believe our unique plug-n-play solutions and flexible business models in B2B and D2C will attract the best angels, investors and corporates to partner with us.


Combining the circular economy model and designing a variety of products to solve the problems of current commercial products on consumers and the environment, 2018 won the third runner-up of Tainan City's Innovation and Creativity Promotion Plan and entered the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and continued relevant technical cooperation.


AQUIVIO is establishing a nutritional beverage ecosystem and service platform through IOT connected beverage dispensing equipment, with a focus on superior natural science proven and proprietary water treatent technologies, controlled mixing of functional nutritional ingredients, connecting health data deep learning analysis of endusers and leveraging smart digital services for healthier, convenient and eco friendlier Hydration as a Service solutions (Haas).


Manually transcribe the first step of Yuejin's systematic management, opening up the milestone of systematic management of environmental safety and health; We are a manufacturer of customized environmental safety and sanitation system development. Our customers include Academia Sinica, Nuclear Energy Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Yangming University, Forest Water Environment (stock). [Cloud Environment, Safety and Health Management Platform] The purpose is to allow 60 to 70% of units to manage environment, safety and health without customization. Through platform management, we can solve and reduce the chance of environmental engineering errors and fines. Future prospects: starting from the management of environmental safety and health => Internet of waste removal and transportation => Smart license contract management => CONNChain Internet of Things management platform.


TShield is a team from National Taiwan University with solid research experience in IoT security. We are committed to bringing device visibility, manageability and security for enterprises in the 5G era.


CHELPIS is a secure system for enterprise provider. We enable advance cryptography, blockchain, digital certification to help enterprise have safe woking environment.


ELECLEAN Disinfectant Device using nano-catalysis electrochemical technology manufactures disinfectant within 15 minutes. Water is the only reagent and directly transformed into ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) that effectively destroys viruses and bacteria by oxidizing method. It is featured with safety (no harmful preservatives), powerful effect against viruses and bacteria, saving energy and convenience (easy to use and carry). ELECLEAN Disinfectant Device is the winner of 2017 iF Design Award, 2017 Good Design Award, 2018 SNQ Silver Award in the Epidemic Prevention Category, 2019 Taiwan Excellent and 2019 CES Innovation Awards - Home Appliances.


Oasense produces a beautiful, luxury, smart showerhead that reduces water and energy use by up to 60%. By using an advanced sensor to alter a shower's water flow based on proximity, it allows people to intuitively conserve water during shower routines while preserving the luxury of high water flow. Our long term vision is to use technology to help realize the smart eco-bathroom of the future.


The story starts from here. Once upon a time, there was a girl who dare not to drink soy milk until her mother digs into making a great one. What we believe is the power of women, being gentle and resolute. Just like her mom dive into studying the taste of soy milk for nothing but her children’s smile. CareMully inherit the spirit and skills of making great soy milk as well as choosing the carefully selected soybeans from the best farmer who won the top prize in Taiwan. CareMully brings out a cup of soy milk that everyone would fall in love with.


Aeroprobing Inc., a leading UAV technology-based manufacturer in Taiwan, which has technical excellence and creativity, has built its own electronic and flight control, ground station software, and intelligent integrated system. The major investors include Taiwan Government’s Fund and an IPO company. Aeroprobing’ s sales records include government agencies, research institutes, domestic and international customers, like Japan, Indonesia and Thailand.

Instant NanoBiosensors Co., Ltd

Instant NanoBiosensors (INB) has developed the Light-Sensing Biomarker Analyzer which adopts the world’s first Fiber Optic Particle Plasmon Resonance (FOPPR) technology. By combining novel biomarkers with a cutting-edge biosensing platform, INB aspires to completely revolutionize traditional immunoassays and analysis for a more efficient healthcare ecosystem.

Minastir Technologies

Our Founder/CEO Thomas Jacobson’s passion for trading the financial markets since his early teens coupled with his deep technology-savviness has made him one of the pioneers in successfully applying AI/machine-learning to asset management. When Thomas enrolled in university in 2008, it became a challenge for him to maintain his trading activities while also attending classes. In order to address this issue, Thomas began development of a trading program that gradually became more automated and autonomous. In 2015, Thomas founded Minastir Technologies together with his mentor (and angel investor) and two of his former classmates as they realized the need for a modernization of financial time-series forecasting tools for participants within the investment management industry.