Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) Pavilion

The TTA Startups with focus in tech fields such as Biotech, 5G, Smart Manufacturing, New Material, AI & IoT, and Smart Living - have been supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST). With the participants aged twenty to forty across more than forty startups, TTA Startups are ready to demonstrate their deep tech prowess and seek out potential investors and business partners. These startups are building tech solutions to tech issues to bring about social impacts around the globe.

Department of Electrical Engineering,Chung Hsing University

Design of 1550nm VCSEL and optical phase array chip is compatible with the CMOS process, and can be integrated with the drive circuit and control unit to make a system chip. It is the most promising low-cost all-solid-state LiDAR.


This technology uses different sensing materials to sense gases simultaneously. By self-correction with temperature and humidity,specificity and sensitivity of gas sensor were greatly improved. Also, as device functions with localized Joule heating, the power consumption during sensing can be reduced. As a result,applications in conjunction with smart, wearable and portable devices become deployable.


Step 1: UE Emulator (2021) Emulate a large amount of UEs with a few physical units, to assess equipment and deploy network for customers. Step 2: Analysis Platform(2022) Monitor and manage network devices and data, to operate the private network and monitor vertical applications for customers. Step 3: Optimization Module (2023) Analyze and optimize network devices and parameters, to elevate operational effectiveness of the private network for customers.


NCREE Eearly Earthquake Warning System (EEWS) is a cutting-edge AI prediction system to help you get earlier message before earthquake arrives. Our AI solution could privde accurate and timely info for you to prepare in advance to reduce loss and shorten system recovery time. We could also provide closed loop system for you if you have security concern. With field proven record, we are your first choice .


Our team consists of top-notch mathematics and computer science talents, plus domain expertise. Our manufacturing AIOps solutions offer comprehensive in-depth analysis for root cause tracing in real time and can inspect various problem assessments to enhance operational effectiveness.


Our group are dedicated to developing soft surface force controller device to upgrade the grinding process in traditional industries. With our solution, the industries are able to make optimum use of their manpower, crafts and capacities. Existing robotic arms are enabled to perform master craftsmanship through intelligent self-adaptation and high sensitivity.

Dept. Materials Science and Engineering,National Tsing Hua University

“High-Entropy Alloys (HEAs)” is a new field in the 21st century originated from Taiwan and established by Prof. Jien-Wei Yeh and Prof. Su-Jien Lin in National Tsing Hua University. HEAs are proved to possess properties such as better hardness, thermal resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-sticky, and lower cost than traditional alloys.

Hitspectra Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Our specialty is the cutting-edge identification systems, which include hyperspectral imaging, Smart endoscopy display, and other technologies. Most of our products are non-invasive medical devices that can greatly improve the efficiency and credibility of modern medicine and manufacturing industries.

Pulxion Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Pulxion’s first product, PulStroke, is a novel risk assessment device for stroke. This is a revolutionary digital healthcare technology using motion analysis to extract useful information from our pulses. Users are able to complete the screening by themselves without medical professionals. The entire process is completed by taking a 20-sec video clip aimed at the neck with only one simple click, anywhere, anytime.


Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) has been the key instrument in advanced analytical laboratories. LCMS often gives the final confirmation of taking illegal drug or food impurities. Nevertheless, all commercial LCMS are bulky and expensive. Therefore, it is impossible to use present commercial LCMS for in-situ real-time analysis. Recently, we developed portable LCMS to make an advanced analytical lab.


Combining topnotch R&D team having innovative antibody screening platform and state-of-the-art management team with deep experience of antibody commercialization, we will industrialize the proven antibody technology platform, enhance its practical use, improve development efficiency, and create enormous product and market value in the area of diagnostics.


Our product-PROPHET develops an artificial intelligence-based cancer screening biomarker prediction model (AI Bio-maker), which doesn't require any invasive examination, just require the user’s medical history data (diagnosis + medication) to predict the cancer risk of 10 kinds of cancers in the future 12 months, and its AUROC (Area under Receiver Operating Characteristic) is more than 85%.

BiDaE Technology

The indoor positioning and object tracking system (BOT) from BiDaE Technology provides time saving and stress reducing tools for doctors and nursing staff to locate medical devices, track patients, record patient conditions, generate shift change records and so on. BOT also enables hospitals to monitor the usages of devices/equipment and thus better manage them.

Taipei Medical University

Smart surgery is emerging as the leader in applied Artificial Intelligence in minimally invasive surgery technologies. Our mission is to fundamentally improve surgery quality and record the surgical procedure intensively. With our visual computing AI model, we deliver the services includes: surgery simulation system, medical image automatic labeling and surgery assistance system that to better facilitates for the development of education and surgical operation.

Graduate Institute of Photonics and Optoelectronics, National Taiwan University

Harmoscope is a virtual biopsy technology for dermatology. The superior performance of in vivo Harmoscope has been clinically validated by NTU hospital for 14 years, with the deepest penetration, super-resolution, and the highest contrast all at the same time. Without imaging processing and labeling, Harmoscope raw images provide the same level of resolution and information as the time-consuming gold standard H&E histopathology, allowing dermatologists and pathologists to grade and classify various skin lesions for immediate therapeutic decision without physical biopsy. This award-winning technology will release the saturated loading of skin biopsy examination, greatly improve the quality of point of care, while providing a trauma-free real-time alternative for skin lesion patients.

