Taipei Exchange & Startup Pavilion

Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA) is a equity-based platform for small-sized non-public companies with innovative ideas. GISA offers counseling and capital raising functions, and helps small-sized innovative companies to grow. Taipei exchange invites GISA companies to 2020 Meet Taipei exhibition to display products and share experiences about how to start their businesses and how Taipei Exchange assist their businesses to grow.

BXB Electronics Co., Ltd.

Established in 1991, BXB is specialized in the invention of IoT and Networked AV over IP system and public address system. Our core technique is the multimedia streaming over network, which can be extensively applied to smart conferencing, smart campus, smart office, and smart city. Promoting the brand name BXB to all over the world, we are proud that our installation performances have reached to more than 100 countries.

Chidopi Co., Ltd.

Chidopi Co., Ltd. is Taiwan's top mobile app platform and application service manufacturer, mainly for iOS and Android applications, providing international-level solutions and platform services.


Our core capability is AI-AOI vision technology. Integrating optical skill into machine, we provide customers comprehensive AI-AOI machine vision automated inspection equipment.

Gamma Paradigm Research

Gamma Paradigm Research is a FinTech company focusing on asset management innovations. We are committed to increase alternative asset accessibility and flexibility through FinTech and use financial engineering tools for capital market analyses and risk assessments.


Fu-Chen Automatic Technology Co., Ltd was established on May 8, 2008. expertise in hardware and software integration,dedicated production machine distribution circuit OEM , and truly fulfills every customer's needs. Among them, the “Glass substrate” coating device and the coating method(Invention patent:I508792)were invented, and the customer product yield was increased from 30% to 90%.Therefore,the accumulation of reputation in the industry has won the trust of customers. Not only has the industry upgraded for customers, but also a good partner for cooperation.

Ubestream Inc.

Ubestream is a cutting-edge company in AIaaS, e.g. AICT and AIoT, founded by Dr. Su, he has a PhD degree in data science. The AI-powered Ubestream provides the semantics solutions by Hybrid Human-AI Bot, text mining or data analysis for digital transformation. Ubestream is the member of GO SMART initiated by Taipei City Government, and is a qualified AI bot service provider for government procurement. Ubestream is accelerating and empowering by Microsoft, AWS and NTUTEC at the same time, and wins the award of one of the world’s best AI 50 startups of SCSE(Smart City Summit & Expo) 2020.

Metalware Technology Corporation

Innovative, Practical, Healthy, Eco-friendly are Metalware Technology Corp.’s core design concept. With patented long-term anti-bacterial technology in Silicone which has been adopted in medical devices, skincare products, and kitchenware appliances, we are proud to have our products made in Taiwan. We hope to gain more partners and investors with the same identity and to be the 3M in Taiwan is our final goal.