StartUP@Taipei Pavilion

"StartUP@Taipei" was established in 2015 by Taipei City Government and is committed to offering various resources for innovative entrepreneurs. To provide a platform for the local startups to cooperate and interact with investors from abroad, Taipei City Government holds an exposition "2020 Meet Taipei Startup Festival." Selected from "Taipei Entrepreneur Training Program" and innovation & incubation centers of universities, more than 50 startup teams will be divided into 4 domains, including Biotechnology & Medical, Lifestyle & Fashion, Innovation & Application, Technology & Service, and demonstrate their products and services. Through the exposition, visitors can not only experience the diverse innovation immediately but also have opportunities to know the startup trend and achievements in Taipei.

Tansy Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Silkah focus on stem cell technology. We have commercialized various products in both skin anti-aging solution and hair growth. Our business is consisted of OEM/ODM service and our owned brand.

Agewell Biophotonics Technology Inc.

Agewell Biophotonics Technology committed to the scientific and technological development of modern Chinese medical health concepts and functional textiles. In 2017, it began to cooperate with the Institute of Materials Science and Technology of Taiwan Industrial Research Institute to develop conductive textiles with nano-silver/carbon ball heating carriers for promotion and application in the home and human self-healing fields.

MeiYen Biomedical Co.,Ltd.

THE PROFESSOR⁺ is a group of medical center professors who have developed various skin care products with proven effective ingredients in medical literature, hoping to solve skin problems for more people.

Four Hair International Co., Ltd.

Four Hair aim to use a highly efficient biological self-assembly technology to produce eco-friendly serial products of dextran.


Enlighten Materials is a spin-off company from the Department of Dentistry, National Yang-Ming University. Our goal is to provide world-class 3D printing materials, and lower the barriers for dentists to enter the 3D printing world.

baby baby cool

bbc is a Taiwan organic cotton children's apparel brand. Our brand spirit is health and fashion; we provide the best organic cotton products comply with EU specifications. We design, produce and manufacture in Taiwan and expected to become an international brand from Taiwan.

Tasakae Inc.

Vision: To change the world's dietary habits of using salt.Starting from the condiments in the diet, and then to the salt for leisure sports and the salt for health maintaince, PUTEN Bamboo Salt can take care of three generations of a family.


MONTT design and manufactures your cycling jerseys and apparel of professional quality. All produce thought out a strict testing on the road in real life style. We provide an optional textile, different spec of feature, pattern, and a very unique design. We provide an affordable good jersey and make your designs come to reality.


Procure to sell to be like poor fruits by agriculture companion mechanism, manufacture a natural fruit product, make a show of to the respecting of land and cherish.

Consonance Technology Corporation

Over many years the experienced team behind the brand developed and manufactured high end headphones for several well known companies of excellent reputation which trusted the expertise of the group. After establishing their own brand MAS, the team aims to surpass these high standards even more with proprietary technologies delivering high resolution audio to hi-fi enthusiasts around the globe.


Our company focuses on horticulture service and dedicate to Taiwan’s native plants. We devote to promoting the edible Taiwan’s Endemic Vegetables (TEV) by means of standardization green house production.

Drone Dynamics Co., Ltd.

Drone Dynamics comes with a group of professional and ambitious team members who are excellent in developing unmanned vehicle technologies in Taiwan.We believe drones can do great good to the world, and we know how to do it.

Wise Rhyme IoT Corporation

Wise Rhyme IoT Corporation cares about your pet, feed back their body condition to owners through digital data, in order to discover issues of the pets, and lower the medical expenses.

Star Fierce Activity Marketing Co., Ltd.

With intelligent sports and technology, we provide user the most professional sports and leisure activities,Making sports gamified and down-to-earth. Let sports activity become universally leisure activity.

Angel Enterprise

Mobile advertising platform, AI 5G mobile advertising blockchain.

earthbook Inc.

earthbook Inc. builds up a 4D DaaS platform that has multi-functions including browsing, finding, storage, 3D model construction, AI traffic analysis, instants disaster survey, etc. It provides multi-services of drone and characterizes with instant data providing, mobility of use, value-adding of data and cost-cutting.

BOOCs Technology Co., Ltd.

We provide "BOOCs (eBook Open Online Courses) Teaching Method", it includes (1) the teaching materials of BOOCs, (2) the teaching platform of the BOOCs, and (3) supports multiple teaching methods.


The "愛長照 ILTC" platform was established in 2015, and has become the biggest long-term care platform used by people in Taiwan. It is committed to integrating diverse information, services and products to solve long-term care problems in family.

Taiwan Vehicle Charging Co., Ltd.

We serve electric vehicles and have a complete solution to solve the problem of energy supplementation for electric vehicles.


We apply Algorithms, including Asset Pricing, Financial Engineering, Econometrics, and AI to build up an integrated Fintech Platform and Robot Services that conform to Asian culture and help clients to manage their wealth.

Lencoders Co. Ltd.

Lencoders is one of few companies which own completed optical encoder technology. We use plastic lens-type code disc instead of glass one using by the others.