Pressure Dot Technology

Pressure Dot is a wireless intra-abdominal pressure (IAP trend) monitoring platform, including the world’ssmallest IAP measurement device (diameter < 10mm; length < 15mm) with the accuracy of ±1.0 mmHg.PressureDOT provides the real-time IAP for critically ill patients by Bluetooth up to144 hours. The IAPtrend can assist medical professionals to determine whether the patient has intra-abdominalhypertension (IAH) which is associated with 50% mortality rates.The external receiver can also localized the internal pressure sensor.

Maxcure Inc.

The purpose of this proposal is to develop a destructive and innovative intelligent brainwave accurate detection system. Using patented brainwave operation detection technology with AI-assisted, to reduce TMS operation complexity, reducing physician diagnosis/patient waiting time, and the convenient for TMS operation and shorten the equipment training time, and the assisted remission rate is increased to more than 70%, so that help the TMS treatment getting more effective and popular.

Nestech Corporation Ltd.

We focus on how to prevent potential hazards before it is too late by actively notify management center on early detection, and guide people to safety with the visual display when an emergency really happens. We would give every building a brain that can determine the surrounding by themselves with AI model and edge computing.

NeoPower Technologies

NeoPower can provide highly customized single or composite power/energy system controllers. As the decision-making brain of the overall system, in addition to real-time communication with various subsystems or modules, it also cooperates with the optimization algorithm independently developed by our R&D team. The algorithm can enable the system to achieve full-time optimal performance, and strengthen the advantages of energy saving, range extension, and high economic efficiency.

DeepMentor Inc.

DeepMentor provides most powerful optimization and miniaturization that allow numeric inference models to run with less computing and memory power, while preserving the model’s accuracy. DeepMentor also provides tools necessary to incorporate said miniaturized models to be designed into chips.


Smart injection molding solution is a cloud-based molding condition guidance and optimizer which serves like a virtual master operator to free from the issue of talent gap with systematically digitizing know how preservation. The solution features the cost saving from mold trial to the stability of mass production, and further connecting with injection molding machine by AIoT technology to achieve the fully smart automatic injection molding process.

Taiwan RedEye Biomedical Inc.

The brand-new technology of photoelectric hemoglobin sensing is a Bio-ICT health enhancement product and exclusive for home-use. There is no need to collect specimens, non-invasive, and invisible blood can be detected within 10 seconds, RedEye builds a system for homecare prescreening to provide an internal bleeding warning.

LuminX Biotech Co., Ltd.

LuminX provides a pharmacokinetic platform to accelerate the optimization of cell-therapy-products through specific understanding of therapeutic cells distribution in-vivo, long-term viability, as well as their biological fate either in preclinical or clinical setting.

CytoArm Co., Ltd.

CytoArm, established in 2020, focuses on developing a novel cancer-specific T cell therapeutic technology. Multiple products of the advanced platform have been demonstrated as effective treatments for blood cancer, solid tumor and malignant metastatic tumor in preclinical animal studies. We are now raising a series A round and looking for strategic partners.

A.V. Mapping Co., Ltd.

A.V. Mapping provides a one-stop AI video music mapping & licensing platform, to accelerate 2000 times faster for filmmakers working hours on finding video music, licensing, and audio editing; also sharing the profit with musicians in their designed price.


GliaCloud is an AI technology company dedicated to empowering the media and advertising industry to turn their stories into quality videos at scale. GliaCloud's AI-made videos have proudly helped clients to generate over 1 billion views worldwide with a daily capacity of 20,000 videos. For more information, please visit https://gliacloud.com.

Dent X

We develop new dental X rays solution, providing with a more comfortable, more accurate, less time-consuming procedure.

Lightning Speed Co., Ltd.

Quickly match the most suitable e-sports game players according to different user needs, which is a business model to 7CPlay. Six months after the launch in 2019, it achieved a revenue scale of two million a month, and obtained the first round of investment from Shin Kongjin Ventures, and has continued to maintain its leading position in the domestic online paid game team market.

Carvis Co.,Ltd.

Carvis Big Data Platform provides Turn-Key solutions to our mobility ecosystem partners. Through our comprehensive data metrics, we help our partners better understand their customers’ needs, and bring about more personalized value-added services. Our products apply not only in car dealerships, commercial and logistic fleet, but also speed up financial service innovations in the mobility sector.


Rosetta.ai help fashion e-commerce build personalized product recommendation and re-marketing notification with consumer shopping preference analysis.

MangaX Technology Co., Ltd.

MangaChat is an emotion-based journaling system with comics that helps K-12 students practice their EQ through writing. We transform psychotherapy into manageable steps of art creation. After journaling on MangaChat, kids learn how to identify their feelings and create conscious awareness around their behaviors.

Sounds Great Co., Ltd.

The production of traditional speakers with semiconductor manufacturing process can reduce the volume of speakers by three hundred times.


CoolChinese integrates AI technology with language learning and teaching professionals to provide an intelligent and individualized online learning system for listening, speaking, reading, and writing. CoolChinese allows you to learn Chinese quickly and effectively. It serves Chinese learners of different levels, ages, and linguistic backgrounds.

Chansen's Rice

Chansen’s Rice produces Taiwan first non-GM, low sugar Japonica type rice variety, maintaining blood sugar, and body metabolic balance, suited for most customers such as diabetes patients and who are under body weight control or reduction, healthy management, and senior health care. Our “total solution for rice” strategy produces diverse varieties including Indica and Japonica types will meet your most requirements, and functions with satisfied and valued rice.

Vibrasee Inc.

Using optical pattern technology to amplify micro tremor on user's hands and analyze the movement pattern to see if it belongs to specific disease symptom from neurological or blood vessel system; once we see the micro symptom, we ask user going to hospital for a formal detection.