TYC Startup Pavilion

Taoyuan City Government uses “Startup@Taoyuan” as a symbol to show various entrepreneurial resources. Taoyuan City Government are working with each startup hub to show the development and result of Taoyuan’s innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, it promotes various types of startup business to create a more friendly startup ecosystem.

Tsunny Networks Co.,Ltd.

Namiya app have succeeded in Taiwan’s middle school students to the university students (10 to 22 years old) segment, we realized that the depression of the young people has increased dramatically. After investigation, the psychological state of the young people’s depression is also sprouting around the world. In addition, the student population does not have enough money to have psychological consultations, so we are aiming to expand our service to the major global consumer markets such as the United States, European Union and other major population countries.

universal factory

From years of experience in software innovation and education, as well as personal experience, we can better understand the pain of parents, let parents know that education is not supreme, and we hope to integrate the correct education method into life easily. Polakids is a team that meets the needs of family education and parent-child life from the perspective of parents and children.

EC Plus

1.Do e-commerce, find e+ shop:Efficient and dedicated, Industry's omni-channel e-commerce service platform Break through the traditional e-commerce bottleneck and customize exclusive solutions for different industries.2.Create exclusive mall:Help traditional enterprises/e-commerce/micro-businesses to successfully transform social e-commerce.


SUTRON Technology is a partner of major domestic and foreign listed manufacturers. With professional system integration services, it breaks the traditional framework and adopts InGo solutions to complete the automation you want simply and quickly. It could be automated everywhere.


Golfourit is a LINE BOT for golfers, we provide weather forecast, course fairway condition, special offer and golf coaches, also, Golfourit connect like-minded golfers to share experience and book tee time on LINE. We provide online team manager, put Golfourit into your LINE group can make life easier. Also, we have online golf battle. Find golfers to combat with will be easy.

Conary Enterprise Co., Ltd

The team was established for 4.5 years. The members' industry experience covers III-V components (epitaxial/chip/package), solar cell, semiconductor packaging, electronic circuit design, and an average of more than 15 years of R&D/manufacturing experience. In 2016, we started to develop and design 100% MIT high-sensitivity magnetic sensing device. Won the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) project subsidy and the Ministry of Economic Affairs 2019 Incubator Enterprise Award.


Multiple Cloud service education program.

NexTrek Co.

NexTrek dedicates to become the leading brand of “Cloud-Based Cash Flow and Financial Management Software” among start-up and micro business in Taiwan. NexTrek will steadily integrate and link banks, payment gateway and tax information, and digitize accounting workflows to support the growth and the development of start-up and micro business.

The Bridge Capital LLC.

As the AI application getting widely used by people, we observed that retailing industry encountered digital transforming challenges. We are focusing on providing a regrowth chance to retailers. To assist retailers to find out the best transforming strategy by using AI and date analyzing. Make the physical retail industry accelerated towards retail 4.0 omni-channel series.

Mbranfiltra Co., Ltd.

Mbranfiltra is dedicated to the research and development of various membrane materials. Our PES hollow fiber membrane is an industry-leading product that is unique in its ability to block out bacteria, microplastics. The water flow rate of the membrane is 3 times faster than its competitors. Due to our portable and electricity-free design, you can get clean, drinkable water anywhere and anytime. Mbranfiltra lets you discover the unknown without fear.

MURMUR Co., Ltd.

Our team has been engaged in the aquatic product distribution industry for many years and has observed many industrial gaps with commercial value. We found that the point-to-point distribution model can bring better logistics services to live aquatic products. Importing production can break through the existing industrial structure, create new profit margins, and make up for the gaps in the distribution demand of aquatic products.


The vision of Tripbnb.com is using Artificial intelligence to solve problems when travelers do their travel plan and we provide a simple and convenient travel agency platform. Tripbnb.com is committed to using technology to solve various problems encountered by travelers in the travel planning and travel. Of course, we don’t forget to provide friendly and excellent services. Tripbnb.com makes every effort to provide the best service, price and quality to travelers , hoping that every travelers who uses this platform to get a home away from home service.


MY YARD is a team to provide own brand smart desktop machines. We intend to redesign various traditional machines so that our customers can realize their entrepreneurial dreams more easily. In addition, MY YARD promotes only environmental friendly materials, so that entrepreneurs can also protect the earth with us during their business establishing.

BlueBeard Studio Co. Ltd.

The BlueBeard Studio focuses on the development of a variety of next-generation IoT products and solutions. With the main concept of professionalism and innovation, we are committed to creating the brand-new and exquisite experiences for improving our lives. Each product is made with our enthusiasm and faith, hoping to fully demonstrate the core of the craft.

All Aspect System

All Aspect System is a system based company, focusing on soft/hardware integration and development. Members are original developer for open source UAV, which has more than 20 years’ experience. Team had experiences in Europe, include many “proof of service” product test. AAS in this exhibition is showing product for environmental inspection and automation.


We believe that the design above can indirectly change the posture of the wheelchair and make the users (the elderly and the disabled) having more convenient and cozy lives.We achieve the functions such as correcting posture and activating the blood circulation by adding the standing posture and kneeling posture, we also increase the exercising spaces for hand in the meanwhile to enable our users having some simple self-care (e.g. drinking water, taking books or going to the restroom